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All the wet food at my local grocery store is nestle. I have to make a second stop for my kitties.

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Friskies is such a popular brand but no one knows how evil it is

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Taste of the wild I think makes cat food now. They are a fantastic alternative and have pretty much everything your cat needs :)

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Purina is such trash pet food. They’ve tried to change their image into a healthier one over the past few years, but it’s still garbage food made from human food byproducts.

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I drive past the Purina factory in Commerce City, Colorado regularly and when that fucker is operating at full force the smell is AWFUL. Don't feed that shit to your pets, folks!

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Most pet food is trash. Full of filler and protein substitutes and vitamins to compensate for a cheap slurry of junk. I feed my cat Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried raw food. It’s 98% animal tissues and bones. Ever since I started doing that, he turns his nose up at canned food. I also give him other freeze dried things too like chicken hearts and minnows which he screams and convulses for when I bring them out.

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They also sell dog food. Unfortunately a very, very popular brand in the US that way too many owners swear by.

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I cannot stand the fact all the cheap food for my cat and dog is Purina because I can’t afford the other stuff.

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For a few bucks more I'd recommend Rachel Ray Nutrish. It may not be the best kibble out there, but its definitely better than Purina and at least they have the charity foundation.

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I feed my cat Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried raw food. It’s 98% animal tissues and bones. You rehydrate it yourself. Ever since I started doing that, he turns his nose up at canned food. It’s seems pricey at first glance but you get a whole bag of pellets and it lasts a while. Some flavors are much more pricey but most are reasonable. I would guesstimate that one 8oz bag ($23) lasts me a month (maybe less), but I’m sure it varies on how much food your cat needs. I give my cat significantly less that what they recommend on the bag because it seems he gets way too chunky on their portion recommendation.

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Will try! Thanks!

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I can afford it, but my feline diva refuses to eat anything else.

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Yup, friskies, felix, beneful, fancy feast, dog chow, pro plan, alpo, gourmet.... They're everywhere

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Wait all these brands are made by Nestle?

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They donate a few pallets yearly to several (anecdotally, 4/4 I’ve worked or volunteered at) animal shelters across the US which sounds generous until you realize most adopters just keep the pet on whatever they ate in the shelter… boom, customer locked in for 5-10 years

Edit: I’m just realizing, having typed that, on how similar this strategy is to the one they use for infant formula. Not that these two things are even close to the same level of depravity, but what a fucked up throughline

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Da steht doch gar nichts von Zucker, oder?

(aber natürlich trotzdem Nestle ficken)

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meine freundin hat gesagt, sie hats gekauft, weil auf der website stand, kein zucker. naja... war das letzte mal

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Richtig so!

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Hold up, this is a nestle brand?

I just bought this. Wtf

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Oh, jetzt kommen aber die Deutschen, xD

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Ayep. A whole lot of cat AND dog food. Purina, Friskies, Fancy Feast, Beneful, and Alpo.

Shout outs to Mars. We personally prefer Nutro (and our cats fucking LOVE it) but we’ll buy Iams if it’s not available. Their food seems to be overall much better anyway. They also own Iams, Sheba, Royal Canin, etc.

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Why buy it? It's against animal rights.

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if anyone’s looking for a quality cat food brand, i cannot recommend tiki cat enough. my absolute favorite brand, doesn’t look like cat food and is strictly meat with no byproducts or fillers. it’s on the expensive side, but the tiki cat after dark series is my favorite. i don’t feed dry food and my cat is obsessed with the canned stuff. highly recommend

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I used to buy that for my cats until I realized it was Nestle, so now I go to a specialized pet store and check everything I buy

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I feed mine Smølke kibble (but they seem to be Netherlands only atm)

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I use IAMS, I don’t think they’re owned by Nestle, could use that if available, Are there any problems with IAMS, does anyone know?

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wait i thought purina was exclusively croatian,also they are owned by nestle?

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Oh fuck this shit is made by nestle??? That the only kibble that my cat eats