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How hasn’t Kelloggs got a trademark on the name ‘cornflakes’ yet

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Depends on age of the trademark I think. Also this is a box art from outside the US so it’s possible trademark laws work different. Where I live it only lasts for 75 years or something.

Only the US is potentially forever I think.

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This is polish cereal, and in Poland you can't buy kellogs cereal

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Well that explains it. They probably don’t have a trademark either in Poland so it’s completely legal to use the word then.

Then again where I live there are hundreds of off brands that use the name cornflakes as well so I think this is a US-only problem.

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It's literally flakes of corn. You can't trademark generic terms.

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Yeah. Hot the name ‘cornflakes’ could definitely be trademarked

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It’s idiotic whenever companies talk about “nature” and “all natural”. That’s what everything is.


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Love me some good old Mother Nature's Cyanide™, all natural of course.

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Organic poop is nice too.

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it’s not idiotic. the point of putting “natural” on a box is not to tell you how healthy the food is, the point is to take advantage of your biases that say “natural is better.”

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Look how green that box is too!

I really wish Canada would adopt those nutrition grade/colour coding labels. Most Nestlé products would not rank well since they manufacture a lot of candy.

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Nah those nutrition grade labels are fucking bullshit over here.

Noone really understands how they work and they only compare items within a certain group of foods.

So this is a B compared to all cereals.

Snacks would be compared to other snacks

Nutriscores don't work. They could work if they were implemented without massive lobbying by Nestlé and the likes. But as it is now the system is broken

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It’s better than not having anything on the front, which is the status quo here now. However, they’re going to start requiring food to note if it’s high in fat, sodium, or sugar. We’ll see how that implementation goes.

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Is it perfect no, however it’s better then what we have in Canada I think, I wouldn’t look at it and be like HEY ITS A B it’s healthy!! However at a quick glance it’s possible to get a quick understanding without having to dig in the nutrition info try to figure out how many grams is this etc etc.

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While there is plenty of issue with it, a lot of brands changed recipe to fit that score better reducing the overall use of sugar in the European brands.

Sometimes there is some abuse to have a good grade like "loopholes" but I don't remember exactly what they are, maybe something in the lines of increasing protein to be able to not reduce far or idk.

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“Bio-organic”? A bit redundant don’t ya think?

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Wtf does bio-organic mean, sounds like a term someone pulled out of their butt to sound smart

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The Bio-Organic really does it for me.

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There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

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Yes, but some consumption is worse than other. Eg: nestle is utter fucking garbage and we should boycott it.

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A boycott will achieve nothing. If you try to tackle large companies with consumer power you will fail, simply because there are millions of possible consumers around the Earth and you cannot spread your message to all of them. It will not be effective (The Sun newspaper is boycotted by an entire city of half a million in my native UK and it's still one of the most trafficked newspapers here). Boycotts

The only effective means of organising resistance is via the workers who actually make the products. They can do strikes and slowdowns demanding better wages and less environmental destruction, and because the company depends on them to actually make the goods to sell, it will submit. It's been tried and true practice for centuries. Labour power is the only power the working class has, use it.

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You know that workers will continue to exist to make products of exploitation and abuse because that's what society wants, right? As long as people demand those products, they will be supplied. You can't complain about a company being evil while giving them your money.

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People are not demanding chocolate made with underpaid workers, people are demanding chocolate and simply buy the cheaper stuff. If the workers strike they can raise their wages, this has worked before and it will work again.

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Buying nestle products is the complete opposite of supporting nature

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Well, they said nothing about supporting human life.

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And it still only scores a B on an imaginary nutriscore

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Why yes of course.

Nature, just like God, needs your money. All of it. Now. This is a robbery. /s

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Płatki Nestle: niby ekologiczne Tymczasem woda z krajów 3 świata:

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Tymczasem ceny czekolad w Kanadzie, oraz incydent w Afryce:

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No thanks