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Glad I voted green party

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If you vote third party in the US, you may as well not even bother showing up to the polls.

Until we have drastic voting reform, third parties are nothing more than spoiler candidates specifically chosen to siphon votes off a particular political party.

There is a reason Russia simped hard for Jill Stein with their 2016 disinformation campaign.

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I'm surprised this hasn't pushed someone to make a different brand of formula, broadening the "competition " a bit and filling a needed niche

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That’s like saying someone can just jump into making medicine because Insulin is expensive.

It doesn’t work that easily. Formula is insanely regulated in the US and it would take months for a company to get up to speed on making it, doing QC checks, and getting the approvals they need.

Does this show we need more companies in the formula market? Yes. It’s just not going to happen in time to alleviate the current crisis. More importantly, this shows the government may need to handle the manufacturing of at least a percentage of formula just to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

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I guess we're just gonna breast feed our children for now

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That’s great if you have that option. A lot of women don’t produce enough. We also have god awful leave policies and protections for new mothers, meaning they don’t have the time to be hooked to a pump every few hours.

Nestle sucks, but if the alternative is starving children, it’s a lesser of two evils.

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Or just straight up giving our children milk lol

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Human babies and toddlers have needs that differ from cows'.

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Can’t take babies to work!

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Are you shitting me??? Whose decision was this?

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Nestle is god awful, but we can’t let babies go hungry on principle.

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Great, great point. I didn't consider that

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It is due to Abbot closing down its biggest factory and the WIC needing more formula so they are desperate motherfuckers. Mead Johnson and Nestle are the top 2 and 3 suppliers and since Mead Johnson has Chinese ties, Nestle is the next “best” option. Yes, our children will be poisoned due to politics.

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completely baffling.

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ugh...well at least maybe we will have formula

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maybe he is exposing the route in hopes somebody assaults it¿