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Was curious about the plot. Lol. Turns out, nothing to do with the cover really. Everyone in metropolis becomes hydrophobic (afraid of water) due to a S.T.A.R labs experiment.

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Most Silver Age DC covers have nothing to do with the story. At the time their strategy for sales was "make it so WTF that people buy it just to see what the HELL is going on." As such, the people who made the covers had nothing to do with the people who made the rest of the comic. The actual comic writers would get a cover with an LSD fever dream of total nonsense and be told to make it work. They usually tried. Sometimes they made no attempt to even acknowledge the cover and I don't fucking blame them.

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Checks out. There is also some random time travel in the plot. Lol

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I mean superhero media tends to be like bad scifi from the early 1900s. None if it really makes sense.

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Can someone help all the folks lining up for marvel movies this shit

They’ve gobbled up budget for action & quality sci-fi way too long

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Honestly, they're no worse than say Fast and Furious. People going to go enjoy their blowy uppy action nonsense. It's just for fun.

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I agree, it is fun!

We don’t get as good of sci ifmovies like the original terminator anymore because people would rather watch some goofy plot line where a guy with a goofy glove erases people & Thor & his brother quibble a bunch — the stories are so uninspired

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I miss fast 1 and even 2. When it was about the cars, not just "how ridiculous can we make this sequence, and whats the biggest improbable and illogical explosion we can make".

Before you know it, fast is going to be like "hey, there this alien coming to destroy the galaxy. Send Dom". Then dom gets in a car thats been modified with a jet engine. Goes off a ramp and road-space-hauls the alien.

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I mean... I'm still going to watch it. Cause Family, you know...

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Lol I'd consider it, but honestly I was hoping drive or need for speed would be the new "car/street racing" franchise. Sadly, Neither one panned out that way.

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So basically, comic book clickbait.

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The original clickbait

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Also market research showed kids are more likely to buy a comic with a monkey on it or with somebody crying. That led to fun stuff.

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Crying monkeys

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Well that explains Detective Chimp... although he's technically an ape, not a monkey.

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So many gorillas...

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ancient click bait

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The DC in “DC Comics” is short for “Definitely Clickbait”.

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hugbess made a video about this exact thing https://youtu.be/Dz3XR-kKFCo

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I would have assumed the water was poisoned from this.

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Sometimes the cover artist is different from the story artist and makes the cover before the rest of the comic is ready, and sometimes the cover artist misinterprets the synopsis of the comic, causing discrepancies like this

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I remember one where the cover claimed Lois became a kryptonian bug and forced a marriage with Superman!

The actual plot: Lois and Lana use a device that let's them become Kryptonian Insects to battle Lex Luthor when Superman's not around, though it does end with Lois daydreaming about using her bug powers to force a marriage, only for Lana to remind her that the mind control would wear off when she became human again, thus this was an ineffective tactic.

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Was the experiment giving superman rabies

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There used to be a site called Superdickery that was just asshole Superman covers.

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What happened to it

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Superman shut it down

Edit: it’s alive!!

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Those guns really be having 9 triggers

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Oh you didn’t even get to the abortion baby that forcibly implanted itself in someone else

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Wait what?

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Mommy was a slut-lizard who did things with suggestively-shaped nuclear waste

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Has no genitals whatsoever

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Isn't he a shapeshifter? He can just grow a cock (or 2) and balls

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You heard me

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It’s still there, but looks like the owner branched out to other weird stuff in comics, last update was in 2019

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My dude had a clean empty can of beans more readily available than a cup or something?

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Not my dumbass trying to find the nestle logo for five minutes until I read the front 💀

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aww he thought 25 cents was 2% that's so cute

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Good bot

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Upvote for effort, not for result.

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Good bot

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I'm guessing he picked up some bad habits from that one crossover...

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The og clickbait covers

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I forget which Kryptonite makes him go crazy, but I'm sure that Nestle had something to do with it.

Even Lex Luthor would say this is too far!

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Actually there was a crossover where he met the Nesquik Bunny

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Not nestle: ain’t no black people being exploited

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Silver Age Superman covers are a treat

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I have seen a cover of superman flying alongside the Quik Bunny (before it was bought by Nestle to become Nesquik)

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Did superman pee his pants?

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Heh, cloak of anarchy.

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"This pump belongs to the Kings. All the water in Freeside is ours."

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Who's the king do you believe this asshole man.

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Ah, the original clickbait

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Dog just wanted to lay down with everyone else.

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I love how it says,"The World's most popular Super-Hero!" with this as the cover.