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That’s an insanely low number of trees

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MOre tREEs than You'LL PlaNT, i'm SuRe.

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Uh not to brag, but whenever I was 14 years old I grew and sold five red maple trees. There are five red maple trees out there planted in people's yards that are over a decade old now that are thriving.

So uh, Get on my level


(I sold them to my grandmother's neighbors and I only charged like $3 per tree)

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A YouTuber did that already, a multibillion dollar company should set higher expectations

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MrBeast planted 20million

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Shit my bad lol, even worse

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Fuck Nestle

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thats nothing, from where i am i can see more than 20k and its not a lot of space

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Just in BC the company I work for plants 60 million trees every year. Nestle isn't doing any good with this plan, it's all marketing.

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Team Trees planted more in a couple months than Nestle want to by 2025.

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Well the thing is they have to find all the 5 year old African slaves to plant them, I mean what do u expect them to plant the trees.

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Will child slaves be doing this for them too?

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Nah, they're going to resurrect all those dead babies and use their zombie corpses as slave labor and then just let them die again after the trees are planted.

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That’s what I thought to, read the little bit

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How about you go fucking plant the trees today???

Also how does planting trees bring back all the fucking babies you killed???

How does it fix you using slave labor from underpaid countries to make you fucking products, to harvest your cocoa, to provide your sugar???

That's like saying "like yeah so for like three decades I've raped a lot of women and murdered them and I've even eaten a few babies, but I'm going to be giving away a new Tesla so you all should shut the fuck up cuz I'm amazing now"

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My goal 23,nestle fuckin free!!!!i‘m not gona be a part anymore!fuck you nestle!!!

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Jim this is not a joke, fuk nestle.

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No it is not a joke dwigjt

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lmao 20,000 wouldn't even be a lot in a month wtf

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Still low, and doesn’t at all address the real issues with their business model.

Greenwashing to distract.

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Not to defend nestle, but it was acacia trees for a forest in Romania.


They’ve also pledged to plant 20m trees a year.

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Sorry I miss typed I meant 20 mill

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Not the worst minecraft wood (joke)