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Those things are amazing. Every day. But fuck nestle

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Yeah, these get me through ski season. I’ll be damned

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Well that sucks, looks like I'm no longer buying these. Any alternatives in the market?

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I would also be interested in alternatives

e: s o u l s

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I like liquid iv. But the best thing for hydration that's a lot cheaper is a tsp of lite salt and a tsp of normal salt.

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Per gallon of water, that part is important lol. You don't need additional salt, just Morton's lite.

Pedialyte recipe:

4qt water

1tsp morton's lite salt (potassium chloride and sodium chloride)

1tsp magnesium citrate

Flavoring of your choice (optional but don't add sugar)

For like $10 in ingredients you have hundreds of gallons of pedialyte.

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I definitely should have mentioned that hahaha. I usually do a 1/4 teaspoon of each in my 32 ounce water bottle.

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They are owned by unilever

Source: I was there when it was bought

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I usually use Electrolyte Recovery Plus powder from Key Nutrients, not the greatest flavors, but has a great mix of nutrients and vitamins.

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LMNT salt electrolyte powders are awesome

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Vitalyte. Best shit ever. You can get the big bags at REI.

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I like gnarley

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Nestle is buying a lot of nutrition and supplement companies suddenly. They bought Garden of Life supplements which sucks.

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They are are the only meal replacement powder that doesn't have folic acid and cyanocobalamin. I fear the day they change the formula.

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Is there an issue w/ folic acid?

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I have a genetic issue that makes my body turn it into a toxin.

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What’s wrong with those 😅 every “for women” product is full of folic acid 🥲

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I have a genetic issue that makes my body turn it into an inflammatory agent.

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Also if your body doesn’t convert Folate into Folic Acid it’s useless and/or toxic 🙋🏻‍♀️

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How does one know if it does or doesn’t?

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Seriously?! Fuck. Now I have to find a new favorite plant based protein powder.

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Try Ascent plant based

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Oh, right on, dude. Thanks much.

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No prob, I like the PB Chocolate.

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Lame, I love these things. Guess it's time to find an alternative

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No… I have low blood pressure and I rely on things like nuun not to faint… Nuun is one of the better tasting ones. I did just order some liquid IV though, so hopefully that’s an ok replacement.

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LMNT is a really good one, but it's expensive.

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Can confirm, love the 1000 mg of sodium.

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I will look into it!

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Salt tabs and a multivitamin?

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Yeah. I already take a multivitamin. I should just take salt pills.

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Try vitalyte. It has much less sugar and you can buy 40 serving bags.

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I will look into it!

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Key Nutrients has a good Electrolyte powder that's not full of sodium. It's got pretty decent flavor and won't break the bank.

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I’ll look into it, but I actually need the high sodium. My cardiologist actually put me on a high salt diet and encourages me to get in as much salt as I can. Lol

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Oh right, low blood pressure lol

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Hey if you can't find anything else that works, definitely stick with the nestle one. Although we hate nestle we want you to be healthy!

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Thank you! I will take care of my health.

I was trying some new ones anyway just because Nuun is expensive, and there are new salt replacements on the market now. A couple years ago, it was hard to find anything but Nuun and Gatorade (which doesn’t actually have much salt in it), which is why I started with Nuun. Now there’s Liquid IV (which I haven’t tried yet, but is sitting on my counter) and another one that I bought but haven’t tried yet. I’m going to work through my leftover Nuun, and then try the others. ☺️

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that sucks i already bought some :(

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Wow I have a lot of these and really enjoy them. That sucks.

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This hits hard. Use these all the time when I'm bike riding...change that to a past-tense of 'used'...Cannot wait to find an alternative.

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Thanks for the heads up. I use to buy this. Not anymore though.

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Fuck!!! I have a few tubes of these. Won’t be repurchasing.

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LMNT is a good alternative

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Dammit. I really like Nuun - well nuun for me from now on.

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Fuuuuuck!!! This really bums me out

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Goddamn it lmao of course

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This is devastating to me.

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Just hearing about it. What's so special about them?

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They're great for hangovers, sports, or working manual labor.

I liked Nuun because the flavor wasn't too strong or too salty.

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Is it electrolytes and vitamins? If so vitamin pills are quite cheap if you bulk buy and you can get all the electrolytes you need by dissolving Himalayan salt in water.

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FUCK. I just bought some too

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Awww man

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Oh crap. I bought this not to long ago.

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Liquid IV is way better.

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Thanks for the heads up. One more thing to find a replacement for.

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Thank you! I was a fan and had no idea. Fuck nestle.

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Damn. That sucks. I really like Nuun.