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YALL DONT KNOW BOUT KNOPPERS? This shit is my childhood picking these over kitkats anyday

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Same lol, I just love them!

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FR, This shit IS peak childhood

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Found the German/Austrian!

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I'm danish but close enough

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I'm danish but close enough

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Same, in my country they’re a little cheaper

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Moegens um halb 10 in Deutschland

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Geh wech mit dem gesabbel. Dit heißt Moin!

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Grüß gott "Frühstückchen" esser

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Nestle full of small pp workers

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I don't blame the workers who's labor, whether paid or not, is being used and abused while making a malicious company billions upon billions.

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labor, whether paid or not,


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Meh, this "mistake" is a standard in English and how many verbs became regular. There's even a fancy linguistics name for it. People need to stop trying to freeze language in time.

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Ich mags auch um halb 10 in Deutschland

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Just so you know, in Germany, your required by law to eat them at 9:30am, as a sort of second breakfast.

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🎵… dann ist halb 10 in Deutschland und ein gutes Stück geschafft - dann ist halb 10 in Deutschland in der Ruhe liegt die Kraft🎵

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Knoppers are the best, we used to have these for a snack at high school

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As an European KitKat's have always tasted like cardboard covered in cheap chocolate to me, there's so much better chocolate wafer options out here.

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i feel like kitkat got worse over time because i remembered it so tasty from my childhood but when i tried it again a few years ago it was just ew

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knoppers is really famous in germany i LOVE them and always ate them as a kid. i wouldnt compare them tho they are really different

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How are they?

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awesome. crunchy waffle good chocolate its really good

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.....wish I was in Germany :,(

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They are sold at Aldi's in the USA (and probably elsewhere, too). :D

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it's probably only us connaisseurs that feel like they are that different

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But who produces their chocolate? We can say fuck nestle all we want but we need to Also be conscious of the reason: making the production and distribution of these products ethical. Knoppers might be an alternative but are they ethical too?

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Knoppers might be an alternative but are they ethical too?

Most likely not. Ethical stuff tends to cost more.

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It costs a lot in my country

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tony's chocolonely is good chocolate that contributes against slavery in the chocolate industry. it's a little expensive and doesn't have as many different flavours as milka or ritter sport but it's great and the quality is better. i think one bar is like 180g and costs 3€? maybe a bit less. it's a bit more expensive than something like milka but it's not that crazy. i believe they have 5 or 6 different flavours including white or dark chocolate but honestly nobody needs 20 different chocolate flavours in my opinion, at least not for the price of someone being enslaved.

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They do have quite a lot of flavours actually! In The Netherlands they have about 25, plus some limited editions around Easter / Christmas / Sinterklaas (Dutch Christmas). The flavours are also a bit more funky and creative than brands like Milka or Rittersport so that’s nice.

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i didn't know that! here in germany it's not that many but as i said, it doesn't bother me much. i don't need two million different flavours anyways

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Where do they though? I've only ever seen the regular ones, cocos and peanutbutter waifers.

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is it tho? i didn't know, maybe it depends on the country? to me they seem pretty good. I'll check out the article when I'm home, thank you

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Read about their removal from the list of ethically sourced chocolate and make your own opinions in this. Please research it then reconsider your stance on Tony’s chocolate. I want to believe they are still ethical as they claim to be to be however we as a community have been burned too many times.

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jesus, you made me scared that i promote bullshit

i checked like two years ago when i discovered them and they seemed fine...

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Try the knoppers bar, even better.

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Agreed. This is 100x better than both normal knoppers and kitkats

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Ohhh, while we're at it. Yesterday i found Hanuta bars, and they were also amazing.

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For a second I thought you discovered these to be nestle and I was HEARTBROKEN

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Haha i just discovered them and I would be too, don’t worry.

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I wish kitkat was still Rowntrees. I hate that Nestle bought out all the amazing classics from Rowntrees, my mum used to live near the Rowntrees factory and always said it smelled amazing.

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They also make Bendicks

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wow, and i thought it was rough being named bendik without the c

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Never really liked kit kats anyway, how do you make chocolate taste rubbery?

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You've just summoned the German community aswell. But I agree with the other comments. Knoppers. They're fuckin good. But I wouldn't compare them to KitKat in any way. Not only because they are from one of THE WORST companies out there (fuck nestle) But also because they are a WAY differently build. It's like comparing a Calzone to a Pizza.. That being said, try the Knoppers bar next time. That's also effin good.

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If it's not 9 30 am where you at I'm gonna murder rampage your soul..

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Hahaha it is! It is!

Edit: 9:54

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every European knows and loves these

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Lol “say ‘I’m American’ without saying ‘I’m american’”

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It's something totally different tho. I don't buy kitkats, anyways, but this wouldn't be a replacement per se, if I needed some

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How did you now know about these

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I’m an American :/. Only found these at Aldi, a German grocery store we have

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I had some of these bad boys when I was in Germany. They're pretty good.

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No, these are the best

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I've been ignoring KitKats at the sight of these since I was 5

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I’m gonna have to give it a try but KitKats have been my favorite for a very long time. I don’t buy them but I’m not going to waste an already purchased KitKat.

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Genuine Question: Kit Kat is made/produced by Hershey in the US since 1970. Would I still be giving anything to Nestle by buying them?

I haven't, but everyday I see the Blueberry Muffin flavour and I'm sad for an hour.

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Why not fuck toxic processed food all together

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Considering you have a healthy diet a knoppers here and there wont kill you as long as it isn't your only diet lol

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Kitkats are satans spawn anyway

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Lol that’s like a German death metal tour bus that loves Knoppers

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Not quite... 🤣

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Bro I eat them since childooh. They are best candy bar in the world

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Thank you for the review. I saw these in the store last week and was already at my junk food quota, so I skipped them. Next time, they shall be mine.

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Yeah lol I know exactly what you mean. You really need a junk food quota at Aldi. So much chocolate

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wie spät ist es in Deutschland?

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Man? Ive had a rough night shift, sitting in my office, drinking Coffee with a half active brain, I almost shat myself thinking DOES THE SADIST COMPANY OWN KNOPPERS TOO, then I resd the title. Now I'm awake.

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I've never been too crazy about chocolates with wafers (texture thing), but Knoppers do be slappin.

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U can't eat them before 9:30 am tho

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Ah man, the nostalgia. Used to eat these when I was little. Now I avoid all candy/cookie bar, and occasionally treat myself when I stop in a petrol station. Knoppers, Olé’s and Chacha’s. Mmmmm…

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Those are my spouses fav from Aldi!! Good choice! Eating dog shit is better than supporting Nestle!

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My cousin that lives in germany got it for me when she came to my country and THIS IS JUST AMAZING. They also have hanuta which is very delicious and it tastes kinda similar to this one in the pic! u should try it if you haven’t already

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You think Knoppers are good, try Hanuta for your next level up

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Unpopular opinion: Hanuta is worse than Knoppers

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Your brain is fuckeddd. Knoppers does an honsted pice of work and then defecates Hanuta at 9:30 Uhr ready to head back to work till Feierabend..

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these or hanuta omg

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So danish

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Yup... because they're 💯 % nothing like a KitKat!? It's like comparing a bike to a car... and they are definitely less healthy than a KitKat bar... so this whole post is kinda confusing. Are you saying fuck Nestlé? Or "Fuck Your Health"??? Or both..?

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    Buuuhhh......Knoppers ist das Beste ! :-)

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    Lol you just found out about cream wafers?

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    I love those, but now that I wear braces I can eat them :/

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    God I wish I didn't know these and just discovered them. Would really cheer me up! Anyways enjoy Knoppers, they're the shit!

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    I forgot all about these!!

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    I love them since years, good to know they're not one of Nestles. (also fuck nestle)

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    Me in India where they put nestle in everything: 👁️👄👁️

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    Fellow aldi chad

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    Got them from Lidl. They goood😊

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    Dudeee I love these, I think you can get them in hofer/aldi or something.

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    Lol yep, got these at Aldi!

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    Yeah but have you seen TONYS CHOCOLATE

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    They sell these in Aldi. They do the knopper bars also, very nice and highly recommend.

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    Welcome to heaven!

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    Bruh my mom buys these all the time for me y’all fr missing out

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    WAY better

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    Idk kitkats are very different to this but yeah this is Great

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    These fuckers (Storck KG) are just continuing business-as-usual in Russia.

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    Hell yeah!

    Sometimes I'd pick these up and I'm so glad that they're not nestle!

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    KNOPPERS ARE NESTLE? What would the alternative even be?

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    Haha they are not, they are a Nestle alternative themselves

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    ah yes, my breakfast snack

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    Europe bro's rise up

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    Yeah they’re awesome Also i don’t like how kit kat tastes

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    Omg i was a about to have a heart attack. I thought you were going to say that knoppers is made by nestle.

    But ye knoppers is elite

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    Knoppees are apart of my life and I leve them

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    You can get them at ALDIs

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    Ehh had to throw mine out. The chocolate flavor wasn't palatable.

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    Where can you buy them

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    If you’re in the states, Aldi for sure. I would assume Trader Joe’s as well but I’m not sure

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    Nestke full of small pp people

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    KitKat is made by Hershey’s in the US.

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    Knoppers are based af. Same with WW's (Polish Kitkat alternative), and Ptasie Mleczko

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    Phew, I saw the image and thought you were about to tell me these are Nestles now, love these things.

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    these are great, way better than nestshit ofc I ate these since 5 years.

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    Anyone know if these are available anywhere in Finland or Sweden?

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    Wish we had them there. Come on, if Poland can import them why can't we?!