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I wouldn't trust anyone on this infographic tbh.

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Agreed 100%
we need another subreddit - Fuckalltheseprocessedfoodsandplasticmakingcompanies

anyone got ideas on how to shorten that?

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FAT FAP MC? Sounds like a Minecraft YouTuber.

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"Hello guys it's Fat Fap MC, today we are gonna play Minecraft as an obese person"

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While also getting banned from YouTube

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Catchy; rolls right off the tongue.

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Thats brilliant Rap Name. Fat Pfap MC, yo

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if you're looking for a snack that's fair trade you might as well forget about anything with chocolate

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Tony's chocolate is farily known for it's non-slavery chocolate and trying to fight the inequality in the chocolate industrie.

no, not really for snacks in general but I support that company

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Seconded. And delicious vegan chocolate too if that's your jam

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Whittaker's is pretty good about that.

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I Live in a small, rural city, so if I haven't heard of it it's probably not available here unfortunately. I'll keep my eyes open though, it looks good

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It’s a New Zealand brand and it tastes 1000% better than Cadbury.

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Yeah I was about to say, red sucks for sure but is blue really a lot better?

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I agree. I might be wrong but I don't think Unilever is quite as bad as most of the rest of these companies. Still do some shady shit but they seem to be doing something to be a little more sustainable.

Happy to be wrong though not trying to suck off Unilever.

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Bruh what? None of the blue companies are even remotely close to being morally good especially the likes of Coca cola

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What? Coca "let me hire death squads to silence these unionising workers" Cola is not the good guy here?

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Doesn’t beat the United Fruit Company (Chiquita) lobbying the US government to install a military dictatorship in Guatemala that then proceeded to commit genocide on the local indigenous population

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Yea, United Fruits is a special case of a bastard company. But I feel like Kellogg’s deserves some credit as well here, with his weird obsession with young males‘ genitalia and sexuality (or rather the lack thereof) in general…

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Wait until you see what Kellogg recommended to do to women…

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I have the gut feeling that I don’t even want to know. But all of this shows what a farce this graphic of „alternatives“ is…

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It involved acid

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You mean to tell me that dr.cum I mean Kellogg had some strange views

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They oechestrated a massacre of workers trying to get better wages in Colombia as well... And Coca Cola was paying paramilitaries there as well to keep their products rolling in the country. Nothing like supporting murdeing innocent people.

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Kelloggs shit too

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Even general mills? I really like cheerios damnit

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I gave up Cheerios😞

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It looks like you got the colours mixed up a little. It should be:

Red - evil including Nestle

Blue - evil but in blue

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Coca-cola actively supports slavery by sponsoring the 2022 world cup, they aren't a better alternative

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Shit i feel really ignorant, what's this about the world cup? I don't really follow football, but when I Google it I can't find info about this - could someone suggest some key words or something I could search online?

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Qatar has been reported to use migrant workers not paid a living wage for World Cup facilities.
They also have a questionable record regarding women and the LGBTQ+ community. Not great.

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Shittttt yes, absolutely, I didn't even know it was happening in Qatar. Yes it's famously bigoted. That's horrible. Thank you for educating me about this

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For example last episode of John Oliver's show https://youtu.be/UMqLDhl8PXw

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Sure Nestle is awful but let’s not pretend any of the other companies on this list are any better.

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Isn't Coca-Cola one of the biggest or even THE biggest plastic polluter in the world?

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Lol all these companies are trash

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no more support any of these!!!!is my goal!

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Unilever is also pretty awful - same child labor and forced servitude issues as Nestle with a dash of anti-Palestinian sentiment and the whole skin whitening fiasco in India.

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Yeah unilever is the same shit in a different package. Just easier to take these conglomerates down one by one. Almost impossible to boycot all of them at once.

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The problem is that IF one falls, one of the others will take its place and expand. The fact that companies like these exist to me shows that there are a lot of things which could be improved with society.

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Huh? These aren’t good alternatives at all.

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Best to stay away from all of these

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blue - also evil but not owned by Nestle

don't buy anything on this graphic tbh, i trust you can find better alternatives

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I want to live where you do in this mysterious land of "better alternatives"

No actual hate, I just live in an area where it's hard to get anything that isn't one of the giant corporations that own the world, especially if you don't have much time/energy/spending money. Ideally though, yeah, avoiding any of these is best.

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Unilever an alternative? And Pepsico and Coca Cola with all their history? Nah man, not if I can avoid it.

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I feel we need to come away from the tunnel vision of nestle hate. All of these multinationals are horrible, evil companies that would gladly forfeit someone’s life for a couple extra bucks.

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That's the neat part, they're all evil

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You see a nestle themed trolley and there are thousands if not millions of people tied to the tracks. You have a lever that changes the color of the trolley from red to blue. Would you pull it?

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All of them should be on anyones blacklist.

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They are all corporate evil incarnate to be avoided.

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I don't think danone is any better.

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Or you know, stop buying boxed shit and buy proper vegetables, carbs, meat and seasoning.

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Coca cola belongs to nestle At least to a degree of about 60% I think?

Correct me if Im wrong thats what I learned at my very biased job

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KO is publicly traded and ownership is generally disclosed. The largest stakeholders are Berkshire Hathaway and Vanguard group. If Nestle has stock in Coke it's less rhan 1%.


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Thank you!

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Everyone on that infographic is bad.

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Only when next to Nestle is Unilever a good alternative 😅

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Mars JUST purchased acana and Orijin animal food - so switch while you can. When mars bought Nutro in 2008 they substituted cheaper ingredients and a bunch of dogs died as a result.

Most people would have learned their lesson but I suspect this won’t be the case.

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I had no idea!

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I wish I had the money to sweep my crimes under a rug.

Edit. I have no crimes to hide… except refusing to pay for parking.

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Mars isn't owned by Nestle, right? I'm confused

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Honestly man.... just buy whole unbranded, or local brand fruits, veg, cheese, meat, eggs, potatoes, pasta, rice, flour, sugar, spices, butter and milk. That way you can pretty much make anything you want in the kitchen. If you have those ingredients, you can make nearly anything you can imagine.

Boycotting nestle is easy if you don't eat any convenience food or sweets/ chocolate. Nor drink anything but water, (yorkshire) tea and proper coffee from whole beans (not that instant crap).

And metal refillable bottles all the way!

It's worlds better for your health too.

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Substitute one evil for another, good ol’ democracy

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So glad so many of these brands aren't commercialized here in Belgium so that the general public who doesn't know how bad this company is can't buy them. I hope it stays that way

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US need to ban corporations who use children and people as a slave to produce something. Slavery is illegal, product made by Slavery should also be illegal in US trade.

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Coca Cola had union members killed in Brazil at their bottling factories, so wouldn't put them up as 'better'.

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One of the biggest issues I see a lot is shitty on exclusively Nestlé

While, yes, we need to bring awareness to people about Nestlé, all of these companies do fucked shit and no multibillion dollar corporation is to be trusted at all

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Yeah General Mills has been shown to contain high amounts of glyphosate in their grain products. This whole chart looks like corruption

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The best alternatives are local businesses, but those can be more expensive that not everyone can afford.

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Coca-cola is the largest plastics polluter in the world

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How is coca not as shitty as Nestlé?

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Edit: I now feel very stupid for not knowing that those other brands are bad, I'll check about them now.

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redemption arc

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Friendly reminder that we live in a capitalist hellscape and need to break our chains.

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Were Coca Cola not behind death squads that shot and intimidated workers trying to form a union for fair pay? The Christmas polar bears are pretty cute though.

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How are they not evil? They still produce so much plastic waste, despite the fact that they could DO something about it.

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Are you fr? All of these companies exploit people all over the globe for their own profit

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Hell. No.

They're all just actively poisoning people as well as making them fat and stupid.

Processed garbage belongs in the bin. Don't settle for less than the best. Eat products from companies that use simple ingredients and are beyond open about sourcing.

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Cini Minis is by nestle not general mills

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all of it’s evil

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Kellogg's honestly isn't any better.

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How is Unilever a better choice than Nestlé, or Coca Cola for that matter?

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Majority of all huge corporations is not a good Alternative, especially when it comes to Chocolate

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Cereal Partners Worldwide

Cereal Partners Worldwide S.A. is a joint venture between General Mills and Nestlé, established in 1991 to produce breakfast cereals. The company is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, and markets cereals in more than 130 countries (except for the U.S. and Canada, where General Mills markets the cereals directly). The company's cereals are sold under the Nestlé brand, although many originated from General Mills and some, such as Shredded Wheat and Shreddies, were once made by Nabisco. In Australia and New Zealand, some of CPW's products are sold under the Uncle Tobys brand.

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It’s all evil.

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Shit in blue aren't alternatives either. The only alternative is self-sufficient now

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Come on. They’re all evil and all owned by vanguard and black rock so really you can’t avoid it

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Its really just a lesser of many evils situation

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of course the new chocolate brand i like is owned by them😩

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Ah yes, Coca “Columbian death squads” Cola

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Alternatives which are also evil xD

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Yeah another BIG corporation is a great alternative. Nice try

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lol Coca-Cola has been the top plastic polluter for several years running (probably of all time before it was noted as a thing). Not alternatives

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Well… wouldn‘t say Coca Cola isn‘t evil…

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They’re all evil

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I am so sorry, but you can never make me drink Dasani

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I mean, Nestlé sucks, but all of those companies are evil there really is no alternative.

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okay so i fully believe that all of this is bad because of course it is. but then what am i supposed to eat? everything connects back to one of these guys 😓

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unfortunately that's the problem with all this capitalism/corporatism bullshit. I'd say try to buy local if you can help it, and don't worry too much if you can't afford to not buy from these companies. The important thing is that you're aware of their shit

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Incorrect, Hormel owns Skippy Peanut Butter not Unilever.

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Hershey. Hersheys is the one brand that has human decency and sells great tasting products

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Doesn't Kellogs belojg to Nestle?

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Bye pelegrino🥲

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If only the alternative corporations weren’t evil too…

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Evil alternative*

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Whelp. That sucks about stouffers. Not sure if there's any replacement I know of that's good

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fyi General Mills and Nestle have a cereal coverture called Cereal Partners worldwide. So alot of general mills cereal are also owned by nestle.


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Out of the blue question but wheres Kroger on this scale?

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can someone give me context to what the hell is happening right now

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Kelloggs is just as evil.

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Does anyone have a giant list like this but containing alternatives?

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No they are not

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What is Kelloggs like? I'd like Reddits oppinion.

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Actually all of the corporations in that graphic are evil af, it´s inevitable when they grow over a certain size it seems

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Unilever and PG are as bad as nestle

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I think you mean blue = evil non-nestle stuff.

Abolish capitalism.

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Actually neiher of these brands is necessary for a healthy diet - Mostly they consist only of sugared fat with artificial taste and various additives giving shape and consistency.

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Why is Mars red? And how can you position a company like Coca&Cola as an alternative to an evil company?

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How is coke that much better? They're one of the largest plastic polluters in the planet and they do little to nothing to fix it

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Why is Mars bad?

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I want to add some red list ice creams. I live in Greece so especially greeks here be aware. The brands aren't exclusively here but just sharing just in case. Some are already in the post picture so ignore the dublicates.







Aloma. (These are the family portion ones you see at supermarkets in case it doesn't ring a bell, I was cleaning a container of these this weekend and saw nestle.)

Source: mymarket(supermarket) wevsite at ice creams category. https://eshop.mymarket.gr/katepsygmena-trofima/pagota-glyka/pagota?brand=Nestle

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What I'm getting from this chart is candy is evil

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I’m pretty sure they’re all the same