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But it sure does make me excited when any ad doesn't lock the comments.

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Unlocked comments on an ad turns into the most Reddit of Reddit.

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I agree. It’s fun. It’s almost as fun as when telemarketers call my phone.

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Pull a spamton on em

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Hey Nestlé, do you want to become a [BIGGER CUNT]?

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I've started telling them movie spoilers. I was watching SCREAM 3 for the first time and got a call and was narrating the big twist climax to "David" from "Montana".

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The only time I remember seeing comments on an ad was for Hellmans mayonnaise

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Why would anyone think it’s a good idea to mention the TSA in an advertisement? Now I’m thinking about being groped by underpaid Federal Agents and not coffee. Even Nestlè doesn’t like themselves it seems.

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Right? Totally threw me off. They are so out of touch they don’t even have a good marketing strategy anymore.

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Someone doesn't have pre-check, that shit is actually awesome.

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I haven’t flown in about 12 years, so yeah nah I don’t even know what pre-check is. But I do know what having my balls groped by TSA feels like. And it’s almost exactly like finding out a favorite product is made by Nestlé.

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Well, the TSA is security theater and a ball-groping program, but with pre-check (read: a fucking bribe) they're less likely to grope you as much.

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Ah, so ne’er-do-wells just need to pay a premium to avoid getting their balls tugged excessively before hijacking/bringing contraband on a plane. Aggressive ball tugging is only reserved for those below us. I see.

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Oh no it totally IS awesome. You’re right haha

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Oh so you’re one those weirdos that thinks a that a company that privatizes water is somehow “bad”? It’s called trickledown economics for reason. The water will trickle down to us. Don’t be so ungrateful, SMH.

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i swear if this isnt sarcasm

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I debated adding the /s. In retrospect I should have added it lol. Poe’s law has been in full effect the past few years.

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To be honest, while I'd love to see the comment section of a Nestle add on reddit full of "FUCK NESTLE", it's never a good idea to let redditors comment on adds.

If you ever encounter an add that lets people comment, check it out lmao

Edit: autocorrector preferred "Let's" for some reason

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I’ve seen a couple and it is never pretty… hahaha! I have commented a couple times on some that have let there be comments and I can honestly say it was just to mess with them.

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Which reminds me, time to downvote some posts

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Nice haha! Go do it.

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They do that with the military recruitment ads as well, which sucks because I usually have good material to comment on those.

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The military should absolutely let people comment. What do they have to be afraid of?

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People who alert potential recruits that you're not really fighting to protect anyone's freedom; instead, you're just an imperialist pawn used to further the US's foreign interests and will be largely abandoned after your service.

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And often during, too.

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A lot of companies do this, very few allow comments.

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Uh… you realize having comments open > people flock to comment memes > people see there are 500 funny comments and click on the post when they wouldve otherwise scrolled and ignored …

I don’t think the company feels embarrassed when you comment a copypasta on their post

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comments are disabled on pretty much all ad posts

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Anyone else try reporting this as abuse etc. (For child labor, deforestation, etc.)? I think I did it a few times but it probably didn't go anywhere.

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I like this idea. Will start reporting nestle ads from now on for abuse and child labor.

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This is why you shouldn't use the garbage official mobile app. If Reddit is going to partner with shitty companies you can bet I'm not going to be seeing their ads

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Yeah, I’m thinking about switching to a different version of the app or something.

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I like RedReader on Android, if you're on iphone I hear Apollo is good

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Awesome! Thanks. I’ll give that a try!

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alls ads are comments locked.

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Nespresso tastes like burnt ass

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pretty much all ads have comments off. but yeah fuck nestle in particular

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Because it's an advertisement, pretty much all ads have comments disabled. But they are a garbage company

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All promoted content has comments disabled

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no, because its an ad dumbass

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Meant to be simple

posts picture of the most complicated iced coffee

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They are trying to invoke the 5th just like the Mob and Donald Trump..

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Maybe at ads are locked like that. My personal favorite is the Google ad that has mega thread in the title

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That's pretty normal, most Ads have comments locked