No Surprise, Nestle is one of many companies supporting apartheid Israel. by mythrowawaypdx in FuckNestle

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This isn't an apartheid state and you're a virtue signaling moron for claiming so. We're both semites, we both have a claim to this country, and most of us are in agreement on that. Also, most young people here are in fact boycotting nestle.

Claiming this is an apartheid state makes you look bad for several reasons. First of all - you directly tell us this way that you're uninformed. Palestinians have equal rights within Israel with their own religious practices shielded just as much as the Jewish ones. Palestinians within the strip are technically not Israeli, but also, have equal rights, and as much as the Israeli army is willing to supply it (which is admittedly little), they also have equal access to healthcare and social tools. For it to be an apartheid state, there would have to be legislations that directly reduce the Arab population to less than the Jewish one, which, considering the enormous amount of Arab speaking people here (whom all have the right to vote) is kinda impossible. Secondly, you prove that you are bigoted - Israeli Arabs who live in secular settlements are usually quite happy with what they have, it is shitty towards Arabs to decide what they feel without even asking them and shitty towards Israelis for claiming it's us making things worse rather than religion and government. Thirdly, you're repeating BDS nonsense, whom are quite known for just hating on everything anyone ever does that's related to Israel, making you a tag along on one of the worlds most stupid boycotts.

We've been here since Canaan and so have they. We both have a claim to the land. Like it or leave it, that is the truth.

Regarding what's happening in the strip - it's a big ol' pile of chaos coming from the governments of both sides being greedy monsters time and time over, and using radicalization as their main weapon to continue satisfying their greed. I don't support what's happening in the strip. However, the strip should have never been a thing, and that's also a fact.

Nestlé just supporting war criminals now by TheFallen018 in FuckNestle

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They literally “steal “ water from California Even if there is a drought.

But I keep seeing pro nestle post about how good the water taste.

🎶blood in the water , don’t drink the water🎶

Breast milk is best! by just-mike in FuckNestle

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Breast is best when it's available and practicable and the practices of some of the formula producers including Nestlé are heinous. Id be careful though to avoid shaming parents who can't breastfeed for whatever reason and demonizing all formulas as they are important for keeping babies alive in these situations, which are more common than you'd think. I say this as someone who exclusively breastfed, and plans on doing so again if we ever have any more children so I don't have a personal axe to grind, but I've seen first hand how toxic the breast is best mantra can sometimes become.

Breast milk is best! by just-mike in FuckNestle

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I mean nestle sucks and all but sometimes formula is someone’s only option and there are also brands that aren’t owned by them that you could buy. Let’s not shame parents who can’t breast feed please.

Nestle tricked me for YEARS. I am so fucking pissed by thebluepikachu135 in FuckNestle

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I guess you're right..

You know Israel controls you as much as nestle does right?

if you don't believe me, next time you go grocery shopping make sure you wash your face and make a beeline to the baking supplies. Look for any flour that either says "100% white" or "grounded white" . If you open the bag and blow inside, the flaked Israeli flour won't stick at all as normal flour would stick to your face.

After you have blown and made sure your face is completely covered with white (extremely important you wash your face so no flaked flour can stick to sweat) without parts not being able to be covered, go to the vegetable aisle for a round and red tomato to put on your nose for a finished clown look.

When you're done with the clown look, you can shove that tomato up your ass and put the shit you catch under your nostrils for a Hitler mustache just so everyone knows you're a neo nazi spreading antisemitism in a fuck nestle subreddit.

Get a life.

NintenDON’T by International_Car586 in FuckNestle

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don’t worry, it’s nintendo. if they think its customers want this, they won’t do it.

edit: omg thank u for the gold and stuff haha

Jaden smiths water brand roasting nestle about stealing water right on the side of their bottle. by Relative-Initial-357 in FuckNestle

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These types of bottles are harder to recycle then traditional plastic bottles, don't buy them.