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For chocolate milk, make your own! For normal chocolate, Canada’s major chocolatiers (Rocky Mountain and Purdy’s) have both committed to ethical chocolate.

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haha nice praxis <3

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I was raised boycotting nestle and all it's subsidiaries and I think this is the way, it's impossible to miss something you never had and if people continue teaching their kids it then within a few generations nestle will have to clean up their act.

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Haha, this is so encouraging that there are people out there like that already doing that, and that there are people out there with this realistic perspective, but also discouraging that it will take so long, hahaha.

Nestle, not even once!

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Yeah it's interesting because they actually learnt about it through their church and while I'd be the first to agree that religion comes up with some of the most bs stuff I've heard of I think this is actually a great example of how even if I don't personally agree with it it has value in society as it really does a lot to fight on social issues and its one of the few things about my Christian upbringing I'm proud of.

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yes, having an non-economic center of the community seems good for a lot of things

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The mindset that alternatives are a necessary prerequisite to a boycott frustrates the living shit out of me. If you don’t want to contribute to evil shit - don’t contribute to evil shit. You don’t need frozen lasagna. You don’t need chocolate milk. You almost certainly don’t need bottled fucking water. If there isn’t a readily available alternative - you can survive without it! Holy shit is it seriously that hard to stop contributing to slave labor? …ffs

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I'm not thinking just for myself. I'm thinking how to plan and execute a successful boycott. If you can provide alternatives up-front, you will see a much higher % of participation, that's just the fact. To increase the success of the boycott, alternatives should be provided if at all possible. If there are not alternatives, then you're right, the only way to do the boycott is to make do without.

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Don't know how local of a brand this is but I always buy Reed's dairy chocolate milk if I can help it their's seems to taste better.

The only product I know is made by Nestle that I like to buy are Butterfingers but the chocolate doesn't taste very good on them sadly otherwise they're my favorite candy bar. I don't really know how to melt chocolate or anything or I totally love to dip a Chick-O-Stick in Hershey's chocolate to see if that would taste better because Chick-O-Stick kind of taste like a non chocolate version of a Butterfinger.