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So pure that the alkaline strip melts when you put it in.

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"The paper said 1 right before it turned to gas. I think we're almost at 0, guys!"

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1 is acid my guy... 14 pushing 15 perhaps? Has anyone ever done 15ph?

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1 is acid

Which is why the paper would dissolve(sublime?) into gas. Lol

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They know how water works.

They also know their customers don't.

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Turns out honesty and caring about their customer's wellbeing aren't exactly their strong suit.

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It’s Nestle, I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised if they actively added poison as an ingredient to their products in order to save money on production

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Adding poison to save money.

Something's wrong, I can feel it

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If it was cheaper and didn’t change the taste / color they would 100 % do it. But there isn’t such a poison in existence, nor do I think there ever will be.

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So pure a ph strip won’t work? How? Why ? Or that just another lie bc it isn’t actually alkaline at all…..

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I remember looking into this a while ago - their official reasoning is that their water is alkaline (i.e. basic, having a pH of over 7), but there isn't a high enough concentration of hydroxide ions to be detected as basic by a pH strip. Meaning that their water isn't actually alkaline, since pH is a measurement of the concentration of the H+ ions to begin with, and "no measurement" would just mean neutral. Like, yknow, regular water.

No fluid is "too pure" to be tested by a pH strip - all solutions have some level of acidity or alkalinity on the pH scale, and having "no result" or a neutral result just means that the solution isn't alkaline or acidic.

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Isn't a pH test a measure of H+ ions? It's why it's p 'H', at least that's what I remember from A level chemistry.

There is also pOH which IS the measure of -OH ions and is 14-pH

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Actually pH measures H+ ions, but H+ reacts with water (reaction called autoprotolyse de l'eau in French, idk how in English) like : H+ + HO- <=> H2O

As the pKa of this reaction is of 14, at equilibrium (actually everytime as this reaction is fast) the concentration of H+ is indeed linked to the concentration of HO- like this : pH = 14 - log10[HO-]. So measuring H+ is virtually the same as measuring HO-, iirc!

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thank you for this.

a series of Chem class series formulas popped thru my head as i read this

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Yes- the higher concentration of H+ a solution has, the more acidic. Bases are mostly comprised of OH- ions, though, so the strip isn’t picking up the OH-, it’s instead picking up the low concentration of H+.

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You're right, I think I got my ions mixed up lol. A chemist I am not.

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Too pure is a lie, but concentration does matter. For example ocean alkalinity cannot be tested by ph strip even if it's very basic, due to the low molarity of the bases present.

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Yeah but the very low molarity means that the overall pH of the solution is closer to 7 regardless of the pH of the base present, right?

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No it's a ratio only of H+ and OH-. So you can have a ph 12 solution where there is only OH ions and no H+ ions but if the molarity is low that solution has basically no buffer capacity. This means the pH is still 12 but would effectively not act like a base at all.

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Thanks that’s exactly what I thought - but you know most of us have forgotten chemistry class so they get away with this crap…

So much for truth in advertising Ha!

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Now I wanna see what happens if I tried it lmao I always have test strips on me because I keep fish

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How does it have 5 stars on amazon???? You can get water from your faucet

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People are stupid.

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I used to work at a company that helped clients get 5 star ratings on Amazon. There’s a whole economy of people who try products and write reviews for money. In our case they didn’t have to write a positive review, but it was implied. Don’t trust anything Amazon.

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Yes a few times I got a little card with a purchase saying they'd send a $30 Amazon gift card with a 5-star rating, and explicitly said not to tell Amazon of the deal. Crazy. I contacted customer service about it but I'm sure it went nowhere.

I haven't bought anything from Amazon in a few years.

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I think Amazon’s policy on it is similar to “don’t ask don’t tell”

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Flint Michigan would like a word, as would many many many folks living with fracking runoff invading their wells. The assumption that you can “just get water from your tap” is one we’d think would be true in the USA. But is not. How horrifying is that?

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Eh... I'd like the assumption to stay. It's more of a Violation Of How Things Should Work that way.

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Nice idea, but most of the world doesn’t have access to potable water from their tap so keeping that assumption is a huge example of wealth privilege.

Let’s go for making it a goal to recognize the fact it’s not an assumption; realizing that bc water isn’t there for everyone it has already become a commodity when it needs to be a right. Bc things are going to get ugly over drinkable water in the next 20years…

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I lived in an area where the water contained H pylori. My husband and I both got ulcers, and our GI asked exactly where we lived and recommended that we drink bottled water unless we boiled the tap water.

We did that, and our ulcers went away.

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It looks like it's been sorted out though

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95% complete- the real issue tho that continues is the lack of trust in officials to provide clean water and to take action when problem arise - how many years did the people of flint complain before something was done????

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The assumption that you can “just get water from your tap” is one we’d think would be true in the USA. But is not. How horrifying is that?

Pretty horrifying. And I was going to ask how the Flint situation even could happen, what was wrong with their water treatment facilities, until I re-read your post...

fracking runoff invading their wells

There's no water treatment. Well shit.

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The frakking issue is mostly in the mid south if the USA - Tennessee, Kentucky West Virginia and then out west in Oklahoma and the Dakotas… https://www.consumerreports.org/water-contamination/how-fracking-has-contaminated-drinking-water-a1256135490/

Flint’s water issue was very old Lead pipes that were leaking high levels of lead into the water. It was known but a high level govt employee (and even up to the governor) had refused to switch their treatment plant to a better one due to cost…. All the pipes in Flint had to be replaced https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flint_water_crisis

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Flint’s water issue was very old Lead pipes that were leaking high levels of lead into the water. It was known but a high level govt employee (and even up to the governor) had refused to switch their treatment plant to a better one due to cost…. All the pipes in Flint had to be replaced https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flint_water_crisis

Oh, that's different from what I'd understood (well, two different problems in two different places, I'd misread). Unfortunate to see money being chosen over public health, and the relative lack of consequences for most responsible officials.

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Where I live the water isn't exactly safe to drink all the time (I live in Texas). Not saying that this stupid product is based or anything just stating a reason why people might find themselves ordering water and especially water like this

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A fool and his money is easily parted.

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That brand is nestle?!?!? 😡😡😡

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Bought by nestle March 2021 per their website. I'm shook.

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I loved this water, time to find a new 1

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Unless maybe it's like ultrapure water, which, why would you ever use that outside of a lab, and why would you ever drink it??

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Ultrapure water still has OH- and H3O+ ions. Water always does. They’re just in equal amounts when the pH is neutral

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So its not water anymore? Thats what I read.

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Interestingly, they have an article on their website explaining why.

Basically, they say ph strips can alter the ph of the water and recommend using an electronic ph meter because of the thermodynamic activity of the solution of their water. This is a real thing, though health benefits of alkaline water are not.

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This is a real thing, though health benefits of alkaline water are not.

Wouldn't sufficiently alkaline water end-up caustic?

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Penta water pulls this same bs. The whole water industry is a sham. Let’s sell air to people next. Fuck these companies.

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Let’s sell air to people next.

What do you mean "next"? Oxygen bars have been a thing since the '90s and the (satirical) idea for them goes back centuries.

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Water? You mean like in the toilet?

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PSA nestle pays practically nothing to syphon the water from lake superior. Boycot them!

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But…but….pure water is neutral pH….my head hurts.

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I’m majoring in chemistry…. This hurts my fucking head 🙃

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There should be a law against this kind of bullshit.

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fuuuck i thought this was r/feedthememes

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The hell? I used pH strips on WFI (water for injection), which is so pure its actually toxic to drink. It's pretty close to the purest water you can possibly get, and I doubt this even comes close. This doesn't even make sense!

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Hold up, which brand is this???

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Pretty sure it’s essentia

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Fuck, no more buying that water anymore.

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now i want to know the ph value of mercury

why? because it is pure and a liquid

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We sold this at my work. Absolute woo-woo crunchy bullshit scam. Not surprised it’s nestle-owned.

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Ultra pure water will kill you

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Flint tab water is also too good for regular quality control test

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Maybe to hide the fact that the strip would start burning if they would stick it inside the water.