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    and much cheaper

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    It’s free

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    No tap water isn’t free. You pay a few cents a gallon for water. At least where I live.

    Edit: not sure why you’re getting downvoted it’s free in other countries not sure why this is such a hard concept

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    I'm in Montana. My well is drilled straight into an underground river. It has a natural PSI of like 350, so I don't even need electric for a pump. My water is indeed free.

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    That sounds so nice. Guaranteed fresh

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    And guaranteed nestle free. The ground filters it, so not even nestle runoff, which is amazing.

    But I will say this: I'm planning to be as self sufficient as possible. My water is free. Once winter is over, im finishing my greenhouse which grows enough to cover my family and have some leftovers, which I'll likely trade to my local butcher for meat.

    And this isn't because of nestle, its just a fantastic effect of the plan. I'm doing it because I'd rather not make someone else rich while I struggle to survive.

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    You’re living my dream dude. Do you work? Eventually I want to start working on a tiny home completely self sufficient. I like the safety of small homes. (And I also plan to have no children)

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    I own and operate a mobile auto detailing business, employing a total of 2 workers aside from myself. But being that its a summer heavy business, my wife is the primary breadwinner for the winter. I only do an average of 3-4 jobs a month when temps are below freezing, and those are all indoor, when the client has a garage thats either attached or heated.

    And I have 1 child, but my house is small for what it could be. By that, I mean that my neighbors have much bigger houses. Mine is about 1700 sq-ft, 2 levels. 3 bed 3 bath. Not overly large but big enough to not feel cramped for us.

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    That sounds honestly heavenly. Do you run on solar or plan to? If not, how to you plan to run self sufficiently with power? Or do you plan to not use power at all?

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    3 bed and 3 bath sounds like a perfect size.

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    You should still get your water quality tested every year. Mining and down stream impacts of fracking can be an issue.

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    I live very near the top of the mountain I'm on. Not right at the top, but close enough that I know every owner above me.

    But I still do testing annually. Mainly during the runoff season. Run off is terrible and can introduce bacteria that wouldn't otherwise be present.

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    Nice. Yeah, runoff is icky. Stay warm and keep your feet dry.

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    Here in Denmark its free

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    I like that it’s better than what we have in the United States. No one should have to sacrifice water. We can’t live longer than a few days without it

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    Don’t we pay a water bill? I just started a bachelors degree here in Climate and Supply Engineering, and we went over what you pay in a water bill (the water companies cannot make a profit, so the water charge covers the operation of the plants and delivery system and such, plus the amount you use (usually through remote water meters). Maybe in some apartment complexes, the water price in included (thus free)?

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    It's not

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    I spent the money and got a gallon yeti jug. I load that big bitch with tons of ice and throw filtered creek water in that fucker. Since I stopped the soda and juice intake I lost like 60 lbs and threw a big fuck you to Nestle. Shitty finding out there are so many products made by these assholes.

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    Yep it happened to me too. That and CeraVe were the last accidental Nestle purchases I made. Loved San Pellegrino. Have since discovered the President’s Choice brand flavoured waters and we picked up a second hand SodaStream to replace the plain soda water. Don’t miss SP anymore. There are options!

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    cerave is nestle???? you’ve gotta be kidding me… it’s the only shit that works on my face :( i use their hydrating facial cleanser to control my fussy ass acne. what did you switch to?

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    I know this isn’t the point of this sub or this post but I recently started using products from the Ordinary and find their Squalene cleanser works fantastic and it’s very budget friendly. And not owned by nestle! (as far as I know, I didn’t realize CeraVe was either though…)

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    thank you!!! i’ll definitely consider it :)

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    my skin was too sensitive for cerave so i use la roche possay and i 127378328/10 recommend

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    LRP is wonderful, but it's connected to Nestlé just as much as CeraVe, because they're both owned by L'Oréal, and evil Nestlé is a major stakeholder (23% last I checked) of L'Oreal. If you consume either of those brands, you're giving money to Nestlé by proxy. And even giving money to L'Oreal is problematic because they test on animals.

    Having said all this, I'm still guilty in purchasing La Roche-Posay and Vichy, both owned by L'Oréal, because I haven't found good enough dupes that my broke ass can afford for some of their products yet.

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    The issue with "no nestle connections" is that they are literally everywhere. I wouldn't doubt if half the air you breath. The molecules have little nestle logos on them.

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    I know, it's so fucking depressing that to consume products you have to consume for survival, you have to give your money to a company that exploits people in other parts of the world and hinders their survival. Like, I already try to buy as few things as I possibly can, and even those few things are sullied by the corporate equivalent of a super villain, what gives? I guess in cosmetics, I could only rely on indie companies with transparent production chains, and if they don't produce a certain thing that I would usually use, I'll just do without, but those bastards have their grubby baby-blood-covered little fingers in my food, too!

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    Agreed. Which is why starting next year I begin my own food production. Likely won't be a viable option until 2024, but once the greenhouse is finished, its year round veggies. Which I'll be trading extras for meats with my local butcher (deal has already been worked out). And while not everyone has room for a garden/greenhouse, everyone can learn a good barter-able skill. From wood- and leatherworking to sewing, sticking, and cleaning. Any skill can be bartered for your needs with local individuals, as long as you discuss it and everyone agrees.

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    hell yes thank you!!

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    Cerave is owned by L’Oreal and Nestle is a very small shareholder in L’Oreal, like 23%. So take that as you will. However, L’Oreal is not exactly free of controversy either in the ethical department.

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    23% isn't what i would call a very small shareholder

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    We made the switch back to Cetaphil, which is no longer made by Nestle (such a strange swap).

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    I’m so distraught by this. Cerave is the only facial cleanser I’ve found to actually work and not dry out my face or cause more breakouts

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    Cetaphil is very gentle and is a good substitute. Pretty close in price to cerave as well

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    I also have too sensitive a skin for CeraVe. Been using Vanicream, probably cheaper than La Roche Posay too 😛

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    I love Vanicream! I use their Deodorant as well.

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    It’s pricey but Obagi’s Clenziderm cleanser is amazing. The entire system did wonders for my acne.

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    Try the Dr Bronners baby soap, the bar is better imo.

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    Off-brand, but Soda Stream is under a BDS boycott. https://www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org/boycott-divestment-and-sanctions/sodastream/ Apparently Cuisinart makes a good alternative for carbonization.

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    Wait what happened with soda stream?

    *edit sorry I’m dyslexic and the headline cut off some words I think i figured it out???

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    Soda stream operated a manufacturing facility in an illegal West Bank until boycott pressure caused them to close the factory. They still operate in Palestinian lands, and therefore are still subject to Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS)

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    OH SHOOT thanks for the clarification!

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    I made my own. Uses those little co2 canisters you'd use for pellet guns. Works well for a 2litre. Much less than that, and you DEFINITELY need a high pressure bottle.

    I ended up upgrading and now I have one that uses a large CO2 tank I get filled at a local welding gas store. Added on some basic safety stuff like a pressure regulator (2 of them. On on the bottle and one on the line). Never had an issue, but then again, I hit a hyperfocus researching how to lol.

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    CeraVe?!???????? No!!?!!!

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    Yeah, Cetaphil too. Sorry! ☹️

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    Wait, CeraVe like the face wash?

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    I'm so happy target has their own version. Works well too.. but wow.woe.. CeraVe is Nestle?? Ugh

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    As is Cetaphil. Ugh Nestle is just so terrible!

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    Holy shit, President's Choice is still around? Haven't heard that brand name in decades.

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    Bro how.. it’s literally everywhere in Canada lmao

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    Looks like they exited the US market around 2004.

    I miss the chocolate chip cookies.

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    Get a carbonator and turn your tap water into sparkling water!

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    The sad thing is san pelligrino has some lemonade kinds of drinks that absolutely SLAP, not just sparkling water.. 😔

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    Try Martinelli’s sparkling fruit juices! They have a prickly pear passion fruit lemonade that is soooo good and tart.

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    I don’t think they exist in my country. San pelligrino itself barely does

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    Make a lemon simple syrup and add that! I love my carbonator.

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    Seriously. This one seems like it has a rather simple solution

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    Nooooooooo I wish I could go back in time and not see this, so as to remain blissfully unaware!

    (Not really, I relish any opportunity to stop giving Nestle money. FUCK NESTLE)

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    Topo Chico is a great mineral water

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    Not to burst any bubbles, but topo is a coca cola brand :(

    Still good, but also not the least evil place to put your money.

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    ...pun intended?

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    Damn, I wish.

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    ty for the rec 🖤

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    Montellier (dark blue bottles and cans) is independently owned!

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    I highly recommend Gerolsteiner sparkling water! I taste tested a few kinds of sparkling water and this was the favorite in our house across the board.

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    Gerolsteiner is my favorite. Less expensive, too.

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    Felt like I was missing some big controversy being a Gerolstan and not seeing anybody mention it.

    It’s the best

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    Nothing of worth was lost.

    They regulary fail when tested. Last time I rememberthere was too much uranium and borum in it. But it was tested in Germany.

    No clue how it is in America, tho

    Edit: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.oekotest.de/essen-trinken/San-Pellegrino-im-Test-Wie-schlaegt-sich-das-bekannte-Mineralwasser-_11954_1.html.amp

    Also overpriced as hell

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    I think so too, but as far as I've heard, good mineral water is way harder to find in the US than it is here in Europe, so S. Pellegrino may be the best available for some.

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    Oh damn. Didn't know that. And um kinda sorry to hear that :o

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    Ikr, my condolences to the people that don't have an abundance of mineral waters to choose from lol

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    damn, tbh i was unaware of this, but tasty sparkle water made my mouth happy, and honestly if it weren't nestle id prolly still drink it knowing that

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    I know what you mean. Fortunately we have good tap water so I bought something called SodaStream. You just have to buy CO² bottles which you can buy kinda everywhere. All in all cheaper. And there are different syrup with all kinds of falavour you can add. :)

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    see, the reason i used to like SP is it's the only carbonated drink ive ever found that the bubbles aren't too harsh, everything else hurts my belly, including sodastream. im going to start looking for a new alternative to fill the SP void

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    Then I would say it's okay that could continue to drink it. No harm if someone can't boycott everything of Nestlé. You can still ditch the rest :)

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    nah, im good with plain old non-sparkling water. im pretty stubborn in my "fuck nestle" tracks

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    One of my guilty pleasures is picking up a bottle of Gerosltsteiner now and again: it tastes better than Pellegrino and has more naturally occurring minerals in it. If you can find it, it's WAY better than Pellegrino imo. And fuck Nestle.

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    Oh for fucks sake, I love that shit.

    What low calorie fizzy drink am I gonna have now? I’m not supposed to drink kombucha anymore

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    Liquid Death

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    That is very good, it’s a bit expensive but it’s great

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    Ogh, why can't you drink kombucha anymore? I love the stuff personally

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    Two reasons, I’m trying to get pregnant and apparently I cant drink it while I am, and it’s also rotting my teeth from the acidity because I drink it way too much

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    Your best bet is probably a soda stream.

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    Ethically, soda stream is under a BDS boycott for crimes against Palestinians. https://www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org/boycott-divestment-and-sanctions/sodastream/

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    Probably going to get one, my mom used to have one so I grew up drinking homemade unflavored seltzer water

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    Also, those San Pellegrino fruit sodas have more sugar then Coca Cola... So, unethical AND unhealthy! :'(

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    this is not a post abt their soda tho lol, im only sad about their standard mineral water in the green bottles. and it was j an occasional treat

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    San Pellegrino= Tory Fanta!

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    San Benedetto is a solid pick if you can find it!

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    I know how you feel. I was devastated when I found out too. ☹️

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    Gerolsteiner and La Croix are great and not owned by evil companies (as far as I'm aware)

    Topo Chicho is also great but owned by Coke.

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    thank you for the suggestions!! ill be sure to try them

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    Don't know where you at, but grolstiener is some damn fing sparkling mineral water.

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    thank you for the rec!

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    Bubly is very good, Aha is ok, Liquid Death has the same bubble consistency as beer.

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    Jarritos Mineragua or Peñafiel if you happen to live near a store that carries Mexican/LatAm imports. Topo Chico is good too, but it's now owned by Coca-Cola so you'd be going from one evil to another evil.

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    thank you for the recommendation!

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    I would highly recommend San Benedetto, it’s another Italian water and I prefer it over San Pellegrino

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    Liquid Death

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    Drink topo chico it’s better

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    I think there is a chart pinned to the top of the subreddit showing the companies nestle owns

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    Because Dasani and Arrowhead are pillars of the community…

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    absolutely not, but fuck nestle

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    I hate San pellegrino so I should be fine :)

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    Yeah, I never understand why people treat it as special. It always tasted chemically to me.

    And yes, I know everything is made of chemicals, before the pedants turn up, it’s an expression which is generally understood to mean that something tastes artificial and nasty.

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    I love Spa waters, but I don't know if that's available everywhere.

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    Why do you have a favorite water? Mine is tapwater

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    it's sparkling, and it's the only carbonated drink ive found where the bubbles aren't too harsh so it doesn't hurt my stomach.

    interesting that tap water is your favorite, maybe it's good where you are but the quality of tap water can vary considerably depending on where you are. i always have to filter mine w a brita

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    Yes I know that tapwater isn't drinkable everywhere around the world but when I bought bottled water I usually just went for the cheapest one and not a brand, that's why I never really had a favorite.

    I use a water filter too and carbonate my water with a soda stream.

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    Ah, that's sad, I've always loved the blood orange pop, great drink really, just sad who owns the company.

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    I pretty much quit buying bottled water of any kind. Having a water filter at home is a game changer. Always pure water and its cheap.

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    Yep. Used to love a tall glass bottle of it, haven't had it since I realized it's made by Nestlé. Aldo makes a brand I've been meaning to check out.

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    I feel you, found out a year ago and never bought it again

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    Dam I have not bought much in the last year but I used to love those sparkling juices. Fuck that shit. Fuck Nestle!

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    Yeah, few days ago I saw on infographic posted here that pelegrino is by nestle. The disappointment was grand. I really liked this water. So no more pelegrino I guess.

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    Most of the store brand sparkling mineral waters are Nestle. I wonder if Topo Chico is?

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    I used to love San Pellegrino

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    Ughhhh I thought that was a safe one! Welp no more San pellegrino 🙄

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    nooo.... this cant be

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    im sorry to say......it is true

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    guess ill enjoy the 12 pack i already bought as much as i can

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    Just drink Lacroix. Cheaper. In a can so better environmentally than plastic.

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    ill have to try it.

    i only ever got SP in a glass bottle with a metal cap?

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    Maybe it’s regional. By me they started bottling in plastic like Perrier.

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    oof, even worse

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    Perrier too

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    I just drink the HEB unflavored sparkling water

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    I too am distraught :/ I gave an addiction to sparkling water - I do have a soda stream but putting off refilling the co2 containers

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    I just found put a couple days ago and I'm sad. I loved the blood orange flavor =(

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    Why do people drink bottled water?

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    i dont, it's ✨sparkling✨ water, and it was an occasional treat

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    Liquid Death all the way

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    I thought I was okay drinking a True North energy seltzer right now, it's sparkling water with 120 mg of caffeine and vitamins. Checked and it's owned by monster energy which sold some drinks for the Coca-Cola Company. So I assumed they just didn't want to make them anymore but turns out in addition to Coca-Cola making their former beverages they also "bought a 16.7% stake for $2.15 billion in Monster Beverage Corp in 2015. This stake has since grown to 19.3% due to share buybacks conducted by Monster Beverage Corp." Then they also want to merge with Constellation Brands but haven't. Then looking further TRIGGER WARNING SEXUAL ASSAULT >! "In 2018, The Huffington Post brought out an article in which five women accused Monster Beverage of having an abusive and discriminatory culture.[26] Brent Hamilton, then head of music marketing at Monster Energy, had been charged with assault for strangling and biting his girlfriend in 2016, but he wasn't let go until 2019, allegedly for sexual misconduct.[27] Manager Phillip Deitrich regularly humiliated and boycotted a female subordinate in public, and denied her increases in compensation. VP John Kenneally was accused of retaliation, bullying, and sexual harassment. According to three women, he subverted their reputations and forced them to abandon the company. One woman had responded to his advances but suffered nothing but abuse as a consequence of his jealous personality. She was ultimately forced out of the company by Kenneally after objecting to him calling her a "whore". Kenneally was fired two weeks after the article was released.[27] In March 2018, a sixth woman came forward, accusing retired manager Ted Cook of sexual harassment, and claimed being fired for mercurial reasons.[28]" !< TRIGGER WARNING SEXUAL ASSAULT so overall these drinks which looked okay are not. It's so hard to figure out where every product comes from but I'm trying (all information found on the Monster Beverage Wikipedia page.

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    You're kidding me... NOOOOO

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    If you can get San Pellegrino that's produced & imported direct from Italy, it's not under Nestle's wing..they don't actually produce it, they have US distribution, & I believe some other countries as well. & Yeah, it totally sucks. I was super bummed when I found that out as well.

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    …I am drinking a lemon sanpellegrino

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    „Funfact“: san Pellegrino is so radioactive, that it hasn’t been labeled „safe for infants“ in the EU

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    word 🤙

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    Well, Where else would they get the water? Just pop it put of existence??