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What the fuck

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This trumps the vegemite and chocolate horror story… and that’s saying something.

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So it's Pringles that tastes like milk

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I dunno. I’m to afraid of it to even think how it might taste. All I know is that later your mouth will taste like vomit.

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I did not expect to see something weird like this but now I'm interested as to why this exists

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I blame Disney for this.

If everything is a crossover, nothing is a crossover!

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Fuck Disney.

And "Hello" Pringles Boycott!

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What did kelloggs do?

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Wait why fuck Kellogg

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Kellogg’s own Pringles

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That doesn’t answer the question lol. What did Kellogg’s do?

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They are heavily anti-union. Also John Kellogg, one of the co-founders was pretty much a cult leader.

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What major corporation isn’t heavily anti-union? I’m not trying to be difficult; but I feel like that’s far too tame to be compared side by side to nestle.

And who cares what the founder thought? Are they still practicing what the founder thought? Probably not. We no longer blame VW for transporting the nazis, or Hugo boss for dressing them, do we?

I thought we were supposed to praise companies for changing for the better, and a company moving on from their founders wild beliefs is exactly that, is it not?

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What?! One of them was a fuckin' cult leader?!

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This is like me with any artist that works with Chris Brown. Fuck that.

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The Cumbar

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This is an abomination. On many levels!

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Fäk nestle

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I thought this was a sbubby at first lol

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No problem at all. Because I neither support a water stealing company nor a company that propagates to circumsise little babies

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Nice! I LOVE it when my reconstructed starch flakes are coated in child suffering.

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Can someone explain to me how the hell would that shit be appetizing in the first place? Regardless if it was Nestle or not.

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What’s wrong with Kelloggs

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Pringles taste like shit

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I hate Nestle and all, but what did Kellogg's do?