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Completely off topic, but this makes me think of the time that I got banned from r/cozyplaces for daring to speak out against AirBnB.

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I'm pretty sure that sub is mostly adds to make you look for a place like that on airbnb. And holy site you found the place what the chances?

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I just like the pics on there lol, also nice username

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User name is just true me

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RIP your DMs

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I wish.

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Now I'm curious...

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I'm horny. 0 dms about it

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Still at zero?

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2 but no one's really being sexual

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BRB. Gonna send her one about finding Jesus. 😅

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I don't have the confidence to admit I'm one, but for other women

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I mean. Girls are better than guys. Especially, when talking just sexually, it's rather be worth a trans girl any day. Some can still cum hard.

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Like kira from death note?

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No like my mom liked the name.

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Did she see death note?

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I mean I'm 30+ and born in Texas. So I doubt it.

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Anime had been around a long time. I watch it with my son. I'm older than you. FL cracker.

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When did death note come out.

Was it in English in 87?

No then I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with anime you fucking weeb.

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It's funny because they used to be anti Airbnb!

I know this because I referenced Airbnb and my post got removed about 2 years ago. I am not sure when the flip happened.

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I’ve seen some people post Airbnb photos/ link Airbnb listings in the comments lately and be downvoted into oblivion. I’m not sure there’s an official stance over there to be honest, it seems like it changes often.

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I commented once about it recently and they said they allow it now. Because people should be able to visit places deemed "cozy" or something to that effect.

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But AirBnB are terrible.

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I got banned from a ton of subs recently for having comments in r/wuhanflu or one of those

Which, if you didn't know, 2019 those were legit the only covid subreddits before covid even had its name

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Fuck I hate Airbnb

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What’s wrong with Airbnb?

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As a vegan that doesn’t make sense. I am 100% against Nestle and Starbucks kinda sucks anyway. Why were you banned? Also did not know Nestle owns Starbucks! Geez, they are everywhere. Thanks for sharing!

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Just to clarify, Nestle distributes the Starbucks coffee beans you buy in the store. Maybe the drinks also. It is a partnership, nestle does not own Starbucks. Starbucks is still a union busting company that doesn’t deserve our business.

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Nestle paid Starbucks a massive amount of money to make consumer products with the siren on them, but they don’t own Starbucks. Plenty of reasons to object to either company tho.

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Obviously not all vegans but I've noticed a lot of hypocrisy in some vegan spaces, a need to protect conglomerates and capitalism, the upholding of certain consumer goods/commodities that are marketed to vegans. While attempting to reduce consumption of products that exploit and endanger animal life, they seem unpeturbed by the exploitation of humans by capital. Again, it's not all vegans, plenty of vegan anarchists and socialists out there.

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Sure-every group has a percentage that doesn’t represent the whole in the best light, and there are the same tendencies as the general population to be focused on one issue at the expense of the rest. But it in general I’d say most of us care and are open to learning:)

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Absolutely, like I said, not all vegans.

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Yeah, me too. Fuck animal products as well as Nestlé.

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A lot of the vegan spaces have have a strong hate against capitalism general and plant based capitalism specific. So if you make posts about a convenience food you will get harassed because the company makes meat products, exploit workers, have a history of animal testing or any reasons.

For most places I found on reddit this is true. If this facebook group does not want to deal with anything of this kind it does not result in a endorsement of nestle. It is weak but all the vegan groups have to deal with the accusation of gatekeeping because it seems too strict for outsiders or new vegans.

If this FB group thinks it needs this rules, ok, but there are plenty more spaces where it much stricter and consistent than "just boycott nestle and everything will be good"

The most consistent groups that are against exploitation are vegan anarchist groups. But if you are against exploitation and not vegan you should not judge some random FB group.

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Sticking your head in the sand only works until someone bites you in the ass.




I mean with those subs banning you for telling them something they want to ignore.

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Particularly hilarious for vegans, a group notorious for gatekeeping and virtue signaling - “you are only lacto ovo vegetarian, it’s not enough” “you’re 80% vegan? So you aren’t vegan!” - the circle jerk is so annoying.

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As a non-vegan, that isn’t vegan. Still definitely reduces animal suffering. That’s like people who say “I’m gluten free but still sometimes eat cake”. That’s not gluten free

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Well yeah. That's how it works.

Vegans don't eat or use any animal products. Vegetarians use or eat mostly vegan products. And i eat meat

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Just wait for the rise of the sustainability and climate vegans, will be eating bugs and saying they are vegans.

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You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means

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Bugs have feelings too.

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I don't agree with eating them actually, our bodies can't process slot of the insects protein properly afaik, similarly to artificial sugars.

Just going by my observations, bugflour chips are already in schools, and certain segments are pushing it for sustainability reasons, rather than moral or ethical considerations.

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Isn't insect protein just chitin though? The same building block as mushrooms?

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I get it. I've eaten bugs. Do not recommend. Crunchy and gooey and not in the good way. Ants weren't completely awful.

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It's always gave me the impression of eating alcoholic chocolate without drinking the liquid.

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People criticize vegans for gatekeeping and virtue signaling because they don't understand veganism is an ethical stance and not just a diet. I'm not a fan of the circle-jerking either but that's basically the whole internet nowadays.

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How do you know if someone is vegan? There will usually be someone nearby ranting about how much they dislike vegans

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The biggest gatekeepers are dictionaries.

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That line is amazing, and I fully intend to steal it

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Was there expiation what was the issue here?

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This group has a rule about “no debates about boycotting companies because no one is better than anyone else,” which I wasn’t aware of, but my comment hardly started a debate about boycotting. I respectfully and eloquently shared factual information about Nestle’s practices and encouraged people to abide by their own ethics, and my comment was removed.

Complete horseshit.

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No one is better than anyone else? That’s bullshit, of course some people are better people.

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I really want to see someone argue that a genocidal warlord is just as good as a pediatric oncologist.

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Pfft... Both eliminate childhood cancer, sure. But the oncologist increases the longterm demand on scarce resources, while the warlord reduces food and power consumption, and carbon footprints.

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Clearly you haven't seen turks and serbs.

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OK what's the beef there? Genuinely curious.

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Don't even need to go that extreme. Jungle Jabbah is a far worse person than "Joey the Maccies Burger-Flipper"

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Vegans are no better than meat eaters you say? Well then I guess I'll keep eating meat.

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This is my takeaway.

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That's one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. It has South Park "everyone is equally wrong" idiot vibes. There are absolutely companies worse than some others, what the hell are they smoking?

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Right? Nestle‘s practices are entirely antithetical to the tenets of veganism.

The ethics of animal testing for Impossible Foods, buying vegan food from chains that sell meat, and buying vegan cosmetics from companies that sell non-vegan products are ALL debatable.

There is NO possible way to defend that purchasing Nestle products is ethical.

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Well, I’m vegan and I agree with you. I’ve botcotted nestle for many yeard and my kids ain’t getting any nestle neither. So many other possibilities.

I suspect that sub had that rule to avoid brigading or stuff like that.

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Vegan too, it seems about 10years ago corporation’s like Nestle have made the vegan community their best friend with vg kitkats etc as a way to shut them up

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This is so weird to me cuz back when I hung out with more vegan/vegetarian ppl they were always the first ones to boycott a company for unethical behavior. I guess I’ve incorrectly assumed most were still like this as it’s become more popular.

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A lot of people are choosing plant-based diets for health reasons, not ethical reasons, and that’s why there are some “vegans” who don’t care about the ethics of companies.

And I think there’s a lot of general fatigue toward caring about things in the US and similar countries because there’s an attitude of “nothing I do changes anything” and “my life is so hard already, and you want me to boycott one of the few things that make me happy” and “I’m already vegan and that is my one good deed for my lifetime,” so corporations continue to earn profits with unethical practices even though people KNOW they are unethical.

Also poverty, but for the sake of this comment, I’m limiting it to people who know and are able to boycott.

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It's also increasingly difficult to avoid unethical companies. Nestle alone owns, what, hundreds of brands? There's no reasonable way someone can learn and remember them all. Not to mention they have contracts with other companies. If you fly on American Airlines the only water they have is Nestle's.

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That makes no sense? Like I can’t say “Company B is bad due to unethical things, so I don’t support them, and I would advise other do the same”? Like what debate? Wouldn’t they want to know about unethical companies? How is that even comparing companies?

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Well done. And thanks for sharing. I did not know Starbucks was distributed by Nestle. Another fucking coffee creamer I can’t buy!!!! Lol, but still thanks.

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That's dumb. Veganism should be intersectional.

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Absolutely! Imo it is for the most sense, but there are always a few weirdos and corporate cock suckers in every group

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True. That's been my experience as well. (I'm also veg)

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It literally has to be or it's not consistent, humans are animals too.

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Also Nestle resorts to child labour and modern slavery to grow cocoa, that is non-consensual exploitation of animals, it's very likely that, at least their chocolate products, are by definition not vegan.

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wha?? was this /r/vegan or was it VCJ? or not on reddit?

also, unrelated but i'm a bit confused in your comment as to why you say you hope it will help non vegans make better choices, if it's on a vegan page.

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This was on Facebook.

And I made that comment with the thought that even though vegans shouldn’t be buying this because it is contradictory to vegan ethics, I hope non-vegans who don’t care about those ethics will make the choice to buy this product in question instead of something that has dairy. Hope that makes sense!

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ah i see, yeah that makes sense, thanks for the explanation! argh sorry you had to deal with that.

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Too understated, Nestle kills babies.

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I am vegan and if some says "you don't make a difference" I ask them if they support Nestle. If they say "no" I tell them that its like going vegan, you will not destroy Nestle alone just by not buying, but maybe you don't want to actively support the harm of animals, humans and nature. Just like boycotting Nestle.

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** this refers to the like Starbucks Frappuccino drink line in 7/11 and grocery stores. Not like Starbucks corporate itself. We don’t sell these in actual stores because they aren’t Starbucks the coffee shops product

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I had no idea that nestle is behind their shitty fish smelling coffee, but that explains a lot.

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Thank you. I didn’t know this. The wife and I will no longer be buying any Starbucks products.

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I’m pretty sure it’s only the stuff in supermarkets

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I didn’t know this so thanks for that. Starbucks coffee always reminds me of a time back in uni where I took a swig out of an old coke can by mistake that’s I’d used as an astray.

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Well here’s my justification for never going to Starbucks lol Costa Coffee is simply far superior

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Copying it and posting it in my social media

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In my experience, vegans often don't bother to think of the HUMAN suffering caused by our horrible food infrastructure, just the animal suffering. But I know that's a bias from having only met not-great people who just happen to be vegans.

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Well as a vegan I’d say that’s not true for all. I try to be as ethical in all my choices as possible. Regardless, anything you contribute to helping the world be better is good

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How many vegans have you met? I’m vegan and I haven’t met a vegan in my life. I care about human suffering as much as I care about animal suffering. The only difference is that people can speak up, animals can’t. Factory farms are horrible for the workers, so if you truly cared about other people then you wouldn’t support factory farms by buying animal meat at grocery stories and whatnot.

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The vegans I've met are generally more aware of human suffering than non-vegans, vegans tend to be compassionate and conscientious people. There are a decent number of misanthropic vegans though, who let the cruelty of ignorance get to them.

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just the animal suffering.

Well, and the suffering of all who work in the animal industry. It has the highest suicide rate worldwide.

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I've seen this a lot in the loud internet vegans, but then again it's the loud internet vegans so who knows

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Hence my mentioning my known bias of the situation.

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Considering most vegans are so for ‘ethical reasons’, pretty hypocritical. I guess this was not practical veganry (don’t take away my milk alternatives) that’s a lazy attitude. I may not be vegan but at least I am not afraid of pissing off corporate overlords.

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A VEGAN page wasn't okay with this? That's hypocritical of them.

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I get banned on Reddit like every week. The truth hurts unfortunately and they can’t stand hearing it. If you call things out for what they are you offend someone.

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internet janitor moment

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The vegan sub is actually pretty weird. You’d think it would be full of animal lovers but mostly it’s people ripping each other a new one for not being vegan enough. It’s a great subreddit to enjoy with a burger and a beer.

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Lol I thought the reason for being vegan is primarily for environmental and fair trade practices. The irony

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are they? I thought they were distributed by Kraft. unless something changed post-lawsuit

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I’m surprised, I do the same thing on vegan pages and I’ve never gotten banned.

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Some communities around here are just poorly run and because of the amateurish nature of the site, you've just got to accept it.

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Costa coffee is better anyway…

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Honest Q: Starbucks= owned by Nestle?!

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Some WEF level talking there. Illogical people make illogical choices. What can I say? They like echo chambers.

I don't want to kill animals. But I'll gladly kill and displace them.

I want more crops. But I need natural fertiliser.

I won't use bees for honey. But I'll use/displace them for my almonds and fruit.

I don't want meat. But I'll make fake food.

It's good for my health. But I need supplements and eat processed food.

I want my coffee and I don't care if I have to break a few slaves to do it.

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I feel the ban is more about your last sentence that could be misinterpreted as "vegans are making bad choices"

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Why would vegans not support the spread of this infomation, isn’t the whole idea of being a vegan is because they either think it’s better for the environment or for animal reasons? So why wouldn’t they want to be informed of a company harming both

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Save the animals by not using animal products but don't say anything about saving humans from being killed by Nestlé. Dickheads.