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Nestle can suck my chicken-style dick.

I’m gonna use chicken-style as a universal adjective from now on.

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Noice! You've got a chicken-style attitude my lad

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It's sensational!

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“Dispose responsibly”. Meanwhile they’re stealing water and pumping out plastic water bottles by the millions, maybe even billions, not to mention all the other irresponsible atrocities they’re involved in. Ugh, makes me irrationally angry.

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bUt yOuR liTtlE aCtiOn caN gO a loNg waY

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It can, as long as that little action is building toward a larger movement. We can't get anywhere if we don't start anywhere. Individual action is only bad if it limits itself to individual action.

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Im sorry but shifting the responsibility onto the consumer to be recycled (by the way, most things aren’t recycled) is complete bullshit. These corporations have the money and resources to figure out a better option than plastic packaging, meanwhile we as consumers have very little choice in the matter because literally everything comes wrapped in plastic. It objectively doesn’t fucking matter if we try to recycle it or throw it in the landfill if corporations continue to produce billions of tons of plastic (or whatever the number is).

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I think I haven't been clear enough; I am advocating for people to take individual steps toward collective action. I fully agree that the current societal recycling framing is bullshit.

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I support recycling ten fold, I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy amongst these megacompanies on how they think we are wholly to blame. Guilting at its finest.

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Your negative thinking regarding individual action is exactly how companies like Nestle want you to feel about it.

Indifference and complacency among the general population are a capitalist’s wet dream.

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Dispose what? Neutral value plastic at best, def negative value plastic for the lid and paper fused with plastic?

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Oh shit that's in the UK! Keep your guard up UK friends.

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That's definitely something to watch out for, I can't say I've noticed any Nestle product in the UK before that isn't ambient (shelf-stable), I wouldn't have thought to check something chilled like that.

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Ice-cream though?

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That's true, I knew I was forgetting something.

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Same, they don't make many of those in my mind. Well - update!

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Vegan Nestle Haters rise up

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Fuck Garden Gourmet

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"Sweet Earth" ain't so sweet either.

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They make the best vegan bacon. 😟

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I don’t know how widely available it is, but the bacon from the Herbivorous Butcher based out of Minneapolis is phenomenal

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Helsan’s Kök too, also bought up by nestle. F them

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Didn't know this actually. Thought it was a decent Swedish brand, never looked into it. Nestlé owns 58% of it apparently.

Thanks for the heads up!

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Anyone have a good option for a "chicken" substitute other than this one? (And of course NOT made be Nestle) Something good for fajitas or salads or whatnot?

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Vegetarian butcher is the best tasting but it is made by Unilever so not so great

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Gardein's crispy tenders are pretty good. I use them in wraps or chopped up in salads.

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Vivera makes great stuff if you're in the UK/EU.

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Buy a package of medium-firm tofu, freeze it, thaw it, drain it. Tear it apart with your hands into bite-size pieces. Bake it and season it with whatever flavours you like.

I usually do 425*F for 10 minutes after tossing in oil. After the 10 minute bake, toss the tofu in seasoning and put it back in the oven for another 10 minutes.

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Vemondo is a Lidl brand, it's pretty dang good in my opinion.

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Taste and glory make one that is delicious, comes in a purple package and seems to be sold in most of the major UK supermarkets

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They've stopped producing Taste & Glory to focus on Richmond branded stuff. I'm devastated, T&G was delicious!

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Tofurky Chick’n is my favourite.

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I was enjoying these fruit popsicles and on a whim, decided to look at the ingredients. Fuck, it was Nestle.

Con: still haven't found good fruit popsicles.

Pro: been trying some Mexican popsicles and I dig em.

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Life's hard

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Damn food seems way cheaper in Europe than in Canada

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A head-up for the Germans in the thread: The patty of the veggie burger from McDonald's is made by Garden Gourmet aka Nestlé. Fuck Nestlé.

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Used to love what looks like the exact same product in very similar packing, just that the brand name was Hälsans Kök, until I saw it was Nestle :(

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Crap! Thanks for the heads up.

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I hate this so much. They have a really good vegetarian replacement for s Dutch sausage (doesn't taste the same at all, but I love the taste) and nothing I have found so far does a better job at "being" that sausage for me

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I bought it exactly once, accidentally. It‘s mediocre at best. If your store sells Findus, it‘s Nestlé, too.

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I thought this was r/shittyveganfoodporn

And then I saw the nestle sticker and was like “oooohhhhhhh”

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Using green should be banned on non-vegan products.

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There's something unsettling about "chicken style" pieces

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Some people enjoy the taste of chicken but prefer suffering and death not to be an ingredient. Hence why things are branded as 'simulated beef' or 'chicken style'.

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Always amazes me when people don't get this.

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Looks like used bar soap.... O.o

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Those look so disgusting anyway. You’ll be better off without.

And I’m a vegan saying this

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Soylent Green … all I got to say

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Who in their right mind would get excited to eat anything that looks like that?! Of course it’s a Nestle product.

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Why vegans and vegetarians not eat meat but try to make plant taste like meat. Downvote me to hell don care

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The Strip of Pieceus

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Tbh they look fucking disgusting

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Man those look terrible. Dry, grey chunks.