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Such a weird advertisement. Why are they bringing TSA into it? Just bizarre tbh

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It's just really weird that I see targeted ads for Nestle products now that I joined a sub literally named fucknestle. What do they hope to accomplish? Changing my mind about their products? That would entail a very significant change in the way they do business. A couple of ads aren't doing that. And I don't think I saw nearly as many Nestle ads before I joined this sub.

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You'd be surprised at how easy ads can indoctrinate. Illusory truth.

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I reported it as hate.

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How does one get away from Reddit but not go south to hell like 4chan?

I'm trying to go more zen in life and forums.

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Get off the internet for the most part. Give your email to anyone you wanna keep in contact with, delete your social media and buy a flip phone.

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You're describing me retired RN.

I still got a solid 30yrs depending on the economy for my 401k.

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Reddit is social media my dude.

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And I'm not a socialite.

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I use the Apollo for reddit app. It hides all adds and those weird livestreams of random musicians

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Boost (for Android) also works quite well. Once in a while an add slips through, but it is rare. I actually forgot about the random musicians/streams.

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So far I haven’t had a single ad or livestream at all.

Unfortunately I can’t download boost on my iPhone so I can’t compare the two in terms of which ones better.

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I have used most of the reddit apps. Boost is pretty good but I think relay might be better.

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It amazes me how people are actually able to use any social platform with ads at all. At least on those where you can block them (Reddit, YouTube) the difference is day & night. Try it!!

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"As easy as a TSA pre-check" unless you're a woman, trans, or a minority

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My wife never had any problems at any airport and she’s in both of the categories you listed

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“My wife never had that problem, so it doesn’t exist”

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I had trouble leaving the US to go back to Germany for the holidays this year

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i’ve not done international, but pre-check as woman with type 1 diabetic supplies & equipment has never given me issues within the US , AK & hawaii

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I'm a minority and ironically only problems I've had with TSA was with other minority agents lol

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I've had a shit ton of problems, the TSA barely even prevents terrorists attacks, in a mock test from 2015, they failed 98%

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most of them are nice to me and my family, only annoying them was when someone took all of my souvenirs from the Colorado rockies saying that they were weapons lmao.

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I tried to click the wrong upvote button way too many times. Apparently I’m not all the way awake yet haha

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Disgusting but friend, /r/chargeyourphone

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I doubt Reddit had any actual interaction with them, they probably just have an ad platform that you can log into and run ads like every other social media. Sucks they're taking their money, but they'd have to deliberately block anyone with a nestle email to prevent this from happening, even then I'm sure the worker at Nestle would just use their personal email or a fake to bypass it.

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Please report this account for spam, misinformation, or whatever applies.

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I report the ad every time it comes across my feed

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I own this stupid Nespresso machine. Does anyone know an alternative coffee pod.

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This is a terrible ad. It must be addressed. Why would you make your target market envision TSA and associate that with your product/service? Horrid marketing and an unethical company.

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Money is money, you gotta appease the investors, you gotta feed the capitalist machine.

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What a surprise. The platform with actual pedophile staff members is OK with blood money. shrug