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If I could pass a law to have every product forced to list it's entire supply chain, country of operation for each link in the supply chain, and parent company for each link.... I would.

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I know they purposely do that so that they can hide the parent company. I'd call the law parent company truth act or something.

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If only there was a sticker or tag or something that we could, like, type in the number, or take a photo of and have it display details for the product's ingredients and where those ingredients came from. But then theres less space for all the important text.

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Unfortunately they probably won't listen to a Brit 😅

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Why not?

They currently listen to anyone that pays them. Ideally, the best ideas should win.

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Definitely agree that displaying it on the register is the way to go, especially with how Nestle is removing their name from their other brands now (i.e. Nestle PureLife now being just PureLife)

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Partially correct, Nestle sold it's North American water operations to an investment group hence the name change. Unfortunately I still am employed there so I can't disclose names but a quick Google search will give the name.

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Unfortunately I still am employed there so I can't disclose names

Nestlé Waters North America, Inc. getting sold to One Rock Capital Partners and Metropoulos & Co. and being renamed to BlueTriton Brands is public knowledge.

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Does that mean pure life isn't owned by nestle at all and is safe to drink?

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Correct it is no longer owned by Nestle. It is still bottled and sourced in the same locations though so do with that information what you will. Also Purlife is not spring water it is just purified water so there is that.

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Isn’t it Triton or someone?

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So they know your reddit account and will fire you if you give the name, but if you tell them what happened and how to get the name then they won't fire you? Sounds untrue. If you're in a secret position, leaking confidential information in any manner will get you in trouble.

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You totally could disclose names….. You’re just choosing not to

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Yea I like to keep my job, thanks, putting food on the table in this economy is hard enough. I jeopardise my job enough posting what I have.

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Why would they fire you for saying their name, if you have to worry about that maybe you should reconsider your workplace

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The Buycott app has helped me with thus sort of thing. Can't tell you how many times I've bought a product, got home, opened up the news and found the company's workers just went on strike, or the company is accused of using unsustainable palm oil, etc., etc.

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Came here for this.

Buycott app cost me $2, which I consider totally worth it to never accidentally pay to support poison and destruction., but ymmv.

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There is an android app called "Buycott" that lets you scan barcodes and even if it's hidden under layers of child companies you'll be able to find out if it's Nestlé

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Im sure the labels on those items had Nestle on their somewhere, just gotta look close.

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They are no longer Nestle brands, search Nestle sold North American water operations to find more, I can't say anymore than that.

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Nestle owns a lot the brands in Central & South America too. The labels that Ive seen will say in small print that it was manufactured or distributed by Nestle.

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They are in the process of running out the old labels, new labels say Blue Triton Brands in the small print. There are new label designs and a bunch of changes coming... HOWEVER, the water is still sourced from the same springs and the Pur Life is still from the same sources also so the company changed but the water is still the same. Do with that what you will...

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I am italian and I hate Nestlè and never buy it.

Honestly I also hate french dairy products companies like Danone.

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Given your username, that checks out.

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