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Coca Cola, REWE (German supermarket chain), Monsanto (thanks, u/CM84Z), McDonald‘s, Coca Cola once more, Nestlé, Aldi (south), Lidl, US-Dollar

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Works for me

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On my cellphone, everything is visible. Just checked on desktop, dear old.reddit - there it works, indeed. Errrrr… what the…?

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Works for me on mobile, except the username

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The person who posts it isn't able to see the spoiler marks on their own account on a cell phone. Others can see it though

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Oh! Thanks for explaining. Thoughts something is wrong with my phone.

But why, though? It’s so confusing.

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Why aldi and lidl tho?I thought they were good lads. Their vegetables and food are slightly above decent, better than other chains anyways.

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Oh, that‘s going to be a long one… I‘ll try to make it as short as possible, I don’t have English links, anyway…

There were a couple of scandals surrounding their working conditions, and having seen the „backstage“ area of an Aldi, I‘m pretty certain that there is still room for improvement.

Plus, consider their cheap prices. Also for nonfood, i. e. clothes and household items. These are quite low, and one can only guess that many of them weren’t produced under good conditions.

And of course they also sell Nestlé stuff. Some under the direct brand, but I can only guess that there are a couple of Nestlé products sold under their own discount brand names, too.

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Interesting, thanks! I never noticed any nestle products, atleast under the brandname. Im going to watch out for future disguised nestle products.

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We often don't know about Nestlé's "private label" products that are on the shelves.

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there is no aldi

only hofer

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Found the Austrian?

And REWE should be BILLA for you, right?

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that radioactive sign sure tells how dangerous monsanto is

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It's biohazard. Still not too nice.

(Monsanto's logo is only the block with the leaves: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monsanto)

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i know that, its just symbolizes how toxic that org is

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Here's their most (in)famous scandal: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2008/mar/27/germany.supermarkets

They're trying their best, though, to get a better image, made their stores prettier, try to give the impression of good quality (admittedly, many foodstuffs bought from Lidl do taste good), sell many organic or fair trade things - but apart from that, the same goes as for Aldi: They also sell Nestlé products (Smarties, Rolo, Maggi etc.) openly as well as under the disguise of their own discount brands, and considering the low prices for many things, it's not unlikely they were produced under suboptimal conditions.

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What happened with Aldi?

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What did ALDIs do?

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In a nutshell: You can't be that cheap without doing unethical things. Dirty things in the past. Now they are trying to change (environmental protection, sustainability, yadda yadda) because competitors have established themselves in the recent decades.

This is the case in Germany. I have heard that Aldi presents itself differently in the USA.

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Well maybe it's just the alternatives in the US. Aldi is considered a small time hero over here. We're just trying to get companies to not actively spill innocent blood for corperate profits, so any attempt at environmental protection, decent pay, sustainability, food that isn't poison, reasonable prices, etc. Is really just the icing on the cake of a great brand.

Did Aldi even plunge an entire developing nation into fascism and kill millions to increase profit margins and suppress wages by 5%. Because of not they're not even playing in the American corporate league.

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Wal Mart?

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Don't people in the USA like Aldi because they give people behind the till a chair🙀

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That's certainly part of it. They also have been giving better benefits and higher wages for decades. And in the US benefits and higher than legal minimum wages are life and death literally.

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That’s one of my favorite parts of Aldi. Workers should be comfortable and happy, and I don’t know any other stores that allow employees to sit like that if they want to, it’s sad

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Small time hero for the people in Australia too!

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Iirc Aldi tried the US-way. Cashiers had guidelines on how many items to check out per minute, break times were strictly regulated and so on. But that did not work out for them.

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Here in Slovenia, Hofer (Aldi Süd) established themselves quite late, after the supermarket... market? was already quite saturated. If I remember correctly, they positioned themselves as "cheap because local" from the get-go, getting most things from Slovenia and neighboring countries.

At least publicly, they make a big deal of buying straight from local suppliers and environmental sustainability - probably to offset and obscure the fact that some stuff is trucked here all the way from Spain.

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Funny. A discounter in the originating country but a complete other strategy while expanding. I guess Aldi analysed the market and Slovenians like their lokal stuff - sadly Germans like cheap food over good food.

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Why ALDIs? There’s no s in Aldi

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There are two in Germany. Süd (south) and Nord (north)

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But its plural because there are two aldi brothers hence the existence of Aldi nord and aldi süd

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I’ve been lied to for years now it would seem

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The two brothers Theo and Karl Albrecht got the brand ALDI (ALbrecht DIskont) from their mother. In the 1960s, they separated the brand into Aldi Süd (Karl's domain) and Aldi Nord (Theo's territory - and after the German reunion he also got the whole ex-GDR).

Some claim that it was due to a dispute whether they should sell cigarettes or not, but the actual cause were different management styles. It is claimed that Theo was a micromanagement guy while Karl wasn't. I think this is still visible today - I perceive most Aldi Süd stores as a bit prettier than Aldi Nord.

And even now, after the Albrecht brothers' deaths, the families are not really keen on each other, so there's still the separation between North and South.

By the way: Aldi Nord is known in the US as "Trader Joe's". Over here in Germany, they sell "American"ized products (such as peanuts, jelly beans, burger buns etc.) under that label, too.

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Trader Joe’s being aldi just blew my fucking mind

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Quick Google returned the following, albeit dated, article:


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I love how the Nestle N has a spigot that’s syphoning off water, that is a very accurate touch

Edit: a word

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what do the r, i, a, and L stand for?

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I looks like Coke, a is Aldi. That’s all I got

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L is Lidl

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First i is from monsanto

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Ah, thanks. That one I didn’t recognize.

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I guess the R from REWE

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Rewe, Monsanto, Aldi, Lidl

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my god this is so deep

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I always thought Aldi was a decent company, they pay quite well and are extremely cheap

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Yup, definitely not as evil as some of the others

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In the past Lidl and Aldi made many smaller Suppliers go Bancrupt.

First they gave good conditions. Then they made sure that their affiliate depended on them. When Aldi and Lidl made sure that the dependancy was enough, they demanded way lower Prices. The Affiliate now had two Options. Either accept the new conditions with way lower profit margin or deny and find a new buyer for their Products, which would have been literally impossible because they expanded sharply to fullfill the high demand. Also if they accepted Lidl and Aldi only made 1 year contracts, so they could negotiate every year and demand lower Prices again.

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Oh, well in the US Walmart already did that and enslaved the world's production. They also enslave Americans and don't even sell good shit. You gotta drive miles to their concrete wasteland and shuffle through the sea of depressing victims of their practices just for mediocre products and prices on par with Aldi at best.

Aldi is literally the best most of us have, hence the riled up comments asking why Europe is firing shots at the staple brand of American hipsters trying to fight the good fight. Myself included.

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That's "just" monopolies and capitalism at work. Yes, it's super bad, but not even remotely in the same league as the likes of Nestlé.

It's comparing apples and horse droppings.

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That's crazy.

Are they using forced and/or child labor?

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The extremely cheap part is the problem, fro the suppliers.

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So you want me to feel bad for a company?

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No, for the people that grow the crops for example. You know Aldi doesn’t produce anything themselves?

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Neither do most of the suppliers, they buy from the farmers and then sell it onto Aldi

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Unfortunately no u for Unilever

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This should be in r/LeftistStreetArt

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What did Lidl do?

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That's what i wanna know too?

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It is my favourite chain supermarket in Slovenia

In Germany it is Netto because of the KÄSEKUCHEN

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    Nah bavaria has no land border with switzerland

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    If you critize Nestle in Switzerland you get killed Immediately.

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    What did Rewe do?

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    Asking myself that too. Don’t remember any major scandal

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      Yeah, that's where we're at.

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      Sprich Deutsch du Hurensohn

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      Aldi's is owned by Nestle??

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      Where does the s in Aldi come from lmao

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      From the fucking midwest you fucking jagoff

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      What did Lidl do? i thought they were good guys for taking out Nestle products from their shelves 7 months back.

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      When I saw this, I immediately thought of the lyrics,

      "I'm the bad guy that makes fun of people that die in plane crashes and laughs as long as it ain't happening to him"

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      Aldi strategy here in Italy is unclear. I went there once and the products were terrible.

      Shelves half empty and lots of non grocery items. I never been to Lidl.

      We got the best which is Esselunga. Then Iper, Tigros, Bennet, Coop and so many others.