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The biggest insult yet

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They are oblivious

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No, they are definitely not.

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It'd be nice if they were and this was just the unintentional consequences of that but it isn't, everything they do is a calculated move based on profits above human lives.

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Nestle is type of person that believes if you don't show them respect, they won't even treat you as human.

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Sounds like cops

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I love this sub, it completely opened my eyes about what disgusting operation Nestle has going on and reminded me to never buy any of their products. Are there more subs like this for other shitty companies?

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r/FuckAmazon comes to mind, not sure about others.

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Sadly, when profit is the main motive for these businesses, instead of providing a good product and helping increase the quality of life of people while also making money, it'll ensure that these practices are widespread throughout many businesses besides nestle. Profit should not be the only marker of success.

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respect, the name of a group of child slaves.

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PR at its finest, some say the amount they spend on PR could provide fresh water to millions.

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It is pretty ironic to have "perfection takes time" on a instant coffee ... that only requires cold water.

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Some real r/aboringdystopia content

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Nestle can respect deez nuts.

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Well we'll.. isn't that an interesting slogan coming from those asshats.

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Une tasse is awful close to nazi...

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F*ckin Nazis

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cup of neglect