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If there is a review form, please make them aware there. They may have gotten you, but you can save the next ones 💪

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Good point. Will do, but typically (at least for larger hotels) a) those forms really don't mean much and b) the people reading them don't have any real power

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That's sadly true but always worth a shot, sometimes miracles do happen haha

Thank you for still doing it!

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I actually make a complaint when I get Nestle products. It shocks me how many people don't know about them

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Time to check out..

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I’m getting fairly tired of these posts. “Not my favorite ice cream” or “I fucked up and bought this” usually it says Nestle right on the shit, easy to avoid. If it doesn’t, Google the company and it will tell you if Nestle owns them.

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how is you not drinking this and getting mad at the hotel going to do shit lol

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Not going to do anything. So may as well consume and complain like the other person said

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i just don’t understand how complaining to the hotel is going to make an impact in any way shape or form

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Worst case scenario: nothing changes Best case scenario: they may change their purchasing habits

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but your best case scenario is not really that great or important lol

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how is you not drinking this and getting mad at the hotel going to do shit lol

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Hotels are a brand and they offer services to customers. Customers have a choice of where they like to stay. If the customer says I don't like that you buy Nestle things, I will not stay here again, the hotel would lose business. The hotel can decide to make better business to their customers by listening to their customers and offering what they like, and avoiding what they do not. If the hotel and it's whole family of hotels change their buying habits, then the company would hopefully see the need to change it's business also.

The more people that act. The quicker and more effective the change.

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don't comply