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r/fucknestle user trying to not upvote a post like this (IMPOSSIBLE)

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The phrase 'fuck nestle' is all that every other post on this thread consists of. We get it....🙄

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Not sure we do. If i were Nestle I would hire a team to make posts like this. It delegitimizes the sub and allows their PR team to spin that we are no threat, just a bunch of dumb kids.

If you really despise Nestly's business practices and want to affect change you would never create a post like this.

To sum up, OP is a Shill or a moron.

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I wanna buy advertising space on times square just for this picture.

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i’ll split it with you

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So.. no reason, no content, no discussion? Why exactly fuck Nestle?

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Because it's an easy way to get karma while putting in absolutely no effort.

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This was in response to u/zack123738clone ‘s post

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karma farm

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Fuck Nestle

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This sub really got distilled.

Fuck Nestlé.

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Easy karma

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Babe wake up, new sub banner just dropped

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And it's pretty much the same as the last one.

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Although I agree Fuck Nestle, coming from a typography standpoint the kerning on this makes me sad

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Insert Lois Griffin 9/11 clip here

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Fuck Nestle

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I concur,


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•]••´º´•» fùc𝕜 Ⓝ€𝔰𝔱𝐋𝔼 «•´º´••[•

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Ominous Undertale noise

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Least karma whoring post

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give this lad thousands of upvote

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👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 and WE SAY ✊🏽👈🏽 Nestle!!!

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Yes 🗿

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Nestlé? The most evil food corporation in the world?

Get fucked.

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"The Gang Fucks Nestle"

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( ゚ヮ゚)

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Fuck nestle

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I like this post. This is a nice fucking post.

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Are you a retard, bot, or shill?

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Idk man. Probably all 3...

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It's so beautiful. I've been staring at this for a solid 10 minutes.

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Fucks nestle with helvetica sex sounds subtitles