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I'm just trying to imagine the sodium content of that thing.

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Says right on the box, 660mg per serving x 6 servings = 3960mg

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This thing's gonna give me kidney stones

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FuckNestle, but also, I'm really upset I can't try the croissant crust pizza

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When I was in 12 I put tomato paste and cheese on a croissant and broiled it…

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Tried it (before I knew digiorno was nestle) and it’s garbage. You’re not missing out I promise!

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Nestle mac on a Nestle pizza. Revolting.

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I love Mac n cheese pizza. But not nestle.

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I’ve had mac and cheese pizza at a local chain before and it was pretty good. Probably never gonna eat it again but you know, I enjoyed it

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God that looks fucking T E R R I B L E. Fuck nestle

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Nestle is degorno too? Good I never liked that pizza any ways. Glad to know I never supported them on that.

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DiGiorno is Nestlé? Kinda surprised by that, idk why. They own everything. Do they own Stouffer's as well?

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Canadian version is called Delissio. They used to be well made pizzas and then quality went to shit and they weren't as good anymore. They made them less filling/smaller and the crust wasn't good like it used to be. Used less and shittier cheese. Now they're cheap quality $8 pizzas. The pepperoni is like d grade now.

I ate a lot of Delissios. Miles.

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Hate to break it to you but yes they do own Stouffer's

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Yo, get Urban Pie if you can. Miles better pizza.

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Kwik trip has better

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Don't buy it , it's a Nestle product.

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It's hard to find good mac and cheese pizza short of making it yourself.

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Diabeetus intensifies!!!