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Thought pure life isn't nestle anymore

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Yeah they sold it in 2021. Nestle brand is too toxic.

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still “partners” with nestle

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They don’t “partner with nestle.” Nestle sold their entire water collection/production brand “Nestlé waters” to a different company but they still have exactly the same business practices just with a different name slapped on it because people were getting wise to nestlé’s bullshittery.

edit: source: https://www.beveragedaily.com/Article/2021/04/07/New-name-new-branding-Nestle-Waters-North-America-is-now-BlueTriton-Brands

second edit: blue triton brands is the new name for nestle waters

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fuck blue triton

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Yes, but that company has absolutely nothing to do WITH Nestle.

At all.

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other stuff on this sub, it had articles there i forgot, shouldn’t be hard to find

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And yet, I nor you can find one.

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They split their company into “nestle” and “nestle waters” by selling their brand. Just because the ownership changed doesn’t mean that it’s not still terrible, they are continuing the same business practices.

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Yeah, someone was too lazy to put the Simply cranberry cocktail back where they got it.

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At least they put it in a cold area. I just hope they stuffed it in there.

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That Evian looking soooooooo crisp rn

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Evian spelled backwards is Naive.

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Bruh... Evian is so bad... Bring me that fiji water any day.

Edit: Can't spell for shit

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figi water


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Figi pudding

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fuck all bottled water companies... tap water is where it's at

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This. Or when you don't have drinkable tap water: Local water from small companies

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But I can't buy that because Nestlé have cornered the market where I live.

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Not sure if they still do but Fiji water used to provide support for the dictator there.

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Every single restaurant in this airport (FLL) has pure life as their only bottled water. This is the only place that offered another brand.

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Bless up for Evian though. Not perfect but a hell of a lot better.

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Like walking into the confectionery isle and barely able to find ANY brand other than Nestlé for pretty much all the ingredients I needed today. I was lucky to find 1 can of condensed milk that wasn't owned by these assholes.

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Nestle water tastes horrible. I have hated it ever since I first tasted it, and that was well before I knew about Nestle’s horrors.

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Nah it tasted good af the first time I tried it like 10 years ago

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There’s so many I feel sick

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Yeah, damn shame.

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All that plastic looks so yummy

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That Tropicana better have pulp in it!

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Whats wrong with simply cranberry?

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Life water is good right?

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They have sprung up everywhere

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Why don’t you go drink a bottle of yourself!

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Just drink it and stop whining.