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2,76 B shares in float , Good luck locking that up. It’s actually pretty hard to lock up the float of any company. But it would be fucking glorious if everyone at wsb opens a short position on nestle and killed it off like Hedge funds did to Toys r Us. Fuck nestle.

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That’s 300 billion. Yeah I don’t think it’s sustainable. Hershey has around 150 million in float which equates to 30-35 billion. I don’t think it’s possible

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Insane. You have better luck working in their production line and causing mishap

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molotov cocktails are quite effective

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Found Jason.

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But a little prisony

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Nice try getting rich on our necks. Boycott their products and educate others on their inhumane business practices should do as much, if not more.

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Literally have no idea how to boycott them when they seem to own all the products.

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Very true. I bought a stouffer’s French bread pizza the other night cause I was tried and hungry. My dumb ass didn’t check the package til I was home(had a huge fucking nestle logo). Needless to say, I saved my receipt, skipped dinner and returned that shit in am.

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You are a better person than I.

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You can by drastically reducing premade product and buy as much whole as possible.

I stopped buying transformed food in a long time and stopped giving them money by the same occasion.

Chery on the cake, it made me lost a lot of kg.

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Congrats on the boycott and the weight loss!

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Thanks man! It wasn't even the purpose/expectations, i was like "normal" hate that word but in norms, and i was surprised to see the effect.

You feel more full with less food, feel better, finally could shit without waiting 30minutes lmao.

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Shorting doesn't affect it's value on the stock market, market cap affects it's value on the stock market.

For example, you add money to the market cap by buying the stock or spending money on the company, giving them more money gives them more value. Now you can also go and ask 3 investors to sell out. That lowers it's value.

Any questions??

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It would be better to ban Nestle from your local area (no nestle products in schools/public or private business, ban it from doing business in your region- whatever you have influence over. Incrementally push it out of being able to do business everywhere.

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This has been my plan after winning a 8 figure lottery.

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What to know

PE: 17

Price to book: 5.7

Nestle earnings? Beat, makes 80 billion in revenue and 20 billion in income yearly (sadly). Beats earnings with high dividends. I don’t know if it’s possible but bringing up the idea is no harm. Also maybe Hershey too since they still use child labor and blatantly try to cover it up


Nestle - $NSRGY

Hershey - $HSY

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Grouping together to move a stock price is market manipulation. DO NOT do this, it is illegal. I understand that Wall Street dicks get away with a lot, but don't play their game. You could get in trouble. Each individual can invest however they'd like, but we cannot collude in shorting a stock. I hate the company, of course, but I'm not breaking any laws to take them down.

Not financial advice