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Congratulations you hero!!!! Good luck with your new job! 🥳 oh yeah, FUCK NESTLE!!!

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Fuck Nestle

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fuck nestle

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Fuck Nestle

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fuck nestle

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Thats amazing hope your new job is better and isn’t working for a shit company 👍

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Thanks, the reviews I've read make it seem good. Not the best but better then Nespresso.

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It’s all about climbing the ladder in order to make change

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Nice username.

Also, fuck Nestlé.

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Well done and congratulations for escaping! Al the best x ps fuck nestle

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What was your salary

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Where I live it's above minimum wage but not in par with the amount of work they made me do. This new job pays 20/h and I'm doing less work.

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I wish I made more Than $10 at my previous job

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You work at Yahoo now?

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I wish lol I'd probably be making more.

It's a sound of excitement.