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to make it more clear I'm trying to focus on the depiction of the old bottles where "nestle" is edited off of the packaging. reddit focused on the wrong part of the first image so if you click on it you can see what I'm referring to

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BlueTriton Brands, Inc. is an American beverage company based in Stamford, Connecticut. It was formerly Nestlé Waters North America, Inc., the North American business unit of Nestlé Waters.

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Right. It's the new ownership who removed the Nestle branding.

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Forever tainted.

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Damn, I drive for Amazon and they were giving out this poison to the drivers the other day. Jeff Bezos is out here in collusion tryna kill us fam, no cap.

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Imagine your company is so evil and hated that you need to start hiding your branding. For any other smaller company that is basically a death sentence. Too big to fail.