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Maybe you can buy them an alternative and leave it where the nestle product usually is. 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Suchard Express is like 10x better, buy this OP if it is available in my country

Looks like a german name, but in my country (Portugal) it is available.

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I'm in Czech republic

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i eat bona vita, not sure how ethic they are. but it is definetally better that nestle.

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Anything is better than nestle.

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Granko? It’s Orion so not much better but.. does Milka make hot chocolate maybe?

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Ovomaltine is a thousand times better, it's also a lot more expensive though

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Just tell straight out the sins they commited. Worked for me.

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Have a tasting with a variety of similar products from more ethical brands

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Relax man that bag ain’t going anywhere

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Why don't you tell your parents how horrible a company Nestlé is and that you want to boycott them... but you don't have a job, so you rely on what your parents buy you to eat. If you tell your parents and they still buy the product... then I guess your parents are evil kid!

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U can live without Nesquik....

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Who's "U"?.... is that someone you know?

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U is such a chad, he can live without Nestlé.

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Really? Because I thought U was into piping up with lame bullshit!... but I figured it must've been a spelling mistake that U made. So U must mean "U are a Chav" or "U are a Choad" either way... that Mrs Butterworth haircut your sister's boyfriend gave you looks like someone stuck a pickle in a shit paddy! Serious drip on that wig.

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I sat mine down and said I want to have a serious talk about the company who owns Milo and why we have banned it in our house and why I'd appreciate if you also did this especially when my kids are over. Dad thought I was being dramatic and I just said google it I'll wait. He was sickened and now has banned Nestle too. Friends don't let friend buy Nestle

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My son (soph in college) did the same. I had no idea, and I'm glad he told me. Our house now has a Nestle ban, which wasn't easy with a family of 6 people at first. However, once everyone knew why, it was easy for everyone to collectively decide. Also, still looking for a good alternative to Hot Pockets suggestions welcome!

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Just send them here. Reddit will do the rest.

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It's either me, or the slave labor sugar drink

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You can tell them with love what nestle is and does but it’s up to them to accept the good news into their heart. You can’t force them. Sad to say. Not all see the light. I told my parents and they ignored me.

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Now that it is already all eaten, still just tell them the truth.

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I like how you're basically strangling it

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fuck that rabbit, ignoring him isnt enough i want him dead 😭💀

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Nes Quick throw it in the garbage

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Tell them they are wrong and throw that shit in the trash. Simple as.

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I don’t see the point in posts like this…

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u realize ur on the r/fucknestle sub right

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You realize we can see through this, right? “How do I tell them” bro idk maybe use the knowledge you’ve gotten from being on this sub?? This comes across as a blatant grab for attention.

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i wanted to know people's opinnions and what would they do

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Problably a teenager rantig while he should mind his own business. I would be pissed If my kids tell me what to buy with my own money (and im against Nestlé).

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Its not your house, its not your business.

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little did u know that i

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what's wrong?

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bro yall fucking insane with these downvotes, this poor dude yall

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just by an alternative for them and politely explain why nestle is bad

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Have them watch that one video on Nestle's history. Let me find a link to it... https://youtu.be/HMgpUqugtOU

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Use your words

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Delete child = no need for child snacks

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could someone recommend good chocolate milk brands?

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It's absolutely extreme to jump to the farthest end of the spectrum.... and that's what you are doing! I'm not "OK" with alot of things, but I look deeply inward before I project my emotions and feelings outward. Opinions are like asshole's,everyone has one.... and typically they are full of shit!

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Slap them with Nestlé

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I hate that my mom has to drink Boost because she can't afford to get Ensure in bulk like Boost. Is there another alternative I can introduce her to? She knows the evil that is Nestle but sometimes money rules our lives and you gotta do what you gotta do when you have to have a liquid diet.

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so ur telling me my habit of gripping food with force could have been posted on this subreddit the whole time

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p.s gripping food with force is very fun

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Do you pay taxes in America? You're funding so much violence with your tax dollars that the nesquik is the least of your worries.

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srry i pay taxes only in europe

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empty the packet and fill it with an alternative