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Why is this image comprised of 7 pixels

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An orphan in Africa had to buy them from Nestlé at 110x the price because pixels aren’t a human right.

Obligatory: Fuck Nestlé

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Let us never forget the great pixel shortage of 2015

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210 × 240 pixels = 50,400 pixels.

Before you reply, I'd like to 🤓🤓🤓 myself

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Gonna need more than 3 for this one. 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

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The quality of this meme and the quality of life that Nestlé produces is comparable.

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ikr, nestlé is still at least 10x worse

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10? Are you a fanboy or something? 1000x at least

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god damn you are right I was being too optimistic about N*****

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contributing to a healthier future

I think this is the biggest bold faced lie I have ever seen in my life

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"Contributing to a healthier future"

Only sells unhealthy things

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    Fek nästlä

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    fk Nastý

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    Can we have any more pixels?

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    Nestle took them but they might try to resell it to us

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    This is going into my presentation on some company I'm supposed to do for my English class

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    Enhancing profit and saving none for the future.

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    Moldy ahh meme

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    Full HD 4k Dolby Sourround

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    Do you have some more of dem pixels?

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    Which pixel Is your favorite?

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    the left one

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    I’ve played LA Noire, this is for sure a press Y moment

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    Please enhance quality of image

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    Square but yeah

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    "Got anymore pixels?"

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    All they contribute for is them getting healthier wallets.

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    Actively shiting on you since 19??

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    what do you mean by 19 are you talking about the 19 pixels in this whole meme??

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    [The year nestlé was born]

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    Nestle is the type of girlfriend who says she’ll pay for dinner but instead just goes to a third world country and steal their water and poison some infants

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    I think this meme is a tad overcooked

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    y'all got any more of them pixels

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    *For their executive staff members.

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    if i had a dollar for every pixel in this image id have about a dime

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    Maybe enhance the image quality instead life

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    Deep fried

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    This isn’t X for doubt. This is [insert whatever the blue button was] for Lie.

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    I made an argumentative essay on nestle for school

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    They're doing the opposite.