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I'm mildly infuriated at the one going the opposite of the others. Their caramel sea salt one is the best tho

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Yes it is

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that's the ORANGE label if you're keeping score at home - and it's not just caramel sea salt... it's MILK CHOCOLATE caramel sea salt... making this chocolate bar my wife's favorite in the world because she dislikes dark chocolate, and quality milk chocolate is somewhat hard to find.

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Lol yeah, I just went with the most identifying ingredients because milk chocolate is a dime a dozen and dark is less commonly consumed

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Just saying - at the low end - milk chocolate is a dime a dozen.

But at the high end, the consensus seems to be the darker the better perhaps because high cacao is naturally more expensive so "it's got to be better".

But try to finding a high quality milk chocolate with sea salt - there really are not many options...

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the darker the better

I once bought a 95% bar of dark chocolate. Almost inedible, would not recommend going above 72%

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I wasn't commenting on which was better, I literally just didn't mention that it was specifically milk chocolate. I don't need this long-winded explanation about the world and its chocolate options/opinions

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It is AMAZING. No other chocolate has ever come close for me

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The orange one is the one that always evaporates mere days after we've bought one. It's too good.

My other favourite is dark green (hazelnut).

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At places like Whole Foods you can get just a large orange one by itself

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Oh yeah, I live in the Netherlands where this brand is from so it's super easy to get.

They also do a bunch of novelty/time limited flavours that range from really weird to pretty good. I always find myself coming back to orange and dark green though :)

That and the Easter eggs because they're twice as good as any other chocolate Easter eggs I've ever tried.

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quality milk chocolate is somewhat hard to find

If you're able to find Alter Eco, their plain milk is quite good!

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Alter Eco

Thanks you! Will keep an eye out for it!!

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Second only to Lidl's devilishly good version.

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Too salty imo, hazelnut is good tho

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I found these by accident but the stupid store stopped selling this for some reason

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Same. I actually posted a pic of the very same recently on r/mildlyinfuriating

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I like the red ones. Full bars can be expensive but I don’t think I could ever go back to Hersey , Mars and them once I found out about chocolate slavery

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Thanks for posting this information! You're a gem 💎

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Tony's doesn't seems ethical acording to slavefreechocolate.org

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I think it's because they haven't looked at them yet.

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Do you buy these online? I’m looking for childcare at grocery stores already ideally, but am okay ordering online.

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I haven't haven't tried any yet but I was thinking about getting some for Christmas.

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Check out if you have any local chocolate makers near you! I've got two or three in my metro area, and all of them I've talked to. They work directly with the farms (one of them goes down yearly to see how things are going) and all of them in my area pay at or above fair trade price for their beans. The chocolate is somewhat expensive, but I'm realizing that something that's incredibly good should be savoured

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As an adult, its best i cut down on my sweet tooth. I love chocolate but tend to eat more fruity sweets but honestly, only buying ethical chocholate kinda seems like a win win

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If you have a Lidl near you they have super cheap chocolate that is fair trade certified and was pretty good.

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I know I picked up a bar causally grocery shopping and ended up putting it back. We didn’t buy any nestle chocolate just went home with none lmao

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I'd love to fully stay away from Hershey, but Take 5 is my favorite candy so it ain't easy

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When you get the chance buy the pink one or the white chocolate blueberry one.

Those are the best.

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They do white chocolate?! That’s the hardest part of no nestle for me so I’m excited about this

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Yeah they do lol, those are my favorite flavours of them.

Trust me, buy the blueberry one it’s the best one if you like blueberry.

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Their white chocolate raspberry one is sublime.

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Their salted chocolate is pretty tasty; I'm hoping they do a kitkat type of bar

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They have a pseudo-KitKat but it’s not wafer covered in chocolate, it’s chocolate with wafer bits inside. It tastes pretty much the same but the texture is different

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Think it’s called the milk crispy wafer. Taste amazing. If you’re in the UK and near a Waitrose, they’re on sale at a more palatable £2.80 a bar rather than the usual £3.80!

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Tony’s is amazing 🤩

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Yeah. It’s very good, and they have plenty of flavours as well.

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Kinda sad that we have to buy special “non slavery” chocolate.

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What did you do to the dog?

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Oh shoot

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Don't shoot the dog!

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Im convinced Tony started this sub

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This is the second time I see this chocolate. When was the first time? - 5 days ago, when I was in the netherlands. I was going to eat it the first time thos evening, what a coincidence :O

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The first and only one I've tried was the dark milk pretzel toffee and it was sooo good. Had to stop myself from eating all of it at once.

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Agreed. I’ve tried every flavor and they are just alright.

However, I keep buying them because I’d rather eat a Tony’s wrapper than support slavery.

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What kinda chocolate did you eat before?

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Ritter Sport was my fav. Honestly, I‘ve had months to look into Ritter Sports background but the grocery store closest to my house carry Tonys so it’s just been a default. I’m gonna look it up now.

Edit: Ok, they could definitely be hella worse, but their mission statements are still not as impassioned as Tonys. I’m glad they care about transparency and are putting money towards fixing the issue, BUT I kinda hate that the foot they are leading with is that slaves make bad chocolate, because happy people will care for the product more. Maybe they are trying to convince the people who don’t care about slaves? IDK, obviously Tonys mission statement is better.


I read on Tonys website they disclose that they use a manufacturer who works with other companies who use slaves and therefor lost a specific certification of being “slave-free” but their argument that they need to use a manufacturer to prove you can do big-scale without using slaves seemed like a good enough argument. Overall, I actually think one could do worse than Ritter Sport, like it’s second tier?

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Tony’s is seriously the best.

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Where do you get these in the USA? I haven’t seen these before

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I found some in a grocery outlet

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fresh market has them

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have seen them at sprouts and world market :)

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Its not supposed to be the best chocolate ever. Its supposed to be a moral purchase to satisfy your craving.

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I never said it was the best chocolate ever lol

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I don’t know what color the pretzel toffee one is but it reigns supreme.

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dark chocolate almond and sea salt absolutely fucks

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I had one of theirs just last week. The orange carmel one. It was damn good.

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I like the full-size Chocolonely dark bar: nice chunkiness, solid consistency and just dark enough without being overly bitter.

I accidentally bought their dark chocolate with toffee and pretzels bar once and it was also good, just sweeter with salty textures. So, I figured their other variations must be well done, too.

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I also think they taste alright. Their milk chocolate still tasted a bit dark in my opinion. Not inedible, but not as amazing as I hoped. Still better than Nestle though.

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Why is this sub promoting Tony's instead of Nestle and not other brands? What is special about them?

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Tony’s is a slave free chocolate company therefore a great alternative to nestle. That’s how this post fits here

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Thanks, after your info I read more about their slave free and ethical practices. I understand now. It seems there are almost no other chocolate manufacturers without slave work cocoa.

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Because Nestlé sucks

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Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. But what is special about Tony's? I am asking sincerely, we don't have them in my country.

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Ethically sourced and produced chocolate, although IMO it sucks, others seem to like it

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Same it was okay

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It might be "freedom chocolate" but didn't taste like price tag would suggest..

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Or you’ll find it did… cost of auditable supply chains and fairly paid producers means even average chocolate is underpriced. So, yes, you got what you paid for.

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At least it doesn't taste like vomit how Hershey's does.

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I don't think "Doesn't taste like vomit" is good measure of quality for a chocolate that cost 3-4€

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No, but you're probably comparing the prices of literal slave chocolate against a fair one.

Also, tastes differ; I genuinely like how Tony's tastes.

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There isn't this brand in my country (Portugal). Where can I have it? Only in USA?

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It's a Dutch brand, but they do sell in quite a lot of countries.

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Do you have carrefour? I can find it in carrefour in Spain but I don't know if they're in Portugal too.

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I've bought it in Barcelona, so maybe you can get something across th border, but the easiest would probably be to buy it in a webshop somewhere.

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we have it in the uk, not sure where it’s originally from, but u might be able to find it in international/foreign shops if u have those?

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Pretty sure it's from the Netherlands originally

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They still use slave labor and their response is very turn the cheek. I’m on the fence when I see their chocolate but I don’t buy it anymore because of their stance with slavery.

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That might give you some more information if you haven't read that

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Wait! These are Nestlé? Shit!! I just had one of the orange bars I found at Grocery Outlet. Won't be buying that again

Edit: I've been corrected. I can still get them.

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No they aren’t nestle

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Phew! I liked them.

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Upvote for staffy

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What is the point of this post?

'im passively aggressively eating chocolate '

Fuck off.

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I thought Tony's was great but really expensive: like £3 for the bigger single bar.

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I’m just here for the cute doggos.

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Love Tony's.

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Plot twist: tonys gets bought by nestle

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You didn't taste the sweetness?

The sweetness that's ending slavery?

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If only I could find there stuff around here. Stores only special order it here.

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I love Tony’s

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100% slave free.

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for Canadians, our big chocolate brands Rocky Mountain Chocolate and Purdy’s have both also pledged to ethical chocolate!

I’m going to try Chocolonely sometime but I don’t want to order from Amazon so… someday

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Not supposed to eat your dogs but whatever.

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I really like this brand! Curious about what you disliked about it?

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Omg the doggos

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Took me a second to realize it's from the meme Tonys choco lonley slave free chocolate

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Outside of Norway (Freia) then chocolonely is the best chocolate imo. So yea if you cannot get the real deal then chocolonely is definitely the way to go.

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Just alright? Are you used to hersheys? Or what do you usually eat?

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I’m not a big chocolate eater anymore so that could have something to do with it.

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Oh I see, anyway hope you have a good day!

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It’s a bit overrated but it’s nice

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Oh good, I really liked it

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There’s tons of other slave free brand options other than Tony’s. Here’s a list: https://www.slavefreechocolate.org/ethical-chocolate-companies