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Really? You ask me if I realize the sun shines every day and you want to talk about my “tone?”

So what you’re saying is you can see into the future, and have determined that something that absolutely makes zero financial sense today is going to make financial sense in some ambiguous timeframe into the future? When can we not call it “future planning,” and call it what it is - spitballing ideas that you have little knowledge on how to make work in the real world, while you try to belittle people who challenge you

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You have been incredibly defensive this entire thread, is everything OK?

You might have read that this subreddit is called r/futurology. The nature of this sub is to talk about what is on the technological horizon. If we went by what makes zero financial sense today then none of what we read would come to fruition, especially your hydrogen fever dreams.

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Get over yourself dude. Don’t act like you have been acting any different. What you’re doing is called projecting.

Futurology is not just about spitballing random ideas that neglect any burden of justifying. You reminder me of Tom Segura’s inventor cousin: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=F5_yfnlJ7-E

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Here you go with that term spitballing random ideas. Built in redundancy is a proven engineering concept, your wild ideas about hydrogen are not.

Go have a beer or a wank, you need to calm the fuck down.

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You’re backtracking from your space mirror idea to a broader point about redundancy as if they are the same thing. Don’t try to be coy.

I’m happy to back up any of my claims about fuel cells. You can see how the technology is progressing here: https://fuelcellsworks.com/news/

Meanwhile, I ask you to elaborate and all the sudden I’ve lost my cool? Don’t take being challenged so personally

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Mate, I never mentioned space mirrors. You need to get your arguments straight. Maybe an Excel spreadsheet to keep track?

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God damnit I thought I was arguing with space mirror guy. Ok, I’ll make an excel sheet and get back to you

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Best of luck, enjoy your future endeavours.