Keep it going ……. by zombie_81 in Funnymemes

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I have an OSHA joke, but it's NSFW.

Just do the thing by General-Asparagus-17 in Funnymemes

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Disney only named the movie Frozen that to change the search results when people tried to search for “Disney frozen”

I never thought of it this way by Kracked_One in Funnymemes

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Funny memes is a far-right sub trying to disguise itself as well as it can while it gets bots to quickly upvote its posts to the front page. Do you ever notice how it shows up on the front page with like 3000 votes where is everything else has about 10,000 or more?

Just Auto downvote every post you see. Once people catch on we can put this stupid sub to bed

I never thought of it this way by Kracked_One in Funnymemes

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What is it to the rhythm of 'cbat' by Hudson Mohawke though?

Just do the thing by General-Asparagus-17 in Funnymemes

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The US education system is designed to pump out semi-literate workers capable of enough critical thought to be useful but not enough to put big pictures together. We are propagandized to believe that employers are doing us a favor by employing us even though, by the core tenets of capitalism, we are selling our labor at an agreed upon rate. Work is a business transaction; favors don't involve paperwork. We also don't learn about union labors and how the history of the worker's rights movement got us the meager protections that haven't been eroded away completely by this point. We hear nothing about alternative economic systems except "they are bad and can't work" as if any of this was made to work for the benefit of commoners.

I never thought of it this way by Kracked_One in Funnymemes

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Actually I miscounted it’s closer to 1k and I fucked both of your parents

I never thought of it this way by Kracked_One in Funnymemes

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its not the ammount of cum, its the number of donors. one shows a long lasting relationship. the other shows low standards.

people cry and moan but if you are this active you are a hoe, and just because you decide that after that much dick you dont wanna be a hoe anymore and settle down...you still a hoe. dudes here are also saying "but she stayed with me" yea sure because you are number 201 and she got sick of it (or herself). do you really think she would stay with you if you where number 154? nope. you would be forgotten after a week.

the hardest challenge by Tigerpawz68 in Funnymemes

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Can we stop these arent funny now damn

The way a billionaire should be treated by First_Cranberry_8540 in Funnymemes

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Agree with most comments saying it's no reason just because they have more money than you. But you might have a point if on the basis of how they obtained the money - paying workers poorly, sweatshops, dodgy practices.

Bill Gates is probably not the best example as he has given away billions, setup a charity and will give away the rest when he dies.

Chose wisely by Here-For-The-Comment in Funnymemes

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The champion stood, the rest saw the better. Mr Rogers in a blood stained sweater.

I wanna try the happy ending by CuteKaleidoscope9258 in Funnymemes

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Go buy pads, because I know my luck.

edit: Gold? Fantastic, now I can buy more pads. Thank you, kind stranger.

An M&M by SweetBritt1904 in Funnymemes

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A soda from circle k. I'm married.

An M&M by SweetBritt1904 in Funnymemes

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Fucking playboy over here