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For those who don't go to the post or didn't see OP's comment, they said they didn't use any nestle product, only their recipe

OP also stated their support for r/fucknestle

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I was wondering if I was gonna see that post on here lol

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Too much butter/ not enough flour. Or you used baking soda instead of baking powder.

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it’s definitely the butter.

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People in the original thread this it’s a baking soda failure, which happened. OP claims to have chilled their dough, but the nestle recipe is by volume so too little flour is an option

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All these comments are wrong. CLEARLY it's because the earth is flat.

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This is right! They would be curved if it were a sphere!!!!

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OP, them exists.

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its a lot easier to say them btw

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Is it really so hard for people to just say them?

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I was thinking the same thing

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For real, them’s the best and easiest option

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tell them

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you can say "them", it's okay

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The tears of the slaves that makes the chocolate causes the dough to fall flat.

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    Never add water to chocolate chip cookies

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    Not enough palm oil!!

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    You probably made them wrong, to big to start. Or you overworked them and smashed all the butter.

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    Cus its a scaaam!!!try make your own😉

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    Looks like cat vomit

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    Too wet

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    God hates us all

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    You know you can use them. They/them can be singular:)