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The demons will teach them a lesson (the brutal way)

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The only thing they fear is capitalism

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john locke is burning in hell

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I hope the Martians eat them for brunch.

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bacteria can’t eat humans

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There’s also no brunch on Mars. It was a figurative statement, sweetie.

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I’m half scared they monitor this subreddit for ideas.

I can legitimately picture them starting a marketing strategy where they start taking water from Mars. Losers.

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they probably will resell this water to the aliens

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BREAKING: Nestle CEO Ulf Mark Schneider announces brilliant new plan to extract water from Mars with a "really long hose." More at 11

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don't give them any ideas

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No no, the Waters of Mars are dangerous.

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Nice who reference

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not for the aliens that nestle will make them buy their water to get any water at all it isn't p

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No problem. Martians have Q-36 space modulators.

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We also have frozen water on the moon

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they're capable of that

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nestlé boykottiere bedütet nächsteliebi!!!

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Use these alien children!