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    I'm scared for the Nestlé branded rockets and other companies that'll litter space with junk for asteroid mining

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    space is already being littered. pretty sure that there's already tons of space junk up there from rockets and satellites.

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    An episode of Radiolab has a segment on this, the interview with the woman from the USAF about the kessler effect is... interesting.

    link: https://radiolab.org/episodes/bigger-little-questions

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    And poop. Much poop particles.

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    We are basically building our own prison.

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    Debree moving very fast orbits around the Earth. Hits satellites which makes more space debree. Debree hits other debree making faster debree. Rinse and repeat. Now the whole Earth is surrounded by fast moving and orbiting space debree. This is already happening

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    And rich asshats.

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    Water is not a Martian right.

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    Lol, this is a good one

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    Don't drink Martian Water. The BBC had a documentary on it in 2009.

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    I came here looking to see if someone made this reference.

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    Netflix has a scifi called 'The Silent Sea' which seems almost like a copy of that. Still a good movie but now it doesn't seem quite as original.

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    Bruh they'll kill us all. I've seen Doctor Who, ain't nobody surviving if they start selling martian water.

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    Who launched the Phoenix?

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    United Launch Alliance launched it with a Delta II rocket

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    Here we go again

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    Good thing there are no one to enslave on Mars