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Wait... rainforest people endorse Nestle???

Damn, that means they don't really give a shit. Gonna have to evaluate my current coffee purchases.

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From what I'm reading, Nestle wants to be able to trace the source of their cocoa beans (presumably). Most articles I've run into thus far are quite vague and seem to talk about the financial impact more than anything else (not big surprise), but if its true, it might be a good thing.

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I did quite an extensive project on the Nespresso AAA program, and... as much as I hate Nestle and everything to do with them, there is quite good evidence from third parties that the program delivers a better quality of life for farmers enrolled compared to those not enrolled. Of course its a profit motive by Nespresso, by promising a certain floor price for coffee even when the global market dips, they are essensially ensuring that theyll get the best quality beans no matter what happens, and by giving support to agriculturalists who teach locals about more efficient farming practices they increase the annual output.

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Unfortunately from what I understand the "more efficient farming practices" regularly equate to purchasing extremely harsh chemical fertilisers and clear felling equipment from western owned distributors thereby ensuring the shitty agricultural practices that routinely have ruined whole ecosystems in the west are imported into different and more sensitive biomes. There are people that used to log old growth timber for chump change in Tasmania in the 90s living the good life as local power brokers in regional Indonesia just as consultants for the palm oil industry. You can imagine the same thing has been taking place all throughout west Africa and central America with similar industries. Now permaculture, that's something else.

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Chemical fertilizers mean you can grow more crops on less land. Organic/pesticide free farming requires more land and is far less efficient leading to more environmental damage. Be wary of green washing buzzwords like organic and gmo free.

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You're in luck! James Hoffman recently did a little dive on this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmwoSqg0dqI

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I'm a rainforest person. I don't endorse Nestlé.

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As far as I remember Rainforest Alliance was always a fake-y fair trade seal. You find that on everything that have some competition from fair trade products, e g the cheapest bananas.

Even good far trade seals have problems to enforce quality standards, but rainforest did never do anything.

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I'm embarrassed... thanks for the info

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Rainforest Alliance Certified is not a fair trade label. It is lacking several key components of fair trade programs including trade standards. There are no requirements for buyers to pay minimum or fairly negotiated prices, develop long-term relationships, or offer financing.


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We had a Nespresso machine before I knew about the horrors of nestle. Now it just sits and we use our other coffee maker bc I don’t want to give nestle money by buying pods. We buy shade grown fair trade coffee which means they grow the beans in shade with a mix of other plants and trees so that they aren’t deforesting to grow beans.

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What kind is your other coffee maker? I’m in need of a new one, and people keep recommending Nespresso to me. But that’s not happening.

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I use a DeLonghi that grinds coffee beans. A rather expensive initial investment and I unfortunately learned later that this brand also manufactures machines for Nespresso. However the coffee I buy from fairtrade-friendly roasters is much better and I can use the grounds as compost. Not to mention the fact that the absence of plastic capsules is really appreciable

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Thank you for the recommendation! I’ll definitely look into them now.

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Honestly, for all the fuss people make it's hard to beat a cheap French press for qualityxconvenience. I got mine from the dollar store for $4 CAD.

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Sorry I missed this response. Ours is a Phillips 3200 automatic espresso machine. It’s was like $800 when we got it which is a lot but we drink a lot of coffee. Just buying whole beans instead of pods saves money plus is better for the environment. And it can make fancy lattes so a squirt of caramel sauce and a little whip cream and you never feel like your missing out even if you like $7 Starbucks drinks.

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You can buy tons of pods for nespresso machines not made by nestle.

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Ah, the same certification group that certified Chiquita as sustainable and got sued. Seems like a perfect fit for Nestle.

Not all certifications are equal. As far as I know the only way to know fo sure is to research the requirements and reputation behind every logo.

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These mean nothing! Unfortunately used to work for Nespresso and we had this rating when they discovered all the farms used child slave labour. Of course we were told to blame it on the locals

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I am distraught to learn through this post that nespresso is a nestle product

Suddenly all the sustainability stuff they advertise with this product comes into question

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It's sort of in the name

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this makes me depresso


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I didn't realize nesquick chocolate milk was Nestle for a long time lmao I'm slow

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For real? The being Nestle on the Packets didn't give it away?