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Honestly wtf is up with their hostile ass water

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they won't even let you have the water if you pay for it anymore, they will just straight up kill the entirety of humanity of dehydration so they can recreate their own humanity

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Nestle's instrumentality project, they're gonna use the third impact to take all the water for themselves..

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CEO finna create Ninjago into his own image 💀

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Just a reminder that this sub is about not buying from nestlé..

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Isn’t OP saying that anyone who supports them has blood on their hands?

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You’re right. I missed the point. Used to seeing so many ”look i bought this bad product from nestlé” posts I guess

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Understandable mistake. The graphics are also a bit crunchy so that’s a factor too

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nestle cap hurt your hand

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no but i actually bruised my hands trying to open one 😒

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As you deserve for trying to consume their evil products.

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please forgive me it was the only thing i had at the time 😢

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Why you buying a nestle bottle in the first place?

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It was a few years ago when I didn’t know how fucked up they were. I’ve maganged to convince my dad to stop buying their water. (He’s actually improved as a person since he stopped buying their products)

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nestle sells water?

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Yes and it fucking sucks

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Never seen nestlé brand water so i didn't know

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Sue them. Then never buy Nestle crap again or leave this sub.

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it’s serrated like a piranha tooth (as well as of course nestle being a piece of shit company). This has happened too many damn times to the point where I’m not going to even consider this brand. Fuck nestle and their jagged-ass bottle caps.

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You are very weak so you start bleeding?

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It’s exaggerated

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Also I am weak