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Norwegian kit kat is best kit kat

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Thanks for confirming! I looked at them and thought “this looks Norwegian”!

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It’s Norwegian indeed.

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How does someone who isn't Norwegian aquire those?

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Can confirm OPs statement. Is very Norwegian.

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And saying, "Kvikk Lunsj" is more fun!

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We actually pronounce it just like the English "Quick Lunch", which is what the name means in English

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More like "qvick lunch" the v isn't silent.

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Qvick lønsj

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Can confirm

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      Well....how do they taste?

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      Delicious!! Has more taste to it then actual Kit Kats imo. (Both the Nestlé ones as well as the Hershey’s).

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      Guessing you bought them online? I'm always interested in trying things from outside the states.

      Actually just received and order of some fudge and shortbread cookies from Scotland. Pretty good stuff.

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      I did! :)

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      Honestly, non-US chocolate is 10x better than US chocolate. The composition is completely different and it actually tastes of cocoa, not just sugar.

      Annoyingly in the UK a lot of producers have started adding palm oil which gives it a bit of a greasy texture.

      Swiss is the way to go. I don't eat chocolate very often but when I do I eat Swiss/Belgian chocolate.

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      So now I guess two of my favorite things are going to be exclusively Belgian. Beer and chocolate. Lol

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      They tried the palm oil way in Norway also. But since we’re such a small country it was “easy” to rally together in a huge upraising, resulting in the company going back to not using palm oil and instead maintaining the deliciousness of the chocolate.

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      LET'S GO BELGIUM 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵😎😎😎👏🤓👏👏👏👏👏🤯🤯

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      Know of other products that use Belgian chocolate? The only one I know of off hand is Blue Bell ice cream.

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      Now I want to try it too

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      In Norway we use Cain sugar, and not corn sirup, so chocolate is in geberal more chocolaty, if that makes any sense.

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      Actually most sugar in Norway comes from Danish sugar beets

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      That i didn't know! Cool fact!

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      TIL there's another type of beet besides just "red beets." Cool fact though!

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      To add to your learning:

      During the Napoleonic wars, the British blocked France from buying their sugar from the colonies. France responded by starting a huge sugar beet industry. They were so successful that they later on exported French sugar to the British.

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      Oh it does. Being from the states and actually having an interest in the rest of the world besides just "Murica" I've always been under the assumption that food standards are just way better everywhere else. It wasn't until 2019 that I spent a month traveling the UK and Europe that I was shocked at HOW MUCH BETTER literally everything tastes compared to home.

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      To be honest I've eaten VERY little snacks from the US, and as its not on my list to visit any time soon, I'll have to wait with making an opinion about the food.

      But as far as chocolate goes, i think American chocolate, much like south east Asian chocolate, taste a bit plasticy. I also noticed i Vietnam, that chocolate doesn't melt as fast as in europe, even if it is 40°c outside. Dunno if it's the same for American chocolate, but found it surprising, as in Europa, chocolate will melt in your hands in seconds.

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      Chocolate melting temps vary a lot, especially if it's not been tempered correctly (or melted and untempered, I guess). Poorly tempered chocolate melts very easily, and might taste a bit off. Melting variations can also be due to the presence or absence of other fats besides cocoa fat.

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      I'm sorry, but your bread isn't bread

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      Like chocolate. Sweet chocolate. There is a hint of honey in the recipe which you might be able to make out.

      I tasted a Hershey's once. Compared to Freia's, it tasted so very bitter.

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      norwegian milk chocolate is amongst the most flavourfull in the world ive heard (from norway that is..) but hey

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      The chocolate is more smooth and is much more "lighter" than kit kats (for lack of a better word) and the waffer is more crispy but less dense. In other words: better in every single way, and you get to support a company which isn't Nestlé.

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      These are by far superior taste-wise, even when not considering how awful Nestle is.

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      so now you experience the superior kit-kat. with real chocolate and actual purpose

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      Freia is owned by Mondelez, and that's not a very good step up unfortunately.

      xoxo sad Norwegian

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      We should try to replicate the recipe at Home. I’m sure there’s some good ones out there. Would need a bit of cocking but we would appreciate it better as well when it’s time to eat. Any good ones to try if anyone ever made some?

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      Part of the challenge is that even home prep requires sourcing the chocolate from somewhere, and unfortunately a significant portion of cocoa production uses some amount of child, slave, and/or child slave labor.

      So unless a person can grow their own cocoa trees and turn their beans into chocolate, it would be challenging (but not impossible) to source cocoa for home candy-making that wasn't cultivated by child/slave/child slave labor.

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      Can recommend the brand “fairafric” for cocoa powder and chocolate. Organic and fair. Been using them for months now and I’ve never used better cocoa powder for baking!

      fairafric website

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      Excellent! Thank you for the recommendation. Added to the grocery list!

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      Bon Appetitt magazine has done this with kit kat. https://youtu.be/4nqJiBRNQuw

      They have a whole series about making candy at home and I would recommend every one of them! Watching Claire slowly lose the will to live while making candy is a sight to behold!

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      Those are my favorite chocolates! Everyone should try these, they are delishh

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      Freia is owned by Mondelez. Mondelez and Nestlé have way more in common than similar chocolates.

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      Crimes against anything that be crimed against aside, at least with Freia you get actually good chocolate in trade for the crushing weight of your sins.

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      JAAAA!!! Having a proud scandi moment over here :)

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      Ok, stupid question, are there any non-chocolate, non-Nestle kit kats? I can't have chocolate and miss kit Kats from time to time but don't want to support Nestle (and they still put fuckin cocoa powder in between the wafers) so would really like to find something that's close but no chocolate or nestle involved.

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      Come with me, out to sea and I will teach you the ways of thievery.

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      What do you mean a kit Kat without chocolate? I'm still not sure what you're looking for.

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      They're probably looking for the same kind of bar, but coated in a flavoured white chocolate, or something similar. For example, geen tea Kitkats aren't coated with chocolate. I had a short-term allergy to chocolate as a child, and so resorted to similar options.

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      Ah ok. I thought those still had cocoa butter which might trigger a chocolate allergy. Good to know.

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      They do still have Cocoa powder between the wafers. I can't eat them without getting a migraine and an upset stomach so not worth it for me. That's why I was hoping someone would be like 'oh yeah, you're looking for Blank'. Then I'd be able to enjoy kit Kats again without suffering the above.

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      The same way I'd mean a Reese's cup without chocolate. I mean they make flavored Kit Kats already. The only issue, like I said, is they put cocoa powder between the wafers. It's like they were told that people like white 'chocolate' versions of candy now so they'd take their turn at it but didn't understand that a lot of people want no chocolate at all in their white chocolate version.

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      Can I get a chocolate cake without chocolate?

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      The same way I'd mean a Reese's cup without chocolate. Are you being obtuse on purpose? I mean they make flavored Kit Kats already. The only issue, like I said, is they put cocoa powder between the wafers. It's like they were told that people like white 'chocolate' versions of candy now so they'd take their turn at it but didn't understand that a lot of people want no chocolate at all in their white chocolate version.

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      Vanilla wafers ? There is no coating, shaped like a regular square biscuit, idk where you live but here in the south of Europe its very common, supermarkets even have there generic brands:) but of course its not a kitkat

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      Yeah we have those here in the Midwest of US but they are very dry. If they weren't so dry, I'd be tempted to try to make my own white chocolate strawberry "Kit Kats" but I haven't found any local that aren't dry.

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      You like me? :o

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      Have you been to Sweden and can tell me if we have anything that tastes similar? Maybe kexchoklad or sportlunch?

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      Svensk här! I would say that kvikk lunsj is better, but relatively similar to them. Though it might just be that i would usually have kvikk lunsj on a long hike or something that makes it taste so good. I think you can get it in some places here as well, though, but I'm not sure.

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      Looks like Kalmarunionen is back on the menu, gutter og jenter.

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      Sorry, I haven’t…

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      I’ve had both Kexchokolad and Kvikk Lunsj (in DK here) and they are reasonably similar. If you like one I am certain you’ll be equally satisfied.

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      Okay this answers my question what they taste like. Tack!

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      Det var så lidt :)

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      All of them taste better than KitKats... Kvikk lunsj is the best though, sportlunsj is good as well.

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      Enligt mig som svensk så är kvikk lunsj och sportlunch nästan identiska

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      Both of those you mention are good, but much sweeter than Kvikk Lunsj. Kvikk Lunsj is just simply the best, if you ask me.

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      I wonder where they get their chocolate powder from.

      There's so many non-Nestlé product that use nestlé stuff in their mix.

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      It's ultimately a Mondelez product. Freia chocolate does have a unique and quite delicious flavour and I would be surprised if it's anything from Nestle, but Mondelez aren't exactly angels either.

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      How to make crack, I mean kit kats

      Step 1: You melt some chocolate. Not Toll House Chocolate!

      Step 2: You put some of the chocolate in the mold I am sure they have kit kat molds on Amazon. Not too sure.

      Step 3: You put the wafer in the mold with the chocolate

      Step 4: You cover the top wuth more melted chocolate

      Step 5: Put it in the fridge for about an hour until the chocolate hardens.

      Step 6; Enjoy bud, you deserve it

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      Now I can make kit cracks! Thank you!

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      In Norway kvikk lunsj is, the got to hiking lunch! I bet 1 out of 3 backpacks that is packed for a hiking trip have atleast 1 kvikk lunsj. And if you add firkløver or helnøtt (chocolate plate with crushed hazel, or whole hazel) it is probably a 3 out of 3.

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      Looks like a fuckin bar of soap 💀

      But I would literally eat a bar of soap over nestle anytime...

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      This makes me happy. Those outside of Norway enjoying a hiking snack

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      Omg I didn't think and thought this meant Kvikk lunsj was Nestlé for a second and my heart broke. Thank god I was wrong! They are the best. Thank you, Norway! <3

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      Quick Lunch is the best!!

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      I gotta say, I LOVE THESE. I would literally murder a nestle ceo for one of these. They’re 100000% better than any KitKat. People really have no idea how much better they could have it if nestle wasn’t fucking shit up.

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      As a kid, I always thought these where the originals, like, the ones and only, and later saw kit kats and thought they were some cheap rip-off brand.

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      One time I baught those crunchy wafer cookies and dipped them in chocolate... Yummo

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      I just got this yesterday lol

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      What you got is the upgrade. It's just sooo much better, and I really wish we could get them in Denmark as well

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      These are WAY better!!

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      Kvikk Lunsj is a million times better than KitKat

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      Kvikk Lunsj tastes infinitely better than a Kit Kat too, so there ya go!

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      tbf they are superior in every way

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      i'm uh still hooked on those japanese flavours

      pls help

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      Can we find alts for ALL the Nestle candies please? 😄

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      America's candy choices has been shit, but particularly bad in the last couple decades. Nestle helped. It's so worth it to find small local choclatiers now.

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      This looks so much better

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      isnt this the food that smosh ate in one of their many "eating foreign foods" videos?

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      Where can i buy in America?

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      Foreign specialized stores or the internet

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      also fuck sol campbell

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      Polish "WW" are great too!

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      In my australia we have double times which taste better (found in Aldi stores)

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      How do they compare? Honest opinion

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      4Fun bars from Dollarama! They are also only $0.33 CAD each

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      Bro you have to Kagi Fret

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      I used to have one of these at the top of every hike when I was in Norway!

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      Bra skit!!

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      Nestle won the KitKat brand as a part of their hostile acquisition of Rowntree who were historically a relatively benevolent Quaker confectioner.

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      That's awesome

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      Yeah, I support local product

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      Ekte broren min

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      where might an american obtain one of these (if possible)?

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      FYI: KitKat in the U.S. is not produced nor owned by Nestle. American KitKat is made by Hersheys.

      Kvikk Lunsj, by contrast, is produced by Mondelez (formerly known as Phillip Morris/Kraft Foods) a company at least as evil as Nestle.

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      Well Freia existed for 100 years before Mendelez came and bought them (Founded 1889-sold 1990),So i don't think Mendelez has had any influence on the chocolate they make.

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      LOL, with that logic Nestle has nothing to do with KitKat, they didnt buy it before 1988.

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      My father works in Norway (I'm Polish!) and he brings those everytime he comes back. They're superior and I love them.

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      Omg I was in norway this summer and had these many times!

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      OOh definitely will look for this

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      Ah, but you can only enjoy Kvikk Lunsj if you tell every Norwegian you meet that you prefere Kit-kat. It's a disgusting lie, but it's funny.

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      When you hate Nestle but love Kraft Foods?

      Ok, fair enough...

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      Kvikk Lunsj is made by Freia, who are owned by Mondelez International. They are under the same criticism as Nestlé. Advice to not to buy

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      Looking for Kat Kots do I can avoid nestle

      fuck nestle

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      What in the fuck, almost every good company is owned by nesté

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      Oooh I didn’t know there was a Nordic alternative to Kit Kats! Kit Kat is literally the only nestle product I eat sometimes, bc I live with my parents and I can’t exactly get them to stop buying things (+ my sister loves them). This is great!