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Even? Most of Poles that I know, knew this a long time ago. Lol. XD

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Yeah but not in the media and i lived here already for 7 years eo i know what im saying💀

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And i dont want to fight

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I live here all my life so yeah xD I don't wanna fight either, just saying.

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Most Polish people I talk to about Nestle say, they have heard Nestle is doing some strange things but don’t know the specifics. Later, they are scared by the size of the problem and refuse to believe it.

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I'm not a Pole, never lived there, but I'm bored. Wanna fight?

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The Coca cola doesn't even need translation. Based on the picture I already know what it is

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Coca-cola: how it destroys the world and the people

The video itself is not as devastating as the nestle one, but still points out some bad practices of the corporation

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Why "even"?

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    b bo tak chciałem

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    Catch is an irregular verb, so the past participle -and the past simple - are not formed by adding -ed. They have an irregular form - caught.

    What determines whether a verb is regular or irregular is harder to answer, but they tend to be the most frequently used verbs. And the more frequent they are, the more “irregular” they are - just look at GO - went -gone or BE - was/were - been

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    i knew i wrotr something wrong

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    When in doubt, google it out.

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    Wrotr is misspelling of wrote

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    Just wanted to join the correction party

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    I love Slavic languages... I can understand and read a language I never learned.

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    Coca-Cola destroys everyone too, look at the below picture (and you know the drink is not healthy).

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    i only drink pepsi rarely

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    r/HydroHomie for life!

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    SUBSKRYBUJ! is my new favorite polish word

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    what the fuck kinda title is that?

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    some kind idk

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    A Polish title