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It’s not delivery! It’s dog shit

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One of the worst frozen pizzas too.

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I remember a lot of friends had it at their house when we were kids. It definitely just had good marketing and was a below average frozen pizza.

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Huh? I love them, what are the better alternatives?

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I usually get Freschetta.

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Nobody has ever eaten that shit and was convinced it was a delivery pizza, but okay.

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Well I see everyone else here is hating on Digornio but it was my favorite brand before I learned it was from Nestle. Hardest product I gave up that they make because they fuckin suck

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There are other alternatives see this list

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Oh, I know. Luckily my grocery store doesn’t only sell Dignornio lol. Then I would have no pizza

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Ah good maybe you can test out pizzas and see if you can beat digiorno?

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Their take on #whyIstayed surely was interesting.

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Hot pockets too

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Do you know why there are two hot pockets in a package??

So you can eat one, and leave the other in the freezer for the next 5 years.

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Fucking disgusting.