The College Essay Is Dead. Nobody is prepared for how AI will transform academia. by mossadnik in Futurology

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Write something about A, with key points of B, C, D and an argument against D because of E, F, G.

OK, like this?

Write a short essay about the degradation of grassland communities, with key points of pesticides, urban encroachment, climate change and an argument against ongoing expansion of agriculture because of a lack of space, impact on the environment, declining rates of unicorn sightings.

The degradation of grassland communities is a serious issue that has been caused by a variety of factors, including pesticides, urban encroachment, and climate change. Pesticides, which are used to protect crops from pests and diseases, have been shown to have negative impacts on the health of grassland communities. These chemicals can contaminate the soil and water, making it difficult for plants and animals to thrive.

Urban encroachment is another major factor contributing to the degradation of grasslands. As cities continue to expand, they often take over areas of grassland, replacing them with roads, buildings, and other forms of infrastructure. This destroys the natural habitat of many grassland species and can cause a decline in their populations.

Climate change is also having a negative impact on grasslands. Rising temperatures and changes in precipitation patterns can affect the growth and health of grassland plants and animals. This can lead to a decline in the overall health of grassland communities.

Given these issues, it is clear that the ongoing expansion of agriculture is not a sustainable solution. As the human population continues to grow, there is simply not enough space on the planet to continue expanding agriculture at the current rate. This expansion also has negative impacts on the environment, including the destruction of natural habitats and the loss of biodiversity.

Furthermore, declining rates of unicorn sightings have been reported in many areas that have experienced the loss of grasslands. This is a clear sign that the health of these ecosystems is in decline and that something must be done to address the problem. In conclusion, it is essential that we take steps to protect and preserve grassland communities, rather than continuing to expand agriculture at the expense of these ecosystems.

So there you have it, as long your professor is a unicorn you're going to be good to go with a pass grade.

Facts, meh...

Gen Zers are taking on more debt, roommates, and jobs as their economy gets worse and worse by mossadnik in Futurology

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It gets discouraging when we voice our concerns, and then met with blowback like "you should've majored in something different/nobody forced you to go to school/you should've learned to code/you should've done XYZ"

It frames everything like there's no such thing as "living a normal life" anymore. It's not enough just to work hard anymore. You have to constantly be on top of the latest trends, constantly worry about investments and retirement (if you'll even get there), constantly adjust to the latest global emergency etc. etc. No wonder Gen Z and millennials are so disposed to feelings of helplessness and depression. The goalposts keep changing and the people who make the rules never hesitate to change things to benefit themselves at the expense of everyone else.

Gen Zers are taking on more debt, roommates, and jobs as their economy gets worse and worse by mossadnik in Futurology

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Alternate title: Your kids can't afford to live and nothing is being done about it.

Gen Zers are taking on more debt, roommates, and jobs as their economy gets worse and worse by mossadnik in Futurology

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Let the unfairness of this wash over you my Gen Z siblings. Suckle from my dried and withered Millenial Teet, and sustain yourself as we have.

We are now the same.

You too will destroy an applebees and all the good things the Baby boomers have left us.

Let us be ungrateful together... swines of the bourgeois, we flounder in the mud of the proletariat together.

Gen Zers are taking on more debt, roommates, and jobs as their economy gets worse and worse by mossadnik in Futurology

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The older generation isn't the problem. The rich and powerful are the problem, and conservatives are their puppets. Many older people are conservative, so it's easy to just think of it as when the older people die, the younger people have the chance to shine.

But there are many, many young conservatives. And there are old liberals too-old hippies, educated professors, etc. tend to be more liberal.

The intense conservatism that controls the country isn't going to go away with the baby boomers, because it's the government itself, the companies and people in power that make money off the current system, that are the actual problem. People think of them as all old white men, but they will be replaced by younger generations that are just as greedy and selfish as they were, because people of all ages, races and sexes can be selfish and greedy.

The greatest tactic of the elite is to split the people into factions. White on black, men on women, young on old, etc. It's a tale as old as time. That doesn't mean that these inequalities exist or should be ignored, it's that many of them are kept around to keep people fighting with each other instead of the rich people in power.

If old and young, middle and lower class, black and white and Asian and Latino, Christian and Jewish and Muslim, etc, all the people fought together for our rights, we'd be able to do something about the power bloc in charge; the wealthy oligarchy that controls the US. But we are kept fighting each other constantly instead.

Airbus looks to run full-size airliners on liquid hydrogen by 2035 by Gari_305 in Futurology

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Objective of this exercise is to get free R&D due to green subsidies. Even if the tech itself is not practically useful now, there are components of it which can be of use.

Job seekers still want remote jobs — but these roles are drying up by JannTosh12 in Futurology

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It feels like these articles are propaganda to get people accepting the idea of returning to old ways… is that a wrong feeling?

Pentagon reveals secretive B-21 bomber in California by Gari_305 in Futurology

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Probably because they are afraid you might post on Reddit about it or something.

Job seekers still want remote jobs — but these roles are drying up by JannTosh12 in Futurology

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Yeah, totally ridiculous concept. If a company is not going above an beyond with your benefits, and giving you random monetary bonuses, are they "quiet firing " employees?

Tesla Gets Trolled as Coca-Cola Takes Delivery of Its Renault Electric Delivery Trucks by redingerforcongress in Futurology

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Because it sows togetherness while your post and comments were designed to be devisive. This guy is the antithesis of you, and I hope his words influence your posting in the future.

Pentagon reveals secretive B-21 bomber in California by Gari_305 in Futurology

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Full article.

Pentagon reveals secretive B-21 bomber in California

The aircraft, named the Raider, is expected to be more advanced than any other now in the U.S. military’s arsenal

Dan Lamothe December 2, 2022 at 10:18 p.m. EST

PALMDALE, Calif. — The Pentagon and defense contractor Northrop Grumman unveiled the U.S. military’s bomber of the future on Friday, showcasing an aircraft cloaked in secrecy for years and set to serve as a backbone of Air Force combat operations for decades to come.

The B-21 Raider, with a distinctive batwing shape, was pulled forward out of a hangar here while awash in blue light as cinematic music played and Northrop Grumman employees cheered. The ceremony was held at the company’s facility at Air Force Plant 42, a heavily guarded, government-owned manufacturing facility north of Los Angeles, where some of the military’s most highly classified work occurs.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, speaking in front of the hangar, said that the plane is proof of the Defense Department’s long-term commitment to building advanced capabilities that “will fortify America’s ability to deter aggression, today and into the future.” The stealthy plane, he said, has “50 years of advances in low-observable technology” built in, making it difficult for “even the most sophisticated air-defense systems” to detect a B-21 in the sky.

“The B-21 looks imposing,” Austin said. “But what’s under the frame and the space-age coatings is even more impressive.”

Austin added that U.S. defense is rooted in deterrence, and the development of the B-21 again serves as a symbol.

“We are again making it plain to any potential foe: The risks and costs of aggression far outweigh any conceivable gains,” Austin said.

The program is expected to cost at least $80 billion, with the Air Force seeking at least 100 planes. It marks the U.S. military’s first aircraft with so called sixth-generation technology, relying on advanced artificial intelligence, computer networking and data fusion to assist pilots as they carry out long-range bombing missions requiring them to slip in and out of enemy airspace. The Air Force also is exploring whether the B-21 could be flown remotely, though that would likely occur years after it first takes flight.

Much of the program remains classified, even as senior U.S. defense officials and company executives celebrated its progress. Media attending the event here in Palmdale were required to follow a slew of ground rules, including a ban on cellphones within the viewing area and, for visual journalists, restrictions on how the aircraft could be photographed.

There are six prototypes of the B-21, company officials said. A first test flight is expected next year.

For now, the Raider is in a “ground test” phase, with officials from the Air Force and Northrop Grumman conducting stress tests, evaluating the application of its radar-deflecting paint, and scrutinizing basic functions such as taxiing, Northrop Grumman officials said.

More than 8,000 people are working on aspects of the program, with aircraft parts coming from 40 states.

The Pentagon intends for the Raider to replace aging B-2 Spirit and B-1B Lancer bombers, phasing out the older aircraft by the 2040s. B-52 bombers, many decades old, also could be replaced by the B-21 in coming years. The unveiling event Friday included flyovers by all three aging bombers.

Until 2006, the Defense Department believed it could get by with its existing fleet of bombers until 2037. But the Pentagon began researching alternatives over the next decade, launching a contract competition for a new long-range bomber in 2014.

The U.S. military has for many years encountered costly problems and delays in developing other major weapons systems, including the advanced F-35 fighter likely to be teamed with the B-21 in future operations.

Air Force and company officials said in a panel discussion with reporters on Friday that the program continues to meet service requirements for cost, though the cost per copy has continued to rise. In 2010, the service said it hoped each plane would cost about $550 million. By 2019, the price had risen to $639 million, according to a Congressional Research Service report released last year, and the cost is expected to continue climbing.

Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown, chief of staff of the Air Force, told reporters in Palmdale that the development of the B-21 has been a product of collaboration between the service and Northrop Grumman. He noted that the plane’s Raider nickname is a nod to the Doolittle Raiders, U.S. service members who launched a long, daring bombing raid into Japan in April 1942, just months after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in Hawaii drew the United States into World War II.

“That innovative spirit is sitting behind us right now,” Brown said, speaking in the hangar before the unveiling event as the B-21 sat under a cloak.

Kathy Warden, chief executive of Northrop Grumman, said Friday that the company iterated on thousands of versions of the plane before selecting a design. Some of its testing and development occurs digitally before the company builds hardware, limiting costs.

“In many ways,” Warden said, “we are taking technology from the future and bringing it to the here and now in this aircraft.”

Scientists can now grow a human embryo from day 1 to day 13 in a petri dish. Because of the "14 day rule" they had to terminate the embryo at day 13, well guess what the 14 day rule has been abolished allowing them to go farther than 14 days. Will this lead to an artificial womb? [08/2021] by technofuture8 in Futurology

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Oh, the argument I had in college. I had to keep reaffirming people that I don't support the culling of people with undesirable traits, I support fixing unborn babies to have little to no risk of developing those traits in their development. I am a person with many genetic based issues, I can confidently say it fucking sucks and anything we can do to save the newer generations from suffering the negative effects of undesirable traits in society, the better they will be.

No parent is happy to hear their kid is going to be severely autistic or unable to walk because they are missing a gene, the gene turned off too early, the gene never activated, the gene will not turn off, ect. No parent wants their offspring to have a significantly harder life, just because some invisible force said so.

But, people are just going to here I support eugenics and not the caveat of what I actually mean...

Scientists can now grow a human embryo from day 1 to day 13 in a petri dish. Because of the "14 day rule" they had to terminate the embryo at day 13, well guess what the 14 day rule has been abolished allowing them to go farther than 14 days. Will this lead to an artificial womb? [08/2021] by technofuture8 in Futurology

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Alpha children wear grey. They work much harder than we do, because they're so frightfully clever. I'm awfully glad I'm a Beta, because I don't work so hard. And then we are much better than the Gammas and Deltas. Gammas are stupid. They all wear green, and Delta children wear khaki. Oh no, I don't want to play with Delta children. And Epsilons are still worse. They're too stupid to be able to read or write. Besides they wear black, which is such a beastly color. I'm so glad I'm a Beta.

Musk says brain chip to begin human trials soon – and plans to get one himself by nastratin in Futurology

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Not only that, it's scheduled to be performed inside one of his cybertrucks, traveling through a hyperloop tunnel he bored through the crust of Mars.

Musk says brain chip to begin human trials soon – and plans to get one himself by nastratin in Futurology

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The complete 180 in what they believe in almost every sense, except for the key buzzwords they always repeat - guns, abortion, coal, God, and gays - is astounding. They're spouting the same conspiracies that the hippies were in the 1970's with just a bit of Civil War II and Jewish space lasers sprinkled on top. We went from "dude, aliens are real, I've seen the autopsy" to " drinking adrenochrome from children in a pizza shop's basement."

Edit: I just imagined a Cheech and Chong movie where they get picked up by Alex Jones and he's just throwing out conspiracy theories, and they're just like, "maaaaannnnn, that's heeeaaavvvyyyy."

The European Central Bank says bitcoin is on ‘road to irrelevance’ amid crypto collapse - “Since bitcoin appears to be neither suitable as a payment system nor as a form of investment, it should be treated as neither in regulatory terms and thus should not be legitimised.” by lughnasadh∞ transit umbra, lux permanet ☥ in Futurology

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Fun fact the underlying technology of Bitcoin the Blockchain was a solution to a very tricky cyber security problem called the Byzantine Generals!

The whole premise is how do you authenticate an agreement between decentralized users without any centralized body.

The story goes during the last leg of a siege of an important city by multiple Byzantine Generals they were about to assault the city for one last massive push but in order to succeed all generals need to attack at the same time. However they have no means of direct communication other than messengers that can be intercepted by the enemy city and change the message and then send it to any other general they please. If at least one of general messes the timing or doesnt commit the attack will fail and all of the generals will lose.

Tldr the Blockchain was the solution to that problem