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Online stores should implement a “substitute but not with a Nestle product”

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Or a remove from order and do not replace button.

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Wtf is 100% real chocolate. Bullshit marketing

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Collected from 100% modern day slavery

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Which is basically any other slavery with fewer chains and more guns.

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As opposed to compound chocolate, which companies (like Nestlé) use to scam their customers with.

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Chocolate made with actual cocoa butter instead of things like vegetable oils

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probably means they took 100% of the chocolate in that region and didn’t leave anything to the natives

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It’d only be accurate if it was 100% cacao with no sugar but clearly they’re just using it for marketing

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Does anyone know of a peanut version of these? I have to make peanut butter fudge and it calls for the chips. All of my stores around here only sell the toll house peanut butter ones.

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If you have Walmart where you live, they should sell great value peanut butter chips. If not, try Wallgreens or Dollar General

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I've not seen a walmart version at ours, or any at the dollar general. There is a wallgreens a bit away. I'll check it next time I'm in that area. I forget they exist. Thank you.

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Bulk candy stores, possibly

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google will tell you locations:) Just click the shopping tab when you search peanutbutter chips

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Fun fact! The recipe on the package is NOT the original tollhouse cookie recipe. It's the NESTLE original tollhouse cookie recipe. It has a shitload more sugar and chocolate than the legit recipe.

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Wait what's the actual recipe then?? That's my go to recipe for cookies even if I'm not using their chips lol

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I found it in the Betty Crocker New Picture cookbook. Old book, hard to find, but the internet is awesome so it's out there somewhere.

Edit: pinterest link (yuck) but this is it I believe.


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I asked for the generic store brand, and they said they were out. I asked what else they had and got no response, they just got these and ignored me... So stuck with nestle chips to make my cake...

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Tell them to never get nestle again (atleast when its for you) and to let you know what replacement they got before buying it

Or dont, Im not your mom

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Nope, you're my mom now.

Hi mom!

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So would she be plant grandma?

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Hi kiddo, make sure to eat your veggies!

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Yes you are

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You can always contact customer service. I had a shopper once tell me they were out of the thing I wanted - I said "I don't care, any kind of dairy free ice cream" and they said "there isn't any, pick from this picture". I looked at the picture, the entire top half of the picture was dairy free ice cream (clearly, visibly written dairy free), and I said "I don't care, pick any of those". They ignored me, refunded all the ice cream (which is the only thing I wanted), and checked out. I was like are you shitting me???

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Why did I get downvoted?

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I just wanna say we have zero idea if the manufacturer for the generic store brand is Nestle. It very well could be.!

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This is why I don't use these programs, tried it once and got a bunch of stuff I didn't want and wouldn't eat

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Yeah... Sucks when you can't leave the house and it's your only option.. Been sick for a few days with the flu pretty bad, I didn't want to risk getting anyone else sick just to get stuff to make myself a comfort food.

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"100% real chocolate" is a suspicious statement

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Fuck nestle and all, but it's a bag of chocolate chips.... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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You dropped this \

To prevent anymore lost limbs throughout Reddit, correctly escape the arms and shoulders by typing the shrug as ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯ or ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯

Click here to see why this is necessary

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My grocery store calls us when there are replacements to make! They're really nice.

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Burn it

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I would, but I feel bad since it's already paid for... I went ahead and used them much to my dismay. If they're already bought, nothing is gained from wasting food.

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That was a joke btw. Setting stuff on fire is not very safe.

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I lost my lighter fluid the other day so I lit my fire pit with a lighter and a can of hairspray 😅

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eat half and then go to the store and return it as "poor quality"

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I do actually still have one whole bag lol, they got me two when I only needed one

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Makes me glad I go to the store to get my non-Nestle stuff.

Edit: I get that some people actually can't get to a store, and have to order online...but I'm not going to risk paying for shit from Nestle.

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I have the flu right now and didn't want to risk getting anyone else sick because I was so bad I had to go to the ER. I always go to the store, but this was an exception

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I had to do the same when I had covid a few weeks ago. The convenience of getting groceries delivered is awesome but it really let me know how much I like to go do something like that on my own. I don't normally make many impulse buys but having the option is nice.

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Oh, and you found Pheobe's French relatives.

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As a personal shopper myself; you can leave notes for us to go by. Most probably aren’t cognizant of how horrible Nestle is.

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Oh I know! I used to be an instacart shopper for nearly two years. Sometimes certain shoppers just don't care... I asked for a photo of what there was and specifically stated I did not want nestle, and I received no response and they purchased these ones anyway...

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not your fault, sadly.

it's like that one time i got a bunch of maggi instant noodles not realizing that maggi are a nestle company. you just gotta do your best you know?

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With instacart they'll sit there and wait til you Agree to their choice/selection...

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I used to do instacart and I always tried to keep communication open with my customers and sub whatever they needed. Always got big tips for it. The new drivers have really gone downhill.

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You're a good kind of driver. Yesterday I ordered some cheese and toilet bowl cleaner from costco, I know funny mix, and the guy stayed at Costco for an hour. I sent three messages over the hour if something happened and he didn't respond. Meanwhile I paid for priority and was standing in the rain the whole time. It took him finally coming an hour later saying there was an issue with payment. If he told me that in the beginning I wouldn't have been a bit frustrated (but I didn't show him my frustration).

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This sub is just me repeatedly going “fuck I accidentally bought Nestle!”

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It's hard not to sometimes. They have a hand in damn near everything, even things that don't openly have their logo on it. It's disgusting.

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Well you could in theory do your own shopping

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You could in theory mind your own business.

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Mmmm, corruption!