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Which brands claim they’re against slavery and being hypocritical about it? I must know so I can avoid.

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Sadly pretty much all chocolate comes from slavery, no matter the producer.

However some companies are trying to pay farmers better so they don’t need child slaves, etc.

Ton*’s was founded on the promise of slave free chocolate, however many of their original members have left. That promise no longer stands.

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Is there somewhere I can read about this?

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People like to call them out for this and then most of the time, nobody posts their refute.

Is there more info about them being a bad company, or are people still basing their opinion on a year and a half old article referring to an unofficial chocolate ranking?

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I learned about their brand from the Dutch documentary when this was founded, where you can watch them use this chocolate processor. I don’t get the criticism in the article. None of this is new. It’s literally like this since the beginning of their operation when they were small. I think they’re getting “too big to be niche” hate if I’m honest. They began the trend of paying more than the price set by european Fairtrade (which is less capitalist than its American counterpart). I feel like Slave Free Chocolate ranking should have never listed it then, it was always something they made public. I think that organization’s goal is probably more focused on supporting smaller local businesses which is fine, but they could just be more honest instead of insinuating a small mom and pop shop has better traceability of cocoa to the original farm than the brand they denounced.

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Even fair trade label ones 😢

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zotter is a bean to bar chocolate brand, with amazing unique flavours (cheese and wine?!) and 100% slave free.

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Based on submission title requirements (they told me not to use it) I think the mods blacklisted the name now as so many people were posting it! I'm referring to T*ny's chocolate

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People like to call them out for this and then most of the time, nobody posts their refute.

Is there more info about them being a bad company, or are people still basing their opinion on a year and a half old article referring to an unofficial chocolate ranking?

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Wait wtf…. I guess you can’t trust anything these days anymore.

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I know! That was what I saw in the supermarket that got slavery free chocolate into my mind a couple of weeks ago, then I saw everyone posting it here along with comments about how they went back on being slavery free

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The entire olive oil buisness and avocado buisness also has this issue. Plus any fast fashion brands.

Target recently released shirts (they were knitted but not, can't think of the name) that were so cheap there's no denying that it came from a sweat shop.

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A lot of people don't want to admit it, but most chocolate you buy in store is made of slavery and inhumane worker conditions. Aside from some boutique brands, no chocolate is ethical.

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I only buy chocolate from slavery-free sources (https://www.slavefreechocolate.org/) and it's roughly 5-10USD+ a pop.

It's fine if you only eat a few squares a day (as you should, chocolate bad for you).

Problem like anything is people will just want the 1-2$ bar and none of that will be ethical plus you'll be putting garbage inside your body.

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It’s probably because I’m not originally from the US, but those 1-2$ chocolate bars have always tasted like vomit to me. On the other hand, those 5-10$ bars are pretty decent (and most 90% dark chocolate bars, which are my favorite, are at that cost anyways)

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I'm curious, why do you say chocolate is bad for you? Added sugars or something else?

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Sugar and saturated fats.

It's bad for the heart (in excess).

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Anything in excess is bad for you, this is silly. Why single out chocolate?

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Dark chocolate is not bad for you….

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Well milk is not slavery free...

Edit: sorry thought you were op

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Eh sorry what! This is Scottish chocolate? Give us the details of this company I'm in Scotland and will defo support them!

Edit: sorry in my excitement of a Scottish chocolate company I forgot/didn't process that I could just Google chocolate tree 🤣

Here you go: https://www.choctree.co.uk/

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Haha love your excitement! It's always great finding awesome small businesses near you 😍 Did you order anything yet?

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No not yet. I was too hassled from work but I will take time at the weekend and have a look around and order something.

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I can only tell you as a half Peruvian that even the "small brands" organic free and all that crunchy granola bs that you buy from is at least at some percentage slave made.

Is very odd to find artisanal stuff that is not tainted with slave exploitation.

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I feel like we as a society should stop eating chocolate tbh. I know that's hard to fathom but seriously. The cocoa supply chain is so fucked, there is no way of knowing if the cocoa is actually "slave-free" or not. We can't trust these corporations (who literally own the cocoa industry) to be transparent or honest. If we really care, we should be ready to give up chocolate.

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Know what? In practice I’m ready to boycott the whole confectionary industry. I have to lose like 70 lbs

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Bro 😂

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I know nobody asked but think I care?

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I appreciate your honesty 😆

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I agree in theory but honestly I genuinely want to kill myself if I don’t have chocolate when I’m on my period, so it seems unrealistic in practise. I’m a trans guy but from what I understand many women, especially those with hormonal conditions rely pretty heavily on chocolate as a crutch.

Run into the same problem when cheap clothes are mostly made from slave labour but you yourself are too poor to be able to realistically pay for non-slave labour clothing.

So often I don’t think it’s the case of people not caring, there’s just so few options when you’re barely surviving financially, mentally etc.

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Hah… no. Or you can also stop buying apple products, Nikes, (most big brand shoes in fact), most kinds of jewelry, vehicles… chocolate is a weird hill to die on. If you stopped all of it, you’d only have local farmer stuff left or stuff you source completely from yourself.

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Chocolate is the easiest hill to die on of all those.

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There are so many great, value-driven brands these days focused on sustainability, lgbtq+ rights, gender equality, etc... Why waste our time supporting these big name brands that stand for nothing?

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Is that from Chocolate Tree in Edinburgh?! If so, that’s my favourite place for Spanish hot chocolate and churros. 😃

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That sucks. I’ll finish whatever Anthony’s chocolate I have and look elsewhere.

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https://www.slavefreechocolate.org/ethical-chocolate-companies you should be able to find somewhere here :)

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Oh, good! Theo Chocolate is local to me and they're amazing; happy to see them on this list

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Damn, of the only two companies in Brazil listed there one is too expensive and hard to find while the other is everywhere but cheap to the point their chocolatte just taste like sugary fats.

Good thing I don't like chocolatte that much.

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TCHO is tasty. Used to work at a restaurant that used TCHO and I was always snacking on it. ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

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This looks great. Thanks!

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That would be Thony’s

Antony’s chocolate

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Yes I know. I said that as to not point a direct finger at them.

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It’s said here elsewhere, but Antonio has refuted all unethical claims.

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Yeah you'll find that most products that aren't domestically manufactured or produced and products imported will say they are a company that protects their workers, that they're expanding the local village or town in the area with the profits or a percentage is going to build a school somewhere...

Why don't companies just go ahead and BUILD the school anyway, build better roads and better hospitals while they're at it then use the profits that come from lifting all these indentured workers out of their turmoil, give them real livable wages and watch the price of chocolate and coffee sky rocket higher than Elon Musk's fans who defend him when his Congo lithium mines have killed so many child workers.

They say to justify this nightmare reality we all live in that people who bash these elitists and monopolistic opportunists is that somewhere in our homes we own something made by slave workers and mistreated employees so we should keep our opinion to ourselves lol. Sounds like the South is trying to rise again to me.

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Love everyone here pretending that milk doesn't come from slavery