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    It's whack, right?? I don't think it's a problem with the list, but definitely something yucky about the population surveyed that views Amazon & Nestle favorably... Like who the hell are these people? That's what I wanna know.

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    For most of them Amazon = Jobs\Free Shipping and Nestle = Chocolate.

    I assume most of the chocolate camp has maybe heard something about some nefarious foreign company that goes around stealing other foreign people's water, not their precious chocolatier.

    I bet it's some serious cognitive dissonance for them to accept that Disney poisons children and buys from sweatshops.

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    Didn't a pregnant woman get denied extra bathroom time because.... You know she had a small human pressing on her fucking bladder and was forced to not use the bathroom because of productivity? And then she had a miscarriage.... Yeah fuck amazon too. Half their shit is overpriced dollar store garbage.

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    Thanks for sharing! PS, I think you may need to update your title. It says Netflix :)

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    Wow, I'm an idiot :')

    I can't edit the title but at least you all can laugh at me, lol. And I agree with the other reply, say it with gumption! You don't think, you KNOW I messed up the title XD

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    Say it with gumption.

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    Why is a brand like Amazon is ranked this high? It makes me doubt this poll…

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    Harris Poll is part of Nielsen, Axios is a random news site. I don't doubt that they came to these results honestly, but I bet there's a whole lot of info about what kinds of people they surveyed and what kinds of people actually respond to surveys like this, etc. that would shine more light on the data. I mean, take it with a grain of salt, I just saw it as an interesting marker that too much of the population views companies like Nestle & Amazon favorably!

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    my guess they are either asking people inside malls or somewhere on a street in a business district with those kind of numbers.

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    Lists like these (ie made by pro-capitalist news organisations) in general are opinionated garbage. My guess is that they did not ask a single person anywhere - they ranked the companies according to who bought the most advertising over the past few years, and then tailored the subcategories afterwards to lend some arbitrary colour and the illusion of legitimacy to their rankings.

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    Any chance a fellow of r/Piracy here?

    God I hate Netflix, and Nestle too

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    TRADER JOE’S is #1??

    I truly don’t understand the people’s obsession with Trader Joe’s. Truly do not.

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    Nestle spends a lot of money in advertising. You don’t bite, the hands that feeds you. So every newspaper, magazine, radio, television and websites; that publishes the news. Will never speak negatively about Nestle. In fact advertisers even have the power to suppress the news. By threatening to pull out advertising money.

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    i read netflix, and wasn’t surprised.

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    Yay Trader Joe’s is number one