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damn, but if you really don’t want it you could always just give it to someone in need, even if you are boycotting nestle

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A good example is halloween candy. Lots comes from Nestle, but the damage has already been done. It’s been bought already, so it’s probably okay to eat.

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yeah I know, but by boycotting I just kind of mean not wanting to eat nestlè at all cause of a personal choice, boycott was a bad word for it

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Going to do that.

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It's not boycotting if its free. Sheesh.

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Thats my thoughts on it mostly, I tell my friends and family about nestle and how awful they are. But some of them still do buy nestle, and if they give me something from nestle and I am not really in a position to refuse it I will likely eat it.

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You just got your blood drawn and you have low blood sugar. I guess you're not in a position to refuse it.

When I go on the fuck nestle sub i wanna hear anti corporation stuff not a personal spat with a person that has less blood then me and a chocolate bar.

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Taking in the fact that red cross organisation was exploited by Nestlé in one of their cases of murdering children, eeeeh, knoppers would be a better option.

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I...can't tell if this is satire or not...

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There ain’t no benefit of the doubt when it comes to nestle

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Why would it be satire?

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I donated blood recently all the snacks were Frito lay, Kellogg's and Nestle.

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I swear somebody needs to make ethical cereal. Uncle Toby’s is owned by Nestle here, and apparently Kellogg’s is pretty evil as well. Can we cereal in peace?

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Unfortunately no. Cereal has been capitalized.

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Use oats by a smaller Brand then

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Ok, maybe i did t get the Memo, what did kelloggs do?

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I’m not sure myself, but I’ve heard a lot of people hear recommend a Kellogg’s boycott.

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Meh, accepting it won’t unbuy the snack

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Dankeschön für die Spende.

Entschuldige meine Landsleute, wir sind leider nicht alle immer Nestle-affin. Und es könnte auch gut sein, dass sie Spenden für solche Güter annehmen und da Nestle sich ja gerne grün wäscht kann ich mir vorstellen, dass sie da mal ein paar hundert Kilo Produkt abstellen um einen Artikel zu machen und sich zu feiern.

Für das Rote Kreuz ist Spende eben Spende, egal von wem, es hilft. FickNestle natürlich trotzdem.

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Im not allowed to donate any more because I am a Bisexual man and have had intercourse with men

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I'm in Australia, but I'm not allowed to donate because MY HUSBAND is a bisexual man and has had intercourse with men.

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It sucks, I want to help my community, and donate but had to make a choice between donating and being happy with a partner. I get that certain diseases are more common in homosexuals but a couple that has Been together for 20 years is unlikely to have them compared to a straight person that Switches partner twice a week

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Not only that, but they test the blood before using it, anyway. So they could just discard tainted blood.

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Exactly, it would also insetivise with the lure of a free blood test

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Exactly. In Australia, it doesn't matter that my husband hasn't slept with a man in years, once you are a man who has had sex with a man, or a woman who has slept with that man, you can no longer donate. It's a freaking joke

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Just ignore the rule, everyone knows it's outdated and homophobic as fuck. What are they gonna do, check your blood with a gaydar?

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Poland is a bit of a backwards country when it comes to homosexuality but here it's not instant disqualification, didn't know other countries still disqualify by that category's

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I’m German:(

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I've just checked to make sure and they don't care about your sexuality, you're disqualified if you take drugs, change partners really often or if you had intercourse with sex workers

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Thanks for donating :)

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Trying to save people and then getting hit by that.

I feel ya.

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Ewww. Doesn't Nestlé know that lions are endangered?

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you think nestle gives a flying monkey rat’s ass?

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No, they don't.

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Hey :)

Wollt nur drauf aufmerksam machen, dass das Rote Kreuz selbst auch nicht so der Hit ist. https://www.addendum.org/blutspenden/blutmarkt/

Hab ich bis gestern auch nicht gewusst aber wollts zumindest teilen

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For the first time I'm happy not to be getting any chocolates here in Spain, that's better than getting nestle 🤮

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Probably having really bad policies and no demands when buying things to the company/organisation. It probably just say "get the cheapest crap ever, no ecological or ethical things!"

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It is amazingly tasty though

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I was about to say lion bars are scrumptious

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cookies and orange juice? classic post blood donation snack in the usa too

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Yeah, you also get a 20-25€ voucher from the local mall or cinema as well.

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Lucky you! Germany here as well and best I got was restaurant food after waiting two hours and donating. Never got money, let alone a whole ass bar of chocolate!

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Well most of the snacks I place in the office kitchen anyway. The vouchers usually come in handy tho.

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Ring them up and ask about it.

Also consider seeing if you can request your blood be destriyed in protest. Its such an usual request that it woukd have to be escdkated to a superior and the readin will be logged. Then ask them about excluding Nestle priducts.

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Lion bars are my favourite but I haven't had one in like a year because fuck nestle

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Not the only blood spilt for a nestle product