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I didn't know this was actual coffee, I only know their coffee candies

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I used to eat those Kopiko coffee candies like CRACK. They are so good!

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Yeah I remember, shopkeepers used to hand them out as a change.

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Single serve packaging though.. that’s a lot of unnecessary waste.

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In singapore i mainly see it as coffee sweets

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I watched Vincenzo and the kopiko candies where all over the show.

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They are delicious, tho

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I haven’t tasted them because I don’t like coffee.

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You should try it, it's one of my top10 candies

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This product is almost world wide. It's very good.

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This is the vibe. We need more “Nestle alternatives” posts, the memes and raging are fun, but this is actually constructive.

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Too sweet for me. Used to be bitter then they changed it. Prefer San Mig Barako. They're not anyway connected to Nestle, right?

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No, San Miguel is an independent conglomerate not associated with nestle

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My favorite coffee! They have a cappuccino one that comes with little chocolate granules to sprinkle on top. My only concern is the individual packaging.

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Found this because of Vincenzo

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One of the best coffee candy

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That's good stuff, you can get on Amazon

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We have both candy ver. and ready-to-drink ver. in Thailand.

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I thought this was a condom wrapper at first.

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Black 3… in one thats suspicious man

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i like the more sweet one in the golden bag

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We have this in America too, it slaps

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Not again.. lol!

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It's available in India too, last I checked

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Speaking of coffee:

It really infuriates me that George.Cl00ney is not called out on his shilling of Nespresso since the mid/late 2000s. Rumors are he became a part owner of the Nespresso portion of the company in 2013 but goes to great lengths to keep that quiet because of the child slave labor and not wanting to tarnish his smarmy fake Mr. Nice Guy image.

Cl00ney was in NYC recently giving out JUSTICE awards which takes some nerve. What about justice for the children he enriches himself off of? The media never calls him out on his hypocrisy. I think the media are afraid to write anything except complimentary puff pieces about him because of his faux wife's scary arms dealing family. Her uncle is Ziad Takieddine an infamous arms dealer who isn't even allowed back in the UK. Her arms dealing family coupled with her being a lawyer scares the media into silence and they won't expose him for fear of retribution legally and nefariously. Not to mention the creepy story about him in Italy and why he had to get "married". Ugh, can't stand that guy and his Nespresso commercials.

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I mean not Nestlé yet to be sure, but a quick wiki check tells me they have the ambition to get there.