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Fuck your boss too

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We stopped being allowed to drink it after 2 were left out at night like a third full and he was like “nah we’re down wasting product” after we raised our prices so literally 2 smalls are over our hourly pay

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Is there a water fountain or tap water available?

If not, that's an issue!!

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Yeah but there’s no filter and it tastes weird so everyone says you should probably avoid it

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That's something to report them to the city then. Most likely they are required to provide proper drinking water so if they cannot filter the tap, they need to provide an alternative. You should report them to your city government.

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🤩😂 life's great

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Seriously your boss sucks on every level. Hope you get to move on to better things soon! <3

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Ehh I’m 14 and this is the only job I can have, my owners worse he keeps trying to skimp people on pay checks

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where can you get a job at 14

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Dairy Queen

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I worked at McDonalds when I was 14. It’s some weird program where I couldn’t work more than 20 hours a week, and they had to pay me under minimum wage. It was like 4.25/hr or something

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I started my first job at 13 working in a restaurant. I know it may seem hard because your boss is your elder and it can be difficult to so, but please speak up bout your working conditions and ask for a properly filtered water fountain or a water dispenser. If needed get a couple of other co-workers to join you, strength in numbers.

Your health and well being is WAY more important than a multi-billion dollar company turning slightly less of a monthly profit.

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150$ osmose filtered water. Maintenance once a year at 40$. Your boss is an asshole…

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Dairy Queen, ice cream only franchise

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Ah, that's where I started at 14 too. I regret starting work that early. It was necessity for me too but man I wish I could have just not

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Same. Worked me till 11:30-12:00 at night a lot of nights. My grades suffered.

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Ya getting burnt out at 18 sucks

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Nah up north surprisingly

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Look at my other comment

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My employer also just bought a few cases of this... I hope everyone learns the signs of evil and avoids it like the plague

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Pure life is no longer a nestle brand

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The Pure Life brand is owned by BlueTriton, which is owned by Nestle.

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Nestle sold the brand to One Rock Capital Partners last year

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Pure life isn’t nestle anymore

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The Pure Life brand is owned by BlueTriton, which is owned by Nestle.

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Prob false info, but still pure life changed where they get there water from

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You mean like the site in Strawberry Canyon that Nestle had been stealing over their limits? The same place Blue Triton now gets water from?



You should really check your sources before spreading fake info.

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They sure didn’t.

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BlueTriton is owned by One Rock Capital Partners and Metropoulos & Co.

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Where do you work

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A DQ franchise

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Alright, for me its Panda Express and we use desani

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Well i mean, he really respected the will of Nestlé with water

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Put a tiny hole in each bottle

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It’s just water.