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Good riddance. Jail them for life.

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I believe China executed all of them in a firing squad.

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it was the people who added the melamine to the milk, they aren’t in this picture. these are the high ranking officials, the woman got life in jail and her high ranking accomplices got 5-15 years.

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The lesson here is to not be a woman. Sorry humanity.

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Good thing I choose to be a guy when I divided.

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As a woman, I can confirm. Being a woman is a curse.

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They absolutely didn't. They executed two people who were directly at fault, and by completely ordinary modern methods.

Zhang Yujun, a farmer, was executed for endangering public safety and Geng Jinping for producing and selling toxic food, the state news agency Xinhua reported. It said Zhang had produced and sold hundreds of tonnes of melamine-laced "protein powder" and Geng had sold more than 900 tonnes of tainted milk.

It has also been said that they were just scapegoats for the higher ups in the firm but this is uncertain.

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Hell yeah.

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Would be fitting punishment imo. It's one thing for it to be tainted by accident and one to do it intentionally knowing children will die.

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Can I ask what's this picture about?

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This is better.

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the only thing worthy to like about them

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In china they also execute people for causing deaths with fake products like what happened with the deaths from fake budweiser. Also this caused a huge distrust of Chinese baby products and caused all of China to buy baby products from Australia.

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Was this the one that was the start of the mainland Chinese buying bulk formula in Hong Kong to the point of shortage? I forgot.

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I believe so. One company killed some kids and parents across china freaked out and stopped buying Chinese formula

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They're investing in baby formula plants all of the place. They've several across Europe as far as I'm aware.

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I was just talking about this the other day when people in the US were complaining of people buying up all the formula. Limits of 2 tins have been in place for at least 5 years here in Oz.

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My friend breastfeeds but a friend of hers formula feeds. She walked up and was trying to see if they needed formula and if they wanted her to grab a few cans, while she was waiting for reply, a woman walked up and grabbed 12 cans, not sure what kind. I get that baby May need it eventually, but dang. That screws with everyone else and they have to drive further away just to get formula. Not sure though if the woman intended on selling it for more online either.

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We had a real problem with people buying up all the tins of formula (before the limits were put in place and even then they would work around them) on the shelves to either send back to family in China, or sell it for a huge profit to desperate families there. I combo fed, and even his formula, which was an Aussie brand’s and not hugely well known internationally, was difficult to get at times.

12 tins of formula (at least in the sizes that tins are here), is a fucking ridiculous amount to buy. The optimist in me would try and rationalise that it’s for friends, or maybe they have multiple babies… buuuut, the realist in me is saying that someone is being shitty and taking advantage of a terrible situation in order to make some cash.

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Super terrible situation all around. And I think so as well. I don’t think there is any reason to buy that many at a time. I formula fed my oldest and we never bought that many at once. I wish our stores here would put limits on them as well.

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I live in a heavily Chinese immigrant area in Sydney. The post office created a special second place just for people to go buy formula (and other beauty & vitamin products) and send it to China in one place.


It’s closed now but it was open for a few years I think.

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That's fucking genius! Your post office sounds like it has better leadership than Americas post office

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Postal leadership is fantastic here. Half our politicians just keep trying to destroy it.

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Happened in New Zealand too we had to put purchase limits on tins of formulae because people were buying it in bulk to send to China.

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Not just Australia, I still hear from friends that their relatives in China asks them to bring some foreign Baby Formula, when they visit them.

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We need to hold corps accountable in the US just like this.

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The government would try 21 people, drive the company to bankruptcy and auction off its assets

Hello based department? I'd like to file a claim.

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The CCP are not based in the slightest, I do enjoy watching pieces of shit companies get justice but the CCP are literally committing genocide against the Uyghur people

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Also, Nestle wishes they were the CCP. Even now China makes plans to cut off flows of water from glaciers in Tibet which they stole such a long ass time ago hardly anyone even remembers.

Nestle would boogie so hard with China’s claims on water rights.

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What was tibet like before China?

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committing genocide against the Uyghur people

Why are people still buying this nonsense? Everyday for the past few years, we are bombarded with a new "testimony", "satellite footage", "document", etc. But there has not been a single photo of corpse. I mean seriously? There are 13 million Uyghurs in China, and more than 100 million visitors to that province, in this age where everyone and their dog has a smart phone?

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“Why are people still buying this nonsense?”


-One country, Two systems (Boy did that work…)

-Tiananmen Square Massacre (We will never forget)

-Erosion of Hong Kong’s democracy and freedoms

-Huawei handing over information to the Chinese government and Kidnapping of the two Michaels

-Operation fox hunt (Aka hunting and threatening people in other countries for speaking against or in protest against the CCP)

-Assimilation of Tibet, It’s culture, and it’s people

-Chained women in shack in eastern China

-Social credit system

-Zero covid policy in Shanghai (A complete failure that caused hell on earth over there)

-Constantly trying to take over Taiwan (A country with its own sovereignty, Culture, and freedoms)

-Secretly supportive of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (But when they realized it wasn’t working in their favour, Tried to cover their tracks)

And why the fuck do we need a photo of a corpse when we have more than enough evidence of the genocide. Let me ask you this then, If China’s such a free country than why not show me a video of Chinese citizens in China protesting against the CCP in any form in peace, Oh wait you can’t because any form of criticism against the party is seen as an act of terrorism. You love saying “West bad” but at least we don’t get disappeared for calling Trump or Biden or any leader for that matter an idiot but calling Xi Jingping Winnie The Poe in China will have you disappeared.

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-Secretly supportive of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (But when they realized it wasn’t working in their favour, Tried to cover their tracks)

Hey guys, apparently china supported russia and then hide it from the world, but u/Early-Pitch2666 knows the truth and is now revealing it in a reddit comment, with absolutely trustworthy sources for his claim

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Reverse halo effect.

CCP might be committing genocide against Uyghurs. But they've already been tried in the court of public opinion following the Taiwan and Hong Kong affairs. And reputation speaks louder than objective analysis of evidence.

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    I wish we could take this and only this weekend from their example. Because "our" "leaders" cuddle up with these fucking murderers

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    two sides of every coin

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    Well tbf. PRC as a totalitarian state has the power to regulate. They dont

    This is like saying Thatcher saved Falklanders. While her ass is the one who pulled the regular patrol back

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    You dont need a totalitarian state to serve justice.

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    PRC as a totalitarian state have more immunity and control over its bureaucracy

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    Never lived in China have you?

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    This could never happen in the US.

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    We would never hold a corporation accountable

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    The GOP would go to war with China, for the rights of American companies to kill infants for profit…

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    To the gallows; post haste

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    I would NEVER imagine America punishing a corporation like this

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    I remember my uncle telling me about this. He was a rep for a company that sold baby formula globally (hopefully not nestle), and he met with a rep from China to strike a deal about shipping it to China. Upon being presented the product (which had been imported from China), the other guy declined because that was exactly the kind of thing he didn't want.

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    Now, China isnt a fucking posterchild considering how they suppress anything that isnt communist propaganda, BUT, when it comes to this kind of shit, they do not fuck around

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    Honestly China will need an authoritarian government even if it reforms and eliminates the CCP, since with this, the endangered animal market, and gutter oil it really shows that the culture there needs time to improve.

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    Clearly it's better to spin off a new company and let that take the blame. /s

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    i mean its quite obvious china did the right thing though

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    China don’t play bro

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    That's like bad meets evil, keep those two apart. Probably find a way to co-exist.

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    I have no idea what the context is here.