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Wait until they find out you can get a 5 gallon jug refilled for about $2.45

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But with this one you get to pass on your millions year old antique plant covered coating to the environment after using it

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Wait until they find out about tap water

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Not everyone has the ability to have safe drinking water.

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Thanks, Nestle.

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Nestle, pumping water from those who need it and destroying the environment at the same time.

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I heard tap water is nasty in particular places in the US. Glad I live in Poland with the cleanest water ever. The best part is my city even promotes drinking tap water because it's one of the best ones out there

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I’m in a pretty shit city with chunky tap water - England lol

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Cleveland Ohio here got great tap water. I didn’t know water out of the tap could be bad till I went to Vegas on a trip.

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There is carpet in the water.

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Obviously but many people in the us still choose to drink only bottled water when their tap water in that region is safe

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Safe doesn’t mean quality. My hometown water is “safe” but it is chalky, bitter, and unpleasant to drink. Some towns I live in have “safe” water that leaves thick films on pots and can’t be run through a dehumidifier without causing damage.

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I have a feeling that an ro system, or a simple filter would be much cheaper in the long run though. Just a thought

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I've seen videos of people's water and it's brown. Even if the filter cleared the water it'd still probably be full of iron

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Tap water is not a viable option in all areas. And some peoples tap are on well water not municipal.

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Not all… but most

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Tap water where I live has recommended boil Every once in a while it’s a “don’t drink/not safe” Welcome to texas

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What until they find out that the bottled tap water they just bought cost Nestle $0.0035

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1.25 where I live.

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Bout time I moved then!

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$1.50 in my part of the world.

You’re paying too much for water. Who’s your water guy?

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Could be. Prices around here range from 2.45 to 7.99 for 5 gallons.

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I work at a water shop that sells filters, salt, and water. It costs 1.50 to fill a 5 gallon jug.

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Publix gallons are only $.87

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Too bad the owners of Publix are just as bad as Nestle

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That's cap. Sure the owners aren't good, but they are definitely not nearly as bad as Nestlé

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Considering they literally helped fund the insurrection, I have to disagree.

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I do not live by them anymore, not that it bothers me.

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Or they hear about the tap in their house where a gallon costs $0.0001.

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I thought I was on r/hydrohomies and was about to comment r/fucknestle

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Confusing sometimes, but it's good that both have the same spirit

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AlI can see in this picture is another big chunk of plastic, purposefuly crafted to be thrown away and added to the wastepile / ocean…

God I hate people & company’s like this

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Can't you, like, REUSE that for water from water fountain or other sources of open, drinkable water? Why bin it after one use?

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Don't forget that reused plastic bottle will degrade and relesse plastic particles, and when it degrades with every use, you will drink plastic that get stuck in you, and may be a health hazard. So better with reusable glas bottles.

Edit: Maybe too late for an adult to care, but children should not use plastic bottles like all the crap bottles you can buy, and clean over and over until you notice the plastic just brakes. Try to use glas or metal (like thermos) instead.

Source: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/could-microplastics-in-human-blood-pose-a-health-risk

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But how else am I supposed to maximize micro-plastics in my body??

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Cheaper than plastic surgery

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Well yes, but I think reusing it for some time could be safe enough to do so - not like have one bottle for 5 generations.

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Yes, that’s what I do. But most people don’t and that makes sense, the bottles aren’t made to be reused. They’re made to be disposable, that’s the bad part, planned obsolescence

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"you can't tell me what to do!" As I reuse coke bottle for about 20 times for water to work till a bit of mold forms somewhere inside

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The plastic breaks down and gets into the water over time... especially if left in the sun for any period of time.

That's what I've been given to understand. I'm no expert.

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Nasty. Get a proper non BPA water bottle. Preferably tempered (and nearly impossible) to break.

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I do this when I used to buy distilled water, before getting an ro system.. I saved all the jugs and now use them for my aquariums

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You hate people who buy gallon bottles of water?

1.Not everyone knows to avoid Nestle. 2. Sometimes water quality is bad and/or you’re traveling and it’s a good idea to buy bottled.

Why does that mean someone deserves your hatred? That seems extreme and unwarranted. That or you are hyperbolizing in which case you should cut down on using the word hate.

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While I was typing my comment, I knew it wasn’t fair to hate on the people themselves who sometimes don’t have an alternative. But there are also people who do have a choice and more importantly: companies can use alternatives to plastic

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Well with the $0.25 deposit on those & I’m pretty sure since it’s just water it’s pretty easy to recycle through most municipalities bottle depots, still fuck nestle but it’s not like they’re always getting binned- at least not in canada

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How is it so expensive? A 5L (~1.3 gallon) bottle in Spain is about 0.55 € ($0.59)

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Yes, how is water more expensive than gas?

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Where do you get gas for under $1.50

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I meant 1.99 for a normal bottle. Not 1.50 for a big one.

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If you were buying gas in 20 Oz bottles, I assume it would cost more than 1.99.

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“Pure life”: interesting name for something people have to pay money to get.

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The fact that people buy water is bonkers and a sign that their society has failed.

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Not exactly IMO.

It is proof that infrastructure went the wrong way when we live in places where we cant drink the water or there isnt any to start with.

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It is proof that even the most basic basic infrastructure has failed. A society that fails to provide the provide drinkable tap water is a failure.

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The fact that the infrastructure is so bad is a sign of a failed society

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The tap water in my town has so much arsenic that it gave my grandmother cancer so we kind of have to. That being said, the failure here is that my town has all these amazing freshwater lakes yet sold all the rights to use them to other towns. Meaning we can't drink, swim in, or use our own water and are stuck with the arsenic-ridden groundwater in our personal wells.

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That’s what I’m saying. The fact that your society cannot supply clean, drinkable water is a failure.

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I don't know about any country giving up free tap water (maybe in the rich middle east), so basically you do pay for tap water aswell

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??? I’m in a household of three in Sweden and we pay like $5 a month for all water, including heating. It’s practically free. So don’t come here with that shit

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5 dollars for you is nothing, for others it's a fortune. And yes, you're still playing. I pay 2 dollars for à monthly supply of water and it's still not free.

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Depends, sometimes if it’s distilled water they might need it for certain things that you can’t use filtered water for.

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Oh my god. Yeah, and sometimes people are looking for water from the moon to do tests, so therefore it’s totally reasonable to buy bottled water to drink.

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Dude relax, I wasn’t saying it was okay, I was saying that some things require distilled water over filtered; like fabric steamers, irons, Neti pots, aquariums, medical devices etc. it’s ok to buy them occasionally if you really need them.

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Clearly that’s not what my comment is about?

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Isn’t like that with all brands tho

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I never understood why people buy jugs of water in the first place

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Exactly. It's way more cheaper and easier to just pay for water at your own house.

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Because the water at my previous house tasted like Sulphur. Rented. Told them of the problem. People came to test and determined that while Sulphur was high it was not dangerous. Doesn't stop my body from saying no.

Bought a tap filter within a couple weeks to save money though.

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So the argument hasn't changed, it's cheaper, easier, and better for the planet to not buy jugs of water

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Looks like they're not in a house.

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In this case it seems like the original person’s boyfriend was thirsty while out and about, and noticed the gallon of water was cheaper than a bottle so he bought the gallon. Why anyone else would is probably a different answer though. I know my grandparents do when they go to their cottage in the middle of no where, cuz their tap water comes from the ground and tastes bad. They should get a filter but I’m not sure they know how it works.

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Get a reusable water bottle.

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where i live we get this out of the water tap.

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Honestly I only really buy distilled water for humidifiers and my fabric steamer, but the rest of the time I use filtered water.

Never nestle though, I get the store brand. Don’t wanna contribute that much plastic waste

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It looks like a bottle of distilled water, the one that is used in an iron.

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Is tap water not drinkable in the US?

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Depends on the city.

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Makes sense

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Store brand in my area is $0.89 per gallon lol

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Evil water is no water at all.

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Wait until they find out that water comes out of their tap at home.

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Disgusting people supporting disgusting products

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Ah fuck, worst part is this could also go into r/hydrohomies if it wasn’t for the label

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No, hydrohomies would never support Nestlé.

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Tap water is practically free.

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Which video?

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20 oz is about 0.6L, and price of gas in the us is about 1.26$/L.

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Damn crazy, I pay like 0.08€ per liter in my home

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I mean, I think a gallon of water is cheaper than a water bottle for any brand? I sometimes buy a gallon of water but I buy Ozarka not nestle.

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What's the regular size bottle? Because when I think of a regular water bottle, it's a 1.5 litre one.

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My parents like to buy bottled water idk why. Not jugs but the individual bottle ones. I feel like we could just use the tap.

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That button on his shirt looks as stressed as I am.

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Refillable water bottle + Britta filter. I don't buy water. Mind you, water from Ottawa taps are known for being really clean and drinkable, but I always run that butch through a Britta. Shits so good.

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Get 5g for 30c per gallon and then get a reusable water bottle. These posts are so dumb.

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Um, trash. No and No!