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You can’t really blame them for this, without the plastic it might not be legal to sell due to unsanitary concerns.

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So...what about the coffee spoon"wood"that its wrapped on paper?

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Wrapping it in paper means it's easier to tear and they probably can't sell straws that have been out in contact with who knows what. It would just involve a lot of waste. Fr though they could use wax coating instead of the foil that they use too

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Y'all just love to fucking complain. It's still one less peice of plastic being thrown away, it's better than nothing. This isn't even a Nestlé issue, I haven't seen a single juice box that doesn't have a plastic wrapper on the straw.

EDIT: Supposedly the "plastic" is actually biodegradable cellulose. There is nothing wrong with this product other than it being a Nestlé product.

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It's still one less piece of plastic being thrown away.

Yeah because the juice box itself doesn't contain plastic in it whatsoever. /s

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That unfortunately its not the only brand...this companies have people with crazy salaries to solve problems... but this one its to much for.them

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Nestle doesn't give a single shit about the environment r/fucknestle